Good Guys Giveaway

Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys

you may remember my previous features on Parisian vegan shoe brand Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather. well they just launched a new FW14 collection and to celebrate Good Guys is giving away one pair of shoes of your choice to one lucky reader. the best part is that Good Guys shoes are unisex, so for once the dudes can also enter one of my giveaways!


1. go to the Good Guys online shop and peruse all their shoes
2. leave a comment telling me which pair is your favourite – that’s the one you will win!
3. share this image (girls) or this image (guys) on Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest with the hashtag #missmossgoodguys (leave your username so i can check!)

that’s it! my personal favourites? the Duke, the Janet and the Lenny.

Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys
Miss Moss x Good Guys giveaway. win a pair of vegan shoes of your choice. #missmossgoodguys

the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world. readers outside the EU must please note that you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival, which you are responsible for. the giveaway ends on Monday 15 September. The winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw & notified via email. If the selected shoes are not available in your size then you may select an alternative pair.


  1. Emily McGregor

    What a lovely giveaway!
    I’d be very happy spending summer in a pair of DANI BLACK shoes.

    Emily – shared on Twitter @em_skye

  2. The DUKE BLACK (VEG.SUEDE) are a thing of beauty. Shared on Twitter as @AlexBlair :)

  3. Yes! Finally a competition for dudes!

    Very keen on the Ayita in Brandy. You know my Twitter profile :)

  4. Peejay Mahoney

    the Lenny Brown’s would go absolutely smashingly with my black cords.

    retweeted and shared on Twitter (@peejaymahoney)

  5. For the love of JANET WHITE (VEG.LEATHER). C’est très chic ça! / Twitter / @amy_uzzell

  6. Dami Choi

    omg I love this whole collection!
    what I love the most is DANI RED (honestly any color would do. God I love those platform heels)

    Dami Choi on pinterest
    shared this giveaway event <3

  7. I’m all about those Marty crepe soles.

    Twitter: @ianwrote

    PS: It’s my birthday tomorrow. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  8. Love love the Nina in black!!

    Pinterest: aoston

    • “The use of materials such as microfiber, canvas and natural rubber result in a light, waterproof, durable and comfortable shoe.”

  9. Emma Luna

    dammit. janet. i love these shoes.

    JANET WHITE (Veg.Leather)

    twitter: @EmmaLuna1995

  10. Vegan shoes from PAris, s’il vous plait! ❤️

    I can see myself in the Nina BLack this autumn/summer.


  11. Great shoes! I love the ‘Nina Black’ pair. I tweeted under @tamsinranger

  12. How can one even choose? They’re all such sexy shoes.
    I like the June in citrus, they’d make me feel adventurous.

    Hence I shall hope to be the star, that June chooses,
    and to see from far, how cool I’ll look with citrus shoeses.


    (they also fit perfectly into my pinterest ‘style, baby’ board:

  13. I love the Janet in Black vegan leather. The white ones are nice too.

    My name on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest- sew nancy

  14. Twitter: @lauramvig

    I love the Janet or the Nina in black, size 37 – so pretty.

  15. OMG! What a coincidence! I talked about them in my blog last week, I put them in my september wish list! So I’m definetly joining the giveaway… I LOVE the Duke model in black. I mentioned the giveaway on twitter, here’s my name: @NNUMMmag

  16. Yay for good looking vegan shoes! I always feel that I am a morally corrupt vegetarian when I wear leather shoes, so a pair of JANET BLACK in size 39 would clear my conscience for sure.

    Shared on my “had to start a shoe board” board on Pinterest, at

  17. love the brown Davis boots! such a lovely colour!

  18. I love me some shinny shoes!

    Aponi black patent

    IG: vegantrans

  19. Rachelle

    I am totally in love with the Lena bootie in veg suede (chocolate color).

  20. Petra Gibson

    …huge love to the JANET BLACK style! Who knew vegan could be so stylish?!

    @Petrah will be sharing the love for sure…

  21. LE CALVE Catherine

    The JANET model is beautiful in black!
    my name on pinterest : chantal mousseboir

    • LE CALVE Catherine

      The JANET model is beautiful in black!
      my name on pinterest : chantal moussebois

  22. My favourite pair is definitely the Janet Black size 38- super versatile for warm or cold days! Shared on Twitter as @Gina_and_tonic.

