Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway!

Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.

i know every time i do a giveaway i’m all, “you guys i’m soooo excited for this giveaway!!” and it’s ALWAYS true but seriously i am… so, so, SO excited for this giveaway.

do you want to look like the classiest broad around? like Amal Alamuddin but, you know, still yourself? then you need to wear something by Elizabeth Suzann. a label i’m sure i don’t need to tell you about anymore since i’m pretty much always talking about it.

let’s get right down to it, shall we? Elizabeth Suzann recently released their new FW14 Collection which is astoundingly good. i have highlighted some of my faves below. to celebrate they are going to give away a piece of your choice to ONE lucky reader. you can choose not just from the FW14 collection, but also from the SS14 Collection. so if you, like me, live in the southern hemisphere and you can’t even think about winter coats right now, then you’re in luck!

so, this is what you have to do to enter:

1. go to Elizabeth Suzann and browse everything
2. pick your favourite item (only one!) and tell me why you love it in a comment below
3. follow Elizabeth Suzann on Instagram
4. remember to include your Instagram handle in your comment so i can check!

that’s it! if you’re the winner then your favourite item is the one you will win. my personal favourite? that Cocoon Coat and Billie Sweater. for summer i love the Marlena Midi.

B O N U S. you can currently get a 10% discount on anything from their online shop, just enter the discount code MISSMOSS at checkout. valid for the duration of the giveaway!

Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.
Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.

the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world. readers outside the USA must please note that you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival, which you are responsible for. the giveaway ends on Thursday 30 October. The winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw & notified via email. Only ONE piece for ONE winner. This prize is not refundable for cash.


  1. My favourite is the Ana Pocket Skirt for 3 reasons: 1. I am currently obsessed with black and white and it’s basically all I wear. 2. I am currently obsessed with midi skirts (I say currently but it’s been years). And 3. My wedding dress had pockets so it kind of reminds me of that :)


    • I’m such a big fan of her collections, I lived in the Marlena tank all Summer. Have my eye on the Artist Dress in navy. It’s so gorgeous!


  2. The Emma wool kimono is a delight–could be worn indoors or as outerwear. The color is lovely too.

  3. My favorite is the Elise Shell because it is such a well cut version of a classic silhouette that I’ve never really had in my wardrobe (I usually go for oversized tops, partially on account of my scoliosis, which I am trying to embrace by not being shy about showing it).

  4. Hanna Moens

    I LOVE the Linn sweater.
    It seems such a versatile piece, winter and summer and suitable for a lot of body types (including small, curvy ones like mine).
    It looks effortlessly cool, exactly the look i’m aiming for :)

  5. The EMMA WOOL KIMONO! Because it stood out so much, I didn’t even had to look at anything else.

  6. I would love the cacoon coat in black. So lovely! I’m on instagram @engineered_perfection. Thanks!!

  7. Kristie Person

    Artist Dress in navy! I love that it’s so basic, yet strikingly gorgeous. IG handle=krilo

  8. The Cocoon coat (in brown) without a doubt. It’s hard to find a well-tailored coat made from high-quality materials. I really hope I win this one! Thank you for the wonderful giveaways!

  9. I’m obsessed with the Linn sweater. It’s a great piece that looks like it would dress up or down easily and be super comfortable to work in or be out & around.

  10. My favourite item is the Artist Smock. I could wear it with a coloured or patterned skirt at my sister’s wedding, next summer, I just see myself in it, a warm Italian summer evening!
    It looks very smooth and simple, but so well structured. I think it fits even not so skinny figures. Thanks missmoss for this giveaway. My IG handle is @gramami.

  11. I love the Cocoon Coat in Camel because it’s so simple and I’m still obsessed over camel colored coats.

    Instagram: peone

  12. I love everything, but the camel Cocoon coat is a dream come true! Thanks for sharing her work and letting us drool over every single piece! – 19katee2 on IG

  13. black cacoon coat! so great to throw over any outfit (aka a white button down shirt and pants) to complete the look. would love to own it! @iceefrance

  14. My favourite piece is easily the Lyd trousers, I love how they combine the joy of vintage trousers without the ‘I’ve had a huge lunch’ pleat induced volume!

