Blog Milk Giveaway!

the giveaway is now closed. congrats to Danielle, Ellie, Sara-Jane and Megan!

Miss Moss Blog Milk Giveaway #missmossblogmilk

i am so excited about this giveaway because it’s something close to my heart… beautiful blog themes! as a designer (and blogger) i really appreciate a nice theme. many times it influences whether i will visit a site again or not. understandably it’s not always possible for the average person to afford the services of a graphic designer to design their website, and sometimes it’s frustrating to find a theme that doesn’t look like it came pre-packaged with whatever platform you’re using. and that isn’t already used by a million other people.

with designer Ana Degenaar at the helm, Blog Milk designs beautiful minimal themes for both Blogger and WordPress. i have been a fan of her work for a long time. they just released their latest collection of themes Off the Record. 12 new themes  – one for every month.

today FOUR people stand the chance to win a theme of their choice. worth $98. this is how:

1. head on over to Blog Milk and look through their themes.
2. leave a comment telling me which is your favourite theme & where you plan to use it
3. share the giveaway on instagram, twitter or pinterest using the hashtag #missmossblogmilk
4. be sure to leave your instagram, twitter or pinterest name so i can check.

that’s it! my personal favourites? May & September. those are good months.

Miss Moss Blog Milk Giveaway #missmossblogmilk
Miss Moss Blog Milk Giveaway #missmossblogmilk

See the demos for all the themes here: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

RULES: 4 winners will be chosen at random and they will each win one theme of their choice. please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you. Blog Milk themes work on both Blogger and WordPress. the WordPress themes only work on self-hosted WordPress blogs, NOT if you win you may specify your platform preference. you will only receive a theme for ONE platform. a downloadable zip package with installation instructions will be delivered to the winner via email. please check Blog Milk’s FAQ if you have any questions. The giveaway is open to all readers internationally.

Giveaway closes on Wednesday 13 August.


  1. Thank you so much both of you!

    I like all templates, but I think my favourite one is April. I would use it for my blog (

    My Twitter account is @Marta_PA


  2. dear @miss_moss. i would really love to update my current blog which has become a little stagnant. this stylish theme – december – would certainly breathe new life into it. p.s. great competition! #missmossblogmilk

  3. I am a fan of May and November. This competition couldnt have come at a better time – I am a photographer, just unleashed my soul from the big bad ad industry to shoot full time and am working on my wordpress website right now – I didn’t know about blog milk – thank you!!
    Instagram @katevanonselen Twitter @kvolive

  4. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for a great giveaway. DYING to redo the look of my beauty blog ( as my design skills are seriously lacking.
    I have often admired the Blog Milk themes and this collection is no different. My favourite has to be April and August.
    I have tweeted about this on @toritatham
    Thank you x

  5. My favourite Milk Blog is April…even though it was really had to decide between April and November. I love the stagnant nav bar at the top, it’s super clean and chic and would fit perfectly with my vision for starting a design blog focussed on businesses in the wedding industry and branding.

    Oops sorry here’s my current blog and twitter name

  6. This is perfect! I’ve been wanting to move my blog to my own domain and come up with a new lay-out, but I wasn’t sure how to handle it all yet. This would come at a perfect time! My blog (for which I’d use it) is above, you can find me on twitter as @apdmblog. My favorite theme is April by the way, but it was a tough choice!

  7. How fantastic! I absolutely adore september. I just started a new blog ( and as a new blogger trying to create quality content this would really help me stand out…and not forgetting a MAJOR confidence boost to keep on blogging amongst a sea of AMAZING blogs out there.