  23. charlotte

    Dani black would be perfect for the fall! And winter!

  24. MARTY Black would be perfect for my guy:)

    Instagram: @gerduk

  25. Jessica Pratten

    I love the Nina Black! Check out my twitter page at @06jes

  26. I love the Dani in black & white!!! <3 Also, I shared the giveaway on Instagram (@xojanneal). Thanks!

  27. Lovely shoes all around! My favorite is the Duke in brown!

  28. Savannah

    These shoes are beautiful, it is so hard to choose but I would go for the Janet Black :)

    Intagram (@savylucas)

  29. Those shoes are amazing omg! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I think that Aponi is my favourite one!

    My pinterest is nyiskillingme

  30. Beatriz Lopez

    Love your blog girl!!! It is so great that you publish so many great designers. I have bought 3 things already that are curated by you in this blog. My favorite shoe is the BRUBECK BLACK & WHITE.
    Instagram: beatrizlopez

  31. I choose the ABBEY Navy (Veg.suede). My twitter handle is @emicvsetic.

  32. It’s always hard to find good quality vegan shoes, but I bought a pair of yellow aponis for my boyfriend (who is also vegan) for Christmas after seeing them on your blog and he adores them! I would love to rock those black & white brubecks!

  33. i’ve been pining for the black/white brubeck for agesss

    twitter is @rayceratops :)

  34. Those LENA CHOCOLATE are pretty fantastic! Would definitely love a pair (or 2!)
    (Shared on Twitter @The_A_Mrk)

  35. Thanks Diana for hosting such an awesome giveaway. I shared my love for the Ella Black suade booties on my Pinterest account –>

    Good Guys company killed the styling for this collection. Love it!

  36. M. Archambeau

    I like the Lenny in Ribbon. I think my boyfriend might like the Good Guys shoes too, so I’ll send him a link. Thanks!

    Twitter: @youveekins

  37. Ooooooof I love the Lenny Brown in Vegan Leather, though it’s not available in my size/gender. Also love the Banna Green Canvas.

  38. I am in love with the Ella bootie! I shared the giveaway via Pinterest []

  39. FINALLY a vegan giveaway! Being vegan, this is AMAZING!

    My favourite is definitely the Dani Navy!

    Shared via my instagram @hellokatedavies

  40. Woweee what absolutely gorgeous shoes!! I want them all! Buuuut if I have to choose it would be a beautiful pair of JANET BLACK’s. Shared via my Instagram @helnabrown

  41. Love the white Janets! All of them are awesome to be honest! :)

    instagram: sidraychorizo

  42. Anne-Marie

    Hi, I like Nina Nude best!!!
    Instagram: 801010_lux

  43. the NINA BLACK!!!

    shared on twitter (@ninaninalanina) and Pinterest on my shoes’s board (/karinawerner)

  44. Maryann D.

    I would really like to have the Brubeck in black and white.

  45. Wow such awesome shoes!
    Janet in black are my favorite!

    Shared on twitter @hailstorm_za

  46. In love with all these vegan boots, but DUKE BROWN is my favorite :)

    Instagram @saucyspoodle

  47. Ok! So I’m a lady with mighty big feet (I’m 6’2″ with the feet to match). I’ve never heard of this company before, but I AM JAZZED that they have unisex shoes so that I can one day wear shoes that aren’t just the most masculine.

    DUKE BLACK (veg suede) are my match made in heaven. @tiffanybor on the twitter.


  48. I love the Nina in black, and the Aponi in black patent leather are also quite cool.

    My instagram handle is @isabelgertler!