  15. Oh! This is so exciting. I want one of each. As a future art teacher, this is exactly would I would like to look like in the classroom. I’m going to have to go with the Cocoon coat in camel. Perfect over a sweater or dress and for use as a blanket on plane rides. I need it.

    My instagram handle is swanrot. Thank you!!!

  16. Wow this is such a stunning brand and an amazing giveaway!I have a ‘little’ sweater obsession especially the cozy comfy slightly oversized ones like the BILLIE SWEATER (Rich navy colour – size Small). Have followed Elizabeth Suzann on instagram (my IG handle is lu_watson4)

  17. Giustina

    This is such a stellar giveaway! Elizabeth Suzann’s work is all so incredible but the piece I’m truly dying for is the Emma Wool Kimono in Moss Wool. I already follow her on IG – my handle is @haystack_charm. Fingers crossed! xo

  18. hi! i love rhodes turtleneck because it has an unusual cut and texture, simple and chic,
    you can’t go wrong wearing it


  19. the Jo Tunic! it is incredibly versatile, transitions from season to season effortlessly, would pair with just about anything in my closet, can be dressed up or dressed down… and it’s insanely beautiful in it’s simplicity!

    IG handle: marydolan

  20. Sophia Kier-Byfield

    My favourite piece is the Cocoon coat in Moss. The colour is rich and earthy – perfect for Autumn. It looks so easy and comfortable to wear, and is a classic concept in a modern style.

    Instagram: @annasophianadya

  21. Oh my gosh, how flipping chic! I want to be that girl.
    However I am happy to settle for the androgynous Lyd Trousers – perfect for this season’s cropped tees, and as I am an office-based girl. I will get endless wear out of them.
    In fact, if I don’t win, I am buying them anyway.

    Instagram: @KellyHook_CT

  22. madly in love with the billie sweater dress. it’s so beautiful in that wintry white and would pair amazingly with tights and boots! @kmaliew
    ladies in navy

  23. I love the artist dress!!! It looks comfortable yet elegant and the color is the perfect shade of midnight blue.


  24. I have been an Elizabeth Suzann fan for such a long time. What an exciting giveaway. Hands down my favorite piece in the whole collection is the Cocoon Coat in camel. It looks so luxurious and beautifully made. My Instagram username is @avenezia.

  25. While I feel like it’s impossible to choose since i’m obsessed with everything they make, I must say that I love love love the cocoon coat. it is classy x 1000, and would be the perfect coat to bring me into this winter season!

  26. Love the cocoon coat in moss – it’s such a rich, earthy colour, and the look is so classic and unfussy. ttp://instagram.com/laurasuisted

  27. I love the cocoon coat (in any color) – I think it would be flattering on my expanding, pregnant body :)

  28. Carla Snyman

    That Cocoon Coat (black) is pretty perfect. Kind of an effortless and comfortable, easily thrown-on look, but also elegant and classy – love the versatility. My kind of piece for sure. (IG – carlasnyman)

  29. I am so in love with the cocoon coat in camel – such a beautiful and clean piece that would last forever!


  30. Elizabeth conquered my heart when I first saw her way to work with fabrics as it was paper. The subtle and elegant way of her cloth is made make me remember the beauty of paper fold, that from a sheet makes a structure.
    My favorite Item is COCOON COAT Camel. Its Japanese inspiration and its soft structure. Also reminds me my Chilean ponchos, so it takes me a little home…


  31. Vivienne

    I am obsessed with the Cocoon coat in black. It’s classic, yet modern and so versatile. It would complete any winter outfit perfectly.

  32. Elizabeth Suzann makes the most beautiful clothes – thanks for the giveaway! The Lyd trousers are just perfect. @schmidcr

  33. I love the Jo Tunic best! Really, the whole collection seems so clean and simple and versatile, but I really think I’d get the most out of the Jo Tunic.

    I tend to be/think thrifty, so I’m always going for the item I think I’d wear the most and that would go with a lot of what I already have.

    Thanks for introducing me to this designer! I’m into it.

    – Liza Kate

    Instagram: @etakazil

  34. I absolutely adore the Linn Sweater in camel! This is a piece I could wear every day. I would wear it with a long skirt or change it up with some crisp, black pants. It’s such a fresh look!