    Pintrest Nikita Wednesday
    Great competition x

  8. Hi! Very timely giveaway!! I just got a new domain and the February theme would be perfect for it I hope I win! *fingers crossed*
    I’ve shared the giveaway on twitter @kovieparker

  9. Absolutely loving the August theme. Clean lines. Would be perfect for my blog . Just shared this post on twitter, my handle is @kendrahunsley xx

  10. Aloha!

    I tried to establish a site last year but ran into trouble with coding (not a strong suit of mines.). January’s theme is something that I could only dream to design! Kuahiwi or Bust tracks the flawless journey into brining Hawaiian culture into a contemporary world. I think January can help accomplish just that! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Twitter handle: @acupofsarahtea

  11. Hello!

    I LOVE ‘May’ for WordPress, it’s so beautiful. I’m a fashion photographer with a minimal aesthetic, and the blogmilk designs suit me perfectly. I’d use May to create a new blog to showcase my photography work, I’ve wanted to move to WordPress for ages but haven’t been able to find a theme I love!

    Here’s my current website –

    Shared on my twitter – @emmapilkington_


  12. My favorite theme is May, and I would love to get a new theme for my blog :)
    I’ve been keeping my eye on the Blog Milk themes for a while now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Twitter: @youarethepoet


  13. Hey Miss Moss,

    Firstly, I can’t for the life of me decide between the themes June & September. Ideally, June would be the perfect theme for my men’s fashion and grooming blog – Renaissance Men SA ( – it’s simple, extremely fluid and would perfectly allow the content of my blog to be highlighted without the blog’s design itself going to waste. September on the other is my birthday month and I feel as though I should be paying homage to it through selecting it as the winning theme for my blog.

    Alas, I will probably have to select June and just work towards acquiring September any way for possibly another, new, blog.

    Be sure to follow on my Instagram and Twitter (both – _renaissancemen)!


  14. I love the fresh things you discover and share!
    Here’s hoping I get to share this one quite literally via my much neglected blog,

    Would love it to be wearing ‘September’ when I breathe some new life into those pages in September.

    @tessatuttle on twitter
    tessajean on pinterest
    tessa_tuttle on instagram

  15. Thanks!

    My favorites are September and January, but my #1 would have to go to Jan because it’s my birth month.I’d use the design to refresh my production design site for short film and stop motion!

    My twitter handle is @mayatee, same as my pinterest name. Thanks again, these are lovely.

  16. Hi, i liked april theme a lot!

    I’m going to publish my own minimalistic and silky clothing line this autumn and i’m trying to figure out where to get good looking website. This just popped in my eyes from your pinterest page, so i have to give a try :)

    i pinned this / outimakiaho

  17. Hmmm, it’s hard to choose, but I think my favourite is May. I already have a blog / portfolio on cargocollective, and I am quite happy about it so far. I am a model and puppet maker, and on my spare time I have started to make bagpacks and I would like to open a space online to share about that. I would use the May theme for that.
    Thank you for the givaway and for your blog.
    I have shared it on pinterest : anna deschamps

  18. Nabeeha Mohamed

    Hi Diana

    What a fantastic giveaway! I am a visual artist and am currently wanting to build a site to showcase my work so winning this would be an absolute dream!

    My favourite themes are June and September.

    I’ve shared this on my Instagram page: nabeeha_m

    Crossing fingers! xo

  19. hello Diana,
    thank you so much for this opportunity, some really gorgeous designs! I love September and I would use it for my blog (

  20. I’ve coveted Blog Milk’s themes for like… ever!! I really love the May design and I would happily use it to share the new products and creative projects that I’m busy with in the process of reinventing myself and my career. I don’t have a blog for all this yet and I couldn’t think of a more perfect beginning that with the May theme! The New Romantics is my shop and I tweeted this : @janinejoles

  21. My favs – May and August!!! beautiful themes as always by BlogMilk

    instagram + pinterest @designani ;)

  22. This is such a unique giveaway! I don’t yet have a blog but am compiling ideas to start in an effort to engage more in my career — winning a beautiful blog theme would be a great way to get going. I love the April theme most. Simple, straightforward.
    Thank you!
    I shared the giveaway on pinterest: poudiesage

  23. I love all of them, but specifically may, June, and August! Gorgeous!

  24. My website recently blew up badly when my theme stopped being supported and I spent most of last night digging deep into my FTP thingy (some kind of e-voodoo business), which while satisfying because I stopped my website spewing out weird code, has now resulted in my site looking like crap.