  49. Ooooo I love so many of them but the black Janet shoes are my favorites! My pinterest name is ‘michalshaina’. :-]

  50. I am in love with the DANI sandals in black!! Pinterest username = katypenrod

  51. Duke Brandy. To add sway to any evening outfit this summer! Ready to hit CT streets! Shared on pinterest under cnn038

  52. The Judy in nude will add some care free walking to my life. Sharing as @joandjasolivier on instagram

  53. Carla Snyman

    JANET BLACK, incredible. Instagram – carlasnyman

  54. I love these LENA NAVY. Blue ‘suede’ boots! Yes please! Shared on pinterest (Emma Skinner)

  55. What a cool line up, I’m especially loving on the Aponi2 saddle shoes.

  56. shared on twitter

    the pair of shoes: JANET BLACK

    I LOVE YOU BLOG, You inspire me :)

  57. Katherine Burch

    The Janet in black! Shared on insta @katherineleeb

  58. Shared on twitter – @SilRo8

    The pair of shoes: the Duke. Would LOVE to win this.

  59. Emma Peacock

    Shared on Pinterest! (

    Love all of them but my favourite would have to be APONI Beige white sole :)

  60. Love these shoes! My username on Pinterest, where I shared, is robinreetz

    Favorite pair would have to be the Janet in Black. Just want to wear them with cute socks all fall/winter long!

    Thanks so much!

  61. Blair Barone

    I quite enjoy the LENA CHOCOLAT VEG.SUEDE. Thanks for the giveaway!

    pinterest – Blair Barone

  62. I am in love with the Duke (in black vegan suede).
    Shared on IG as @kapn_kate.

  63. APONI BURGUNDY would be lovely throughout the approaching autumn and winter.

    Pinned by mtlaurel

  64. I love love love the Workout Black (veg.suede) boots! @theressomethingfantastic

  65. So many great ones to choose from! My fave has to be Lena in chocolat. Perfect for fall.



  66. I love them all but winter is coming here in the midwest USA so I chose Nina Nude.

  67. I like the Janet black or white number 6. My nickname is @trixiearg. I shared the girls image on Twitter. Thanks!

  68. Sheridan

    Love the Dani in red! Sharing on Instagram, username Sheridanna.

  69. I’d go for the Dani Navy. Perfect fall fancy shoe!

    (Pinterest user: Dani S)

  70. I couldn’t help but think that each pair of shoe was somehow a unique species on an arc of vegan footwear! I would love to adopt the Ellas in black “suede” to put on display in my own menagerie. Thank you so much for the chance. (Pinned to “Get in my closet” @ the little deer) xo

  71. I would love the Ella Black (veg. suede)

    I pinned it from you on Pinterest. My name is Lydia and my username is catronizing.

    love your blog and the shoes! :)

  72. Dreaming about wearing those black duke boots with everything this fall! This is an awesome giveaway, thanks! Posted on pinterest @earlgreylavande


  73. Ooo they are oh so nice..

    I would like me NINA BLACK (VEG.SUEDE) please!

  74. The JANET WHITE are absolute gems and wearing them would make me the happiest little human.

  75. I love the Duke Brown (veg leather). Shared on pinterest @mogsybunny

  76. Milly Rehbock

    In love with the Aponi Blue (canvas). Can’t resist such a divine colour. Shared on Instagram (@millyrehbock)

  77. Robyn Hunter

    Davis brown shoes are my favorite.

    Shared on pinterest username- robynllama

  78. Hi Miss Moss, My faves are DAVIS BLACK boot!!!! It’s SOOOOO great to see a vegan show brand that is as cool and hip as Good Guys! YAY!!!

  79. I’d love to see my mister in a pair of Davis Whites! Shared on Twitter @SwellMag.

  80. nushechka

    i like the JANET BLACK

  81. Having been vegan for nearly 20 years, I must say how awesome it is to have such great footwear options these days. The Duke Brown would be fab for Fall! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  82. Judy-Ann Cilliers

    The Judy Nude!
    Instagram: @acrispdarling

  83. Hetty Scrope

    DAVIS BROWN (VEGAN LEATHER CREPE SOLE). Although to be honest I could have gone for any of them. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

    Great giveaway!

  84. i want a pair of Duke’s – boyfriend can wear them too if he wants. (have the same shoe size!)