    Instagram – @jinbug

  35. Elizabeth

    Absolutely love the cocoon coat in camel! The blue lining is a beautiful surprise. Might even be able to sneak in a wear during the coming summer nights.


  36. Trang Dorris

    I love everything but if I have to pick one, it would be the cocoon coat. It makes me feel happy. Instagram @trangipoo

  37. Ahh! Beautiful! I love the look of these clothes, they’re gorgeous. I would have to say the wool kimono, as much as I love the coat I know I’d want something that I could keep wearing around inside. I’d love to have that to wear right now, we’ve got some stormy weather going on.

  38. Bongi Mbana

    I love the artist dress. Super stylish, yet easy to wear and so versatile! I can already picture myself wearing it with sneaks during the day and upping the ante with ankle boots or heels for a night out. I’m already obsessed!

    Instagram: Bongi_b

  39. The artist dress in blue silk, for three key reasons:
    1. It’s beautiful and cool
    2. You could style it a bunch of different ways
    3. Wearing it means you’re in head-to-toe Elizabeth Suzann!

  40. Dear You,

    I think the EMMA WOOL KIMONO is a beautiful piece because it can be worn in any moment of life. Life is a collection of very singular and particular instants and this Kimono will wrap me through all of them.

    Your blog is my daily inspiration, please carry on!

    All the best,

    Marie // instagram handle: m_rie_

  41. The Cocoon Coat in Moss! It’s such a beautiful colour and loose cut, but has the structure and minimal lines that I admire in Scandinavian/Japanese design. Would be great paired with a fun belt for gusty fall evenings!

  42. I need the versatility and simplicity that is the MARLENA LINED DRESS.

    Instagram @alinajay

  43. The Cocoon Coat in Moss! It’s such a beautiful colour and loose cut, but has the structure and minimal lines that I admire in Scandinavian/Japanese design. Would be great paired with a fun belt for gusty fall evenings!

    instagram: nrajamani

  44. Adore the cocoon duster! Going to risk it and prepare for next winter. Also, I live in the Midlands so summer never really happens here, so could probably wear it now!

    Followed on Instagram – my handle is @keribainborough

  45. Jenni Dickens

    So difficult to choose just one, but the Elise Shell is exactly the graceful, simple top I always look for, but can’t quite ever find. I love the versatility and subtle sexiness of this piece– I will look like the serious-and-effortlessly-chic artist I so try to be! IG: jennild

  46. I would choose the Lyd trousers.
    They are an essential piece any woman should have in her wardrobe and I have never found a pair that look so effortless.

    Instagram – @janepaterson

  47. I looooove the Marlena Lined Dress in black. It’s versatile, reversible, and works in both summer and winter. @anna.heineman

  48. Michelle

    I love the whole collection but the Ana skirt is my favourite- the high waist and a-line shape and deep pockets, Ahhh! It’s so gorgeous. My instahandle is @ponymalta

  49. Wow, hard to choose a favorite. I think I’d have to go with the Cocoon coat in black just because I’ve been looking for a well cut mid-length coat for months and they are hard to find! The blue silk they have this season is soo pretty! Instagram @figfarm.

  50. I am COMPLETELY obsessed with the artist dress in navy!!!!! I think it is the perfect to addition to any winter collection and I hope to own it by my birthday (New Years eve) this year! I bet it feels amazing too!!!!

    Instagram- @questntheanswr

  51. Beautiful pieces! I’d love the Hazel tunic. It’s such a versatile, classic piece for everyday or something special. @jlurssen

  52. Leigh-Anne

    Sigh… the deep blue Artist Dress has stolen my heart. Why? Because I think we all search for that piece of clothing that ‘takes’ us somewhere, magically transports us there when we slip it on. As cheesy as it sounds (I know I know…) I search endlessly for the garment that makes me feel like Im swanning around the streets of Paris on a mild summer’s night, maybe to meet some friends, maybe just to wonder for wondering’s sake. This dress has that magic. @leighannedrakes

  53. My favourite item has got to be:


    There is nothing more chic than a pair of perfectly fitting black trousers on a woman. Strong enough of a statement to make you feel confident yet still feminine in all the right places!