    I need a theme that’s good for holding written content and I think July is the best for me. I’m terrible at taking photographs of anything but my dog. And that’s only because he’s amazing. Could July be the new snazzy look for I sure as hell hope so.

    I am now going to spread all of the milk. Because I need this.

    Instagram: headlinepayoff
    Twitter: headlinepayoff

  25. I love all of them, but specifically May, June, and August! Gorgeous!
    I’ll be using my theme on my blog, and I’ve shared the giveaway on twitter! @katesheahan

  26. I love May, the month of my birth!

    I would use it to showcase my adventures through photography and writing. I’m a creative at heart; photography, writing, cooking, making cactisaurs ( and this will be the ideal platform to combine all this creative outpourings in a well designed blog!

    Twitter: @RoosAdriana
    Instagram: @adrianarosezar

  27. Diana, what a GREAT give away!! There are some beautiful designs over on Blog Milk… It’s too hard to choose just one!!

    At a push, I really REALLY like the months of March, May and September, as they are super sleek and I think would bring my little blog into a whole higher league!!

    I’ve been desperate for some kind of blog face lift, but although I can appreciate a gorgeous piece of design, I myself am not the most technologically gifted (under statement). So these are perfect for someone as useless as me! Hehe!!

    (I would use one of these super designs on my blog

    Twitter: @_freckles86_

    Good luck folks!

  28. Love all the designs, simple & clean. I must say thought, I’m drawn to June. I kept going back to that one.

    I want to get back into my blogging, but i keep getting stuck with the Design of the blog itself and this would be perfect.

    Now let me Pin, Tweet and whatever else to win this.

    Wonderful Giveaway!

    Twitter: thebasicskinny
    Pinterest: anguillian (probably should have named it “thebasicskinny”


  29. I really like the August theme! The image is front and center and all of the other graphics elements are refined. I would use the blog to show my creative projects (drawing and patterns) and to track process and growth. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks :) (I also shared the giveaway on Pinterest. My name is Amber Hooks).

  30. What a lovely giveaway! Blogmilk is always killing it. I’d love to upgrade to the September theme for my blog ( Fingers crossed! xoxo

    (also shared on twitter | @millayvintage)


  31. hi Diana
    Love this giveaway.
    I have this website but I would love to build a new site to showcase my photography,so…this would be such a great opportunity!

    My favourite theme is AUGUST.

    @gamberaka on twitter
    tatakidsdesign on pinterest
    gamberaka on instagram
    tatakidsdesign on facebook

  32. Hi Diana! My favorite Blog Milk theme is May.

    My tumblr has been used to document my travels abroad for the last year and I’ve just returned to The States where I hope to transition into blogging about health and wellness. I’m a Pharmacist and want to share all that I’ve learned about all aspects of health (mind, body & spirit) and this blog layout would be a beautiful way to share my information and images.

    (I’ve shared the giveaway here: Thanks!

  33. THEME: september
    INSTAGRAM: sosuchverymuch


  34. Hi Diana

    I am in love with the December theme and it would be perfect for the new blog that my friend Jane and I are starting. I instagramed and tweeted about the giveaway.

    Instagram: meg_whiteseahorse
    Twitter: white_seahorse

    Holding thumbs!

  35. Hi Diana,

    My favourite is the May theme. I think it would be a perfect fit for the ‘food gatherings’ blog my friend and I are starting soon.

    I have shared this competition:

    @thewishingbird on twitter
    Jane Paterson on pinterest
    @janepaterson on instagram

  36. Thank you so much for this great giveaway! All the blog themes are gorgeous!
    My favorite one is September. I’ve been wanting to re-design my blog to reflect my aesthetic and make it more appealing to the eye.
    I’d love use the theme on my site:
    Twitter: @pleinvanity
    Pinterest: @pleinvanity

    Thank you! :)

  37. Hi! I love this giveaway!
    My favourite template is JULY (which is also my birth month btw).
    I’d love to use it for my blog: I’ve already shared the giveaway on Pinterest and Twitter (my nickname there is oddlittlegirl).
    Thank you!