    Shared on:
    twitter – @wishingbird
    pinterest – jane paterson
    instagram – @janepaterson


  85. Let’s give it a try :) i loved the DUKE black boot. Shared on twitter @sofiaoe and instagram @sofiaoe ✌️

  86. My favorite shoes? The Janet White. Why? BC THEY ARE QUITE POSSIBLY THE SHOES I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SINCE THE MOMENT I WENT VEGAN 10 YEARS AGO. Sooooo ridiculously adorable! thanks for posting and making me aware of this site!!!!

  87. Kristiana

    I’m in love with Janet Black shoes! Shared on Pinterest as kkikii

  88. Love the Janet black shoes. I’m kittenbonanza on Pinterest

  89. The Nina ankle boots are pretty spectacular! I love that your giveaways are usually valid worldwide – we souther hemisphere peeps miss out quite a bit!

    Pinterest: Hyena InPetticoats xxx

  90. Katie Skeoch

    the lena-navy-veg-suede are my favourite – love the colour!!

    pinned on pinterest katieo2500


    the JANET whites will kiss my toes beautifully!

    shared on:
    twitter- @georgiatulle
    instagram- @georgiatulle

  92. Ooh, I love those Lenny Ribbon shoes! I am kckdesign on Pinterest. Have a great day!

  93. Aleksandra

    Oh, Miss Moss! I’m totally in love with black Janet! It would be my very first pair of high heels (every girl schould have a pair of shoes like this), which are exactly in my taste – simple, comfortable, made with love and in good quality AND FAIR WITH ALL OVER THE WORLD – that’s the most important thing. I want to have them at my prom in January! (i will be dressed as an fairy, think about it:))

    Kisses from Poland!

    pinterest–> aleksyandra

  94. I really like the Dani Black vegan suede shoes and it’s the only one in my size too!

  95. Awesome giveaway!
    LOVE the DUKE BLACK boots (veg. suede). Shared on Twitter @kunstkampf :)
    (crossing my fingers)

  96. Damnit Janet! So cute, in black or white. This is very exciting, so rare to find pretty animal-friendly products, especially clothing.

  97. So many awesome shoes, but my fav is the Janet (black) super cute.

  98. Love the Janet (black) super cute.

    shared on pinterest and twitter
    (user name aaliahisaacs)

  99. Oh love these shoes! Fantastic giveaway – agreed. It’s the Janet in black for me. Perfect for Autumn walks with woolly tights. Fingers crossed. Lou x

  100. J’adore cette marque! thanks a lot miss Moss for that giveaway, my favorite one are the APONY brandy, and my size is 37.

    shared on instagram @wearewooden

  101. Chantelle C

    Love the Lenny or the Nina Black!
    Have tweeted @ChantelledaC

  102. Magdalena

    I just love APONI YELLOW BEIGE ones!
    I’ve posted giveaway for my friends on Instagram @magdalanes

  103. Hannah-Lee

    The Brubeck Black (Canvas) say I’m a professional. I would wear them everyday.

  104. My favorite is the June Citrus! Love the simple but colorful look! My username in Instagram and Pinterest is @nadyahw

  105. Samantha Tedesco
  106. Michelle

    I love the Dani Black for Women!
    Pinterest username: mstackmann

  107. The JANET in white are my favorite pair. I’ve been desiring a pair of chunky low heel shoes!

    Shared on Pinterest, account: Herringbone Bindery, in my board: fashion: hi&low

  108. Austin Baroudi

    I love the MARTY White-Vegan Leather and crepe sole!

  109. What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks!

    I just love the LENA in Navy!

    I’m @mdgee on twitter.

  110. I really like Janet in black!
    I shared it on instagram: @laurasolveigpetterson :)

  111. Marcelle

    Would really love to win a pair of the Janet in white. Perfect for summer! Shared on Instagram (username: marcelle_leroux93).

  112. justyna Czechowska

    I’m eyeing the Duke Black (Veg.Suede) cowboy boots.
    Instagram: justea15

  113. Sharon Howard

    I would Love the Davis Derby vegan leather for men in black for my son because he just finished his master’s Degree and could use these shoes for his job hunt.

  114. Love the LENA CHOCOLAT ( VEG.SUEDE). So pretty!

  115. Oooh I LOVE these! If I have to pick — le sigh! — I’d love a pair of the Janet in black. My twitter handle is @trysmallthings.