    Such a beautiful collection.

    Instagram: @reneenicolesander

  54. It’s hard to pick a favorite from so many amazing pieces, but the one I really love is the cocoon duster. I would wear this piece when I want to take a simple outfit to the next level, without going over the top. It’s beautiful, simple, and glamorous.


  55. I, after a lot of going back and forth because I LOVE everything from Elizabeth Suzann, would have to go with the Cocoon coat too, in camel. I love it cause the silhouette is so unique but still totally wearable– like all of her pieces! I’m following both of you on IG of course! My IG name is @melissasonico

    Here’s hoping! <3

  56. Oh man, I am in love with every single item by Elizabeth Suzann. Not only are the pieces to die for, the styles is SO on point. What a great giveaway!

    My pick would have to be the Linn sweater in camel. It’s perfect to wear year around! I just cut my hair short too and I feel like this look would be very very flattering. :)

    Following on IG as well! @claggie

    Thanks for the opportunity! <3

  57. I’m right with you, I LOVE the Cocoon Coat! The Moss color is so unique, and goes with pretty much everything. Put on some dark blue jeans, black slacks, or heck even some gray sweatpants would look great with it. That’s one of the many many things I love about E.S. clothes; they’re wearable for everyday but can also be dressed up as well!
    Instagram: @kaitbenedetto

  58. Jill johnson

    I absolutely love this AW14 collection…but my favorite is the Ana Pocket Skirt!!! So chic, so classic,so cool! NEED ( want )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ jilljo3

  59. It’s torture picking ONE.
    So many gorgeous pieces.
    But… For me it would have to be, the Ana pocket skirt. Such a classy piece, I love the high waist-. Can’t go wrong with this cut, would bring life to my closet for years.

  60. It’s really hard to pick a favorite since both collections are gorgeous and use such wonderful colors. I have to say I think the wool cocoon coat in the warm brown color from the FW 2014 collection stands out to me from the rest because it reminds me of the long camel coat my mother used to wear when she would head out on fancy dates with my Dad in Berkeley and the city when I was a kid. I would watch her get ready, put in her silver earrings and on her red lipstick and then the final touch would be her amazing coat- and so while it’s a nice new clean take on the traditional wool trench it still gives me that sense of nostalgia. It’s beautiful and it’s made to make you feel priceless.
    My Instagram is @lindsayvictorialee

  61. Firstly this is the best giveaway EVER! Thank you for the chance to even enter!
    The Billie sweater dress is my favourite item. I have been following her work for so long, Elizabeth is my inspiration and is the reason I do what I do. I am staggered what she can do with fabric. I have to be comfortable day to day with all the lifting and lugging so this dress is great for me. Versatile enough for the school run or dressed up.

    Instagram page @windramdesign

  62. Molly H.

    I need the camel cocoon coat in my life! What a great giveaway!


  63. Savannah

    I would love the black cocoon coat. Colorado has unpredictable weather and this would be the best layering piece.


  64. The Cocoon coat in black! Autumn has hit hard here all of a sudden and I’m dreaming of warm snuggly things to wrap myself up in.


  65. ohh way too divine collection. so so hard to choose a favourite… i’ll have go in the competition with e m m a w o o l k i m o n o (camel color)! i’m from the cold north (finland) and this would be perfect piece of clothing most of the year (though too light for our mid-winter). such a classico!
    ig: @ainolintu (i followed her!)

  66. M. Archambeau

    I love the artist smock! So easy to wear in so many ways. @youvees

  67. Rachel Madris

    The artist smock is so classy! Perfect for a night out.


  68. I love the lyd trousers they hit the ankle at exactly the right spot and they look like I could get away with being comfy at work haha. Ig handle is alexjpetroff

  69. I recently had the pleasure of visiting Elizabeth’s studio and seeing the quality of the designs and the beauty in her simplicity first hand! I feel a real connection to her pieces that are inspired by and feature elements of the 70s like the bell sleeves on the Billie dress and those with the character of the 20s like the Cocoon coat.The funnel neck, kimono-like flow and three quarter sleeves gives this coat an ethereal ease with structured elegance that is a truly brilliant design. I’m turning 30 in November and would love nothing more than to enter my party and the next decade wearing Elizabeth’s Cocoon coat!