  38. Oh these are so beautiful! I spent way too long window shopping, it’s so difficult to choose! September really stood out to me though. My blog needs an overhaul so badly, this would be the perfect refresher.

    twitter @solanah

    pinterest @solanahraquel

  39. This is a great idea! I really love the September theme.I am a graphic design student from Germany and I would use this opportunity to share my work and start a lifestyle and fashion blog. My actual blog theme is so boring that I upload almost no pictures.. I would love to combine my work and a blog for fashion and lifestyle together, I think this theme would be perfect for it.

    Here are some of my web references:
    Instagram: @verenakie

    Thanks a lot and kind regards! :)

  40. Hello Diana,

    My favorite is DECEMBER, thanks for this giveaway!

    Twitter @elibasanta
    Pinterest @elibasanta

  41. therisha

    Such an awesome giveaway Diana! All 12 themes are equally beautiful and clean but if i had to pick it would be May. It would be perfect for my website, it’s been a frustrating year trying to develop a wordpress child theme. Thank you for this chance to win such an awesome prize :)

    trishamartin @ pinterest

    • therisha

      *therishamartin @ pinterest
      *coffeemlkstains @ twitter

  42. Kimberley

    I love the May theme! I would like to use it on my blog which I have not started yet because I can not find the perfect theme- winning this competition would solve all my problems! :)

  43. Kimberley

    @kimberleylombard (instagram)
    @kim_lombard_ (twitter)

  44. My business partner and I were discussing giving our blog ( an update just today!!!! So this competition comes just at the perfect time! In love with December! Shared on Pinterest (Yellow Papaya) :)

  45. This post really spoke to me, it is indeed very difficult and frustrating to find a theme (minimalistic in particular) that best represents who you are. After countless number of efforts in self learning css and html via the wonderful world of the interweb, it is with great dismay to announce that the language is still foreign to me.

    I have been meaning to revamp my blog for a minute now (read: months) yet the results were ever so disappointing hence this giveaway gave me so much Joy.

    If I were to win the giveaway, it will not only give me great jubilation and triumph but it will work major for my blog ( obviously the platform is blogger. Alas I have been torn midway February and September, after careful consideration- SEPTEMBER a took the cake.

    Social Media platforms were the giveaway was shared:


    Email: [email protected]

  46. Oh i would love love love this, i’m launching my new shop this month and having a fresh blog to go with it would be amazing! At first I was going to pick November because thats my birthday month, but I can’t stay away from March, I really think thats my favorite! Thanks for the opportunity, crossing my fingers… and toes! xo

    @aspensummitco on twitter

  47. Hello there! My little blog could do with a make-over … yes please! November is my birthday month, so that was always going to be an obvious choice, but May is very pretty too.

    Twiiter @jenjamjar
    Instagram @friendswithjenny

  48. I’m looking to redesign my website to be able to blog on it, but also feature all the freelance work I’ve done…which varies in category. I’m a broke college student, so this giveaway is a dream!

    My favorite is september. Perfectly minimalist with all the right info spaces. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    Instagram @ashelenyy
    Twitter: @ashelenyy

  49. September is my favorite (you have such great taste!). I would use it for my brand new blog I just started, ready to document my cross-country move ( I shared on twitter! @ka1bee


  50. I love May! I’d use the theme for my current site, I really like Ana’s clean, minimalist designs. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! My twitter is @shortsmallsweet XO

  51. What a great idea for a giveaway! I’m a blogger for differents magazines in Argentina and I’m starting my own! It would be great to win this. December an May are my favourites.


  52. What a great giveaway! It was hard to decide, but I’d have to go with October. I have been wanting/needing to re-do (and move!) my blog ( for a while. This would be the perfect chance!

    Twitter: @imaginaryanimal

  53. I like March, November or April. I can’t decide! (At the moment) I really like these layouts because they resemble the layout that I currently have. ( I just have little things about my layout that I don’t like. It would be a dream to have it taken care of professionally instead of me googling how-tos constantly. I’m going to tweet about the giveaway. (@city_loveee) my e-mail is [email protected] This is a great giveaway, Diana!

    – Christina

  54. My favourite is October (coincidentally my birthday month!)
    I’m an illustrator and have been wanting to start up my new project for a while. It would be a great kick start to getting it going. It’s a blog where I collaborate with writers and they submit short stories and I do an editorial style illustration to match. Something along the lines of “You write, I draw.” Luckily I have a lot of writer and journalist friends to get me started. Hopefully no one steals my idea now!!
    Instagram: @emilynelsonart
    Twitter: @emyawards
    Pinterest: @emilynelsonart

  55. I love these designs! It’s hard to choose, but September is my favorite. I would love to use it for my personal website, which I am working on starting right now. Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  56. September is my favorite. Really beautiful themes, would love to use one to on my personal website. (@skeletonjane) Thanks for the giveaway

  57. Wow! This is probably one of the best giveaways I’ve ever seen on the Internet. I’m head over heels in love with May too (figures, it’s my birthday month!) and August. It would give my website a MUCH needed makeover–it’s so hard to find perfect themes for reasonable prices! And methinks it would inspire me to create better content.

    Pinned and tweeted: @irenekly

  58. My favourite is October (coincidentally my birthday month!)
    I’m an illustrator and have been wanting to start up my new project for a while. It would be a great kick start to getting it going. It’s a blog where I collaborate with writers and they submit short stories and I do an editorial style illustration to match. Something along the lines of “You write, I draw.” Luckily I have a lot of writer and journalist friends to get me started. Hopefully no one steals my idea now!!
    Instagram: @emilynelsonart
    Twitter: @emyawards
    Pinterest: @emilynelsonart

    My email: [email protected]

  59. Rad giveaway and gorgeous designs!

    February is right up my alley – and coincidentally, my birth month! I’d use it to spruce up my blog,

    twitter: @jessleitch / email: hello (at)

  60. 1. the simplistically chic september theme
    2. for my almost-launched vintage hat shop and jaunt
    3. my twitter handle, at your request, is: @bargainbex

  61. Hi, Diana!
    Oh, this giveway just comes at the perfect time!
    I’m starting a new project, which will be a curated view of my taste and likings mainly from Italy (which is where I live) and all over Europe, in general.
    I’m thinking October would be the perfect fit for this!

    I shared the giveaway on Twitter:

  62. Hello,

    2 weeks ago our beloved band Sozo had to split and is now a duo called Snowed Inn. We really love singing for weddings and need a good website/blog to refer people to. We would use it to upload our photos, cover videos and original material and the January theme is extremely beautiful and would be sooooo perfect for the Snowed Inn is going for.

    I shared this on Pinterest.

    Thank you.


  63. Hello

    My favourite theme is definitely May!
    I have just bought my the domain name for my new blog darling l.
    I blogged a few years ago when I was unemployed and it fell by the wayside when I got my job in fashion.
    I have prepping and planning to start my new blog but I’m totally frustrated at the lack of themes.
    The Blog Milk themes are exactly what I’ve been looking for.
    My new blog will focus on Cape Town and all the amazing and quirky things there are to do.

    I hope I win!!
    I tweeted about it. My twitter handle is @alexlitkie

    The repeat blogger
    Alex x

  64. So so beautiful!

    I would choose March to finally start a blog for my shoe company X+G. Our whole concept is to produce sustainable + minimal + considered shoes and this template reflects that.