  70. First of all I would like to say that I would pick all of the clothes in the Elizabeth Suzanne shop: It seems that her style fits exactly with my taste. I love neutral and natural colors, confortable and quality materials such as silk, cotton and linen.The simple but not common cut is something I’ve never worn but looks absolutely great on the photos and I think it could fit to me, my body and my personality.
    The difficult choice goes finally to the Hazel Tunic. Because it’s basic and simple, smart but at the same time comfortable. It shines to me that kind of shirt that makes you feel as if you were hugged by a airy cloud: exactly what I need at the moment.
    Here’s my instagram profile: http://instagram.com/misspinga

  71. Lindsey Holzhauer

    Seriously, how could anyone NOT love the cocoon coat in black!? The rounded yolk that wraps around from the back to the front is such an amazing, unique detail, and the fact that it’s a LINED wool coat gives it so much more value. And of course, black goes with everything. It doesn’t look like an extremely heavy coat, so it can be worn in multiple seasons.
    It’s just perfect in every way, as with everything Elizabeth Suzann creates! Love, love, love

    (IG: @lindsholz)

  72. ohhh it is too hard to choose only one favorite!! but i’ll do it.

    my wardrobe and i would be ETERNALLY grateful to own the emma wool kimono in the “deep black color.” it is stunning and effortless and i don’t think i would go a day without wearing it if i had it.

    thanks for hosting the best giveaway ever and i am following their insta!!

    my handle is: @shaylalilian

  73. I love the beautiful Cocoon Coat in Moss! It’s such a wonderful colour and different from all the other cocoon coats I’ve seen. Very minimalistic. Thank you for doing this giveaway, I would love to win! My instagram handle is @illoyk

  74. Carrie Matheny-Grafstrom

    A struggle to pick just one! But with the chill just hitting seattle, I must pick the cocoon coat in black. A great, versatile piece. Love the clean lines and relaxed feel of the whole collection…eager to add a few pieces to my closet!


  75. Elizabeth Suzann is my favorite!! I’ve been coveting the Georgia Tee. My instagram is moultonatx, thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!

  76. Hey there!

    I absolutely love the cocoon coat. I just moved to Chicago from Portland, Oregon, and I am looking for a warm, but elegant coat to help me survive the winter! I love this coat as a casual but classy statement piece, and it will go well with nearly everything else in my closet.

    Thank you for the heads-up on an amazing brand, too!

    @carolyn_c_green on Instagram

  77. My handle is @emmafineman and I am totally obsessed with the artist dress! That rich blue color is absolutely to die for and I actually am an artist so I think it’s a match made in heaven! I am a painter and photographer and I work for a gallery called Aureus Contemporary, we show at art fairs around the world and its always a struggle to find beautiful and elegant clothing that is also appealing to an artistic and creative eye. I recently graduated college and don’t have the budget for some of the amazing and unique pieces that Elizabeth Suzan makes, as painful as that is. This dress is the perfect piece to wear for so many occasions in my life/ career and I’d be honord to rock it all the time! Please please consider me as the artist for this artist dress! :)

  78. Ruth Herrin

    Instagram handle: ruthherrin

    I love the Billie Sweater because it looks so classic and comfortable. It’s the kind of item that you could buy once and use for years and years. Lovely material and great color!

    • Ruth Herrin

      And I’m a Nashville girl! This is so sweet – I’ll have to go check them out here in town!

  79. Victoria

    I have always wanted the Marlena Lined Dress! It is so fab!


  80. It’s all so good. I am very fortunate to have a few pieces from Elizabeth’s Spring/Summer collection, so I can rule those out for now. Phew. The colors and textures of her Fall pieces are just stunning. I love the clean, classic shape of the Cocoon Coat in black boiled wool, that’s my pick!


  81. I love the black cocoon coat because it will keep me cosy and conveniently stylish in winter but also because I could wrap myself in it when I’m secretly pining for winter to return to the Cape!