    Instagram: xdrepaul
    Twitter: @xdrepaul

  65. I’m not sure if this applies to your international reader as well, but I’ll give it a shot. Shared the give-away on my instagram (totheleonie)

    I have been staring at the themes for some time now and I just can’t choose. They are all so beautiful and minimalistic. Gotta say that March and April (but probable also May and September) are my favorites. I’d use the theme on my personal blog. ( It’s a Dutch blog (probably translatable with Google Translate, but the English will be horrible), I hope that’s not problem?

    I once found your blog through browsing through sites that are established in South-Africa. I love the country and you have a really awesome blog!

    • of course, the giveaways are always open to all my readers internationally!

  66. Hey

    Shared on Twitter (@Xanele_) , Pinterest (Xanele Puren)
    Our work is to create beautiful things and beautiful spaces. We have a website for our company See-Saw-Do, but I’d love to have a personal blog where I can share behind the scenes stories, pictures and snippets of my life that I have a desire to share, but don’t have a platform to do so (apart from instagram and facebook).

    Oh,and my favourite theme is OCTOBER!


  67. An incredible giveaway. My favourite theme is September. I would use this template for my Australian Independent Record Label website. Fingers crossed!!

    twitter: @catch__release / email: info (at)

  68. My absolute favorite is September! I would use the theme on my blog, .

    Twitter: @commoncomfort
    Pinterest: /eveux
    Instagram: @commoncomfort

  69. this giveway is just the thing I’ve been hoping for!! I’m saving up quite slowly to buy the may theme but there’s always another propose for the money. My brother already gave me my own domain so I can finally have my own beautiful space. this my blog.

    btw I’m such a huge fan of your lovely blog and work I’m glad that you keep doing what you do everyday!

    insta @madalenascarneiro

  70. I agree with you Diana, September is where it’s at. It’s also a great month in general (at least for us northern hemisphere folk) because it means fall fashion and the changing of the leaves. I would choose September to update my eco-fashion blogazine, EF. I’ve been thinking about refreshing it and Blog Milk’s September template will do just the trick!

  71. Winning the September theme (staying true to my birth month!) would be the perfect push to finally start that blog.

  72. JoveDarling

    It was a massive toss up but I finally decided that September fulfills everything I wanted to do on a blog & I’m using my vacation time to start one while living abroad! Funny enough I just started researching themes so I’d love to get started with a lucky blog theme won by hook or crook or….random chance
    Instagram: jouvdarling

  73. I currently work with the manliest bearded men and for months I have been been writing down my experiences with them and everyone has been telling me to put it on a blog. This would be the most perfect of all things perfect to have APRIL x

  74. My favourites are by far June & August, but ulitmately I think August is the winner! Wiould be so great to use on my blog, I sometimes feel I dont get on there enough because it doesnt look good enough but this would help a lot!!

    Twitter: @michelle_gerber
    Pinterest: mishmash (Michelle Gerber)

  75. Hi! This makes me so happy because last week I was looking at Blog Milk thinking I should update my blog with one of these awesome designs :)

    My favorite design is APRIL. It’s simple and classic, perfect for the new look of my blog.
    I will use it to refresh the design of my blog maple + macaron ( It will look awesome!

    I shared this awesome giveaway on Twitter (

    Thank you!

  76. Hallo, I feel like you, a beautiful design is the key to a beautiful blog. I recently startet an internship at a bakery to go after my dreams, becomming a sourdough breadbaker using a woodfired oven. I`d like to share my experiences and the knowledge i gain on a blog, illustrated by my drawings (i studied painting before i made the carer switch) . But because i`m not a designer and don`t manage to make a template that satisfies me I kind of hesitate to get startet with it. This give away seems like a good oportunity to kick start it. I love APRIl for it`s simplicity. greets sophia

  77. Excellent giveaway, thank you for hosting it!

    All of Ana’s work is so beautiful but I really love September!

    I’m in the process of launching a new lifestyle blog and it would be great to have a beautiful / clean well structured design to go along with it.

    I’ve shared on Instagram –

    and Pinterest -

  78. I absolutely love December! I would use that or September on my existing site ( to make it cleaner. Love how they’re all simple and clean!

    My twitter is paraparasailing.

  79. My favorites are January and September. I’d either use the theme for my personal blog, Suggestion, or for the website for my new musical project, Common Time.

    • Instagram: lombardomegan
      Twitter: @meganelombardo
      Pinterest: Megan Lombardo

  80. I’d like to go for May. 1) It’s my birth month and 2) the header has room for all kinds of handy, handy links.

  81. Jo Tilsley

    hi i love december (my birthday month!) and i am just about to start my first blog so would love to win this template.
    Shared on instagram and twitter @jotilsley

  82. it’s SO tough to choose, but i think i definitely like April the best. though Nov, Oct, and Sept are also solid! i have had a blog called Swings & Arrows with three of my close friends for the last three years –our anniversary was just this week!– and would really love to polish up our look with a new theme.

    i shared the giveaway on Pinterest:



  83. Hey I’a m a big fan of Blog milk. So a giveway great, thanks a lot !!! My favorite is April, and I plan to use it for my blog, it’ll fit perfectly ;)
    So I share on twitter @Lilido1

    Have a good day !

  84. Hello, I am a South African living in India where I make a range of sparkling juices. It is such an exciting time to be a food entrepreneur here (there are very few small scale producers doing what we do), and I have recently decided to start a blog featuring all the fascinating people I meet along the way…think amazing cheese from Chennai, coffee roasted in Delhi, gourmet ice cream makers in Mumbai! I did my first interview with a boulangerie owner this morning and have been working on the blog design, with out much success. The April template would be perfect. Shared on my personal Pinterest/michellebauersa. Thank you!

  85. Great giveaway! So hard to choose a favourite, but in the end I guess I’d go for August. I’d use the template to finally start my personal blog, focussing on knitting and sewing.

    Shared the giveaway on Pinterest:

  86. September is a clear winner for me! I would use this theme to start up a new blog for the floristry business I am dreaming of starting. Have pinned and shared on Instagram Debra Bouwer & @bouwerflowers

  87. Such a great giveaway! The September theme would be perfect for a travel and fashion blog I’m in the midst of working on (outside in the distance). I’ve got a fair few posts ready to go live but i’ve been sweating over the design, so this would be a huge help!

    Thanks Diana x

    shared the giveaway on pinterest and twitter @hellomrmagpie

  88. Anastasia

    The October would be perfect for my lifestyle blog.

  89. I would have to choose September for my fashion blog, Ugly-Ness. It would be the perfect fit for my posts on Ugly fashion history.

    I shared the competition on twitter @sarahcommane.

  90. I love “September”! I’ve been wanting to find a simple design for my food blog, and was baffled that there were no templates with a minimalist theme and great fonts. This is perfect!

  91. wow, these are all beautiful! i love how they are both visually strong but minimal at the same time. great designs, really. (:

    i’ve been blogging about art & photography for about 2,5 years but stopped last year when i had too much to do with work and uni. now my blog is all gone. it’s a shame, really. winning one of these themes would be the final butt kick i need for getting back into it, i guess. would absolutely love to start new – with the SEPTEMBER theme being my clean slate.

    fingers crossed!

  92. I love December & April themes the most! I would use either on my blog, which could use a makeover haha. My twitter username is @SoniaKareena ! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  93. Hi there!

    Wow, such a tough decision (argh)! But, I’m going to have to say it’s ‘August’ for me (so subtle & delicate!). I’m currently a research student, looking into Digital Media & Music, but my interest in travel, cooking and culture (music,photography, film and installation art) keeps me going. I have (literally) just signed up for a new blog so that I can develop my *ahem* real interest!

    This is the one:

    Go raibh míle maith agat (Thank you!)



  94. perfect timing as I am setting up a new blog, what a treat it would be to win!

  95. I love April! I would love it for a blog to keep far away family and friends in touch.

  96. I’d give my blog, fourzerofive, a makeover with August!
    Instagram @hlnmchlk