    Instagram is @lauren_bernicchi

  82. Thrilled to find this giveaway on Elizabeth Suzann’s ig! Picking only one, though? The torture. Indecision aside, that Linn Sweater in soft ivory has been calling my name since its release! The casually constructed grace of the piece & the whole fall line just… well, hence the giveaway. Keep at it! [email protected]

  83. Ellen Ann

    I would love to be chosen for the camel cocoon coat! It’s a gorgeous, classic piece. It’s an investment I wouldn’t be able to make. Thanks for considering me! I am thrilled for this giveaway. Miss Moss and Elizabeth Suzann are a perfect match!

    Instagram: @eafuson

  84. I just bought the Billie Dress and Marlena Tank this month and I already have my eye on the Linn Sweater, among other things… looooove this Nashville brand! Instagram: @stylemewhimsy

  85. I love the Georgia dress in navy, it just looks so elegant and effortless. My insta name is @kateealbee!

  86. I absolutely share your passion for Elizabeth Suzann and her wonderful team! I LOVE the artist dress in navy silk. One thing I so appreciate about ES’ website are her descriptions of each item she makes. It really shows how much she thinks about design and wearability and how personal each piece is to her. I imagine wearing this dress not only to each and every holiday party, but also with some cozy wool socks and perhaps an old oversized cardigan, messing about the living room with my two little boys. Thank you for this opportunity, Diana! -Amy @elcirculopolar on Instagram.

  87. Christina

    There are many lovely structured pieces that flow with the body beautifully. But out of all, since I have to choose one, it would be the Cocoon Coat. The color alone catches my eyes, but the cocoon-like structure that embodies a mother’s embrace reminds me of that feeling of warmth and safety.


  88. Hi! I’d love to win the Ana Pocket Skirt. I find myself buying a lot of men’s clothes lately and I would love to own something more feminine. My IG is jasmijnlianne

  89. Mamavalveeta03

    Only one favorite?!? I’m like a kid in a candy store!
    I love the Billie sweater, too, but I think if I won, I’d choose the artist smock…it’s so soft looking and drapes beautifully. Plus, don’t we all want to have an inner artist?
    I follow both of you on Instagram @mamavalveeta03

  90. Kedi Bolofo

    Definitely the Cocoon Duster…its so chic…can be dressed up or down!!

  91. I really love the Linn Sweater in oatmeal. It’s an interesting piece that is also quite classic and charming. It could easily be incorporated into many outfits and would be great for layering, which are things I look for when adding to my minimal wardrobe. I think it is a silhouette that would remain a staple in my closet for years to come.

    I follow you and Elizabeth Suzann on Instagram as @Wallace_Dee.

    Dee | http://www.daundra.com

  92. Definitely the Cocoon Duster..its so chic and can be dressed up or down!!

  93. Ah! Everything is too fab.

    I love the Cocoon Coat in black. It’s got such a very cool structure and fit and is just the right amount of minimal. Such an interesting and beautiful piece! You can find me @hello_caroline.

    Ha, I definitely published this comment on the wrong post. Sorry for being a technophobe.

  94. oh my oh my oh my this was quite an excellent way to start off my day – dreaming up what my life would look like draped in one Elizabeth Suzann’s gorgeous creations. after much deliberation, the Linn Sweater in Oatmeal is just about the most excellent blend between lounging comfort and an intriguing daily staple. and i would be over the moon if i got that in my life.
    also, does elizabeth write her own product descriptions?? because they are spot on. she makes me want to literally only wear her clothes if it weren’t for the slightly-out-of-my-reach price points…. so thank you, miss moss, for the giveaway!

    instagram handle: /mirandababbitt

  95. I have been in love with the Linn Sweater in Oatmeal ever since it came out. It has a beautiful shape and great creamy color. It’s a staple without being too basic, and I can picture just living it in all the time. Long time fan of your blog, by the way!

    Instagram: @mlgorre

  96. Jessica LaRubbio

    Gosh, it’s extremely hard to choose just one favorite, but I would have to go with the Cocoon Coat. I love the cut and the fact that it can be layered over a thicker sweater. My IG handle is @vidalarubbio

  97. The Cocoon Coat is amazing. I love the shape of the sleeve and this will be perfect for when I move to Minnesota and have that fall and winter weather! Following both of you on IG! @acanthusjewelry

  98. While it’s so hard to choose just one, I absolutely am in love with the Linn Sweater in Camel. It is a warm, gorgeous color to break out of my black, white and grey streak, and oh-so-cozy for the winter months and holiday parties to come. I would definitely have this top in a frequent rotation. I have followed Elizabeth Suzann on IG for awhile, which is how I found this giveaway, but I am now following you under @dallasdawsdesigns, and I absolutely love your gorgeous blog! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  99. I love the Linn sweater in beige! What attracts me to it is its clear-cut and how comfortable it looks! It somehow reminds me of a rainy Sunday in Ottawa in autumn! I now live in Hong Kong, where typhoon and rainstorm come to visit pretty much every four weeks! This is the sweater that could be layered up for a cold northern weather, and also could be worn alone for a windy island weather !
    My ig handle is @elsiewater !

    Best wishes,

  100. Carla Swanepoel

    I love the Cacoon Coat in Rich Moss colour, this is a piece that I would always wear! It’s timeless, you can wear it up & will be perfect for those casual days… but still look stylish! It’s two of my favorite things Kimono & 1920’s what more could you want! It’s perfection the ultimate coat!! Instagram: @photolacore

  101. Wow! These pieces are so beautiful and elegant. As I get older I search high and low for simple, pieces with clean lines like these. REALLY hard to pick just one, but I think if I were the luck winner, I would go with that Ana Pocket Skirt. Though I love the Billie sweater and molena top. Thanks for turning me on to this lovely brand! @asimplechicken

  102. Wow, what a dream give away!

    When you last posted about Elizabeth Suzann I showed it to my mother, and she went nutso for the collection just like I did. So I would choose something that I could give away to her for her 60’th birthday in december.

    I would choose the Cocoon coat in Black, making sure I could borrow it from time to time of course ;-)
    That’s what I love about this designer, and this piece in particular. The luxury of the coat would make me feel grown-up and sophisticated, the amazing up-standing collar will in turn frame her beautiful face for years to come. It’s wearable and timeless for timeless women just like my mom.


  103. I’d pick the Emma Wool Kimono… it’s the exact color of the sugar maples in Nashville right now, and would be perfect to wear every fall. @jamiesonak

  104. I am dyyyying in love with the cocoon coat–it is pure perfection. The camel color, the 3/4 sleeve, the total cozy warmth. I live in Georgia and it is just the right level of warmth for our fall/winter months. The coat is beyond beyond!


  105. I’m @paulavaleria on Instagram! The Billie Sweater is my favourite because it’s timeless and it serves the purpose especially of this season (fall/winter). The fact that it’s handmade just means that THAT much special care and thought was put into it. The colour and the fit are perfect as they match my entire look.

    Thank you!

  106. Thanks for the introduction to Elizabeth Suzann’s designs! I really love the Cocoon Duster- I think vest-like articles of clothing such as this are the easiest way to take an outfit to the next level. They add something extremely chic to an otherwise ordinary ensemble. It would be perfect to wear with just about anything!


  107. Jessica Gray

    I’ve had my eye on that cocoon coat! ES’s pieces are just to die for. Would love to have one of my own!


  108. Jenny Becker

    Ooh how to pick just one? It’ll have to be the Cocoon Coat in camel. It looks chic, cozy, and timeless, like something I could wear forever. My insta is @henmarz

  109. The artist dress! Perfect length and love the loose fit. Gorgeous

    IG- alanakaipolani

  110. Absolutely in LOVE with the Billie Sweater Dress in Navy :) It’s just that perfect staple for winter–cozy but still so chic. Thanks for offering such an amazing giveaway! I love ES’s line so much. My instagram is @laitejewelry :)

  111. I love Elizabeth Suzann’s timeless collections! I have my eye on several pieces, but if I had to choose my favorite, it would be the Linn Sweater. I love the natural drape of the fabric and how I’d feel instantly pulled together after putting it on.


  112. The Cocoon duster, the Elise Shell, the Georgia midi and the Ryan pants are all giving me such life right now

  113. I’ve been looking for a pair of pants like the Cecilia pant for years. They look absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for doing this great give away!
    [email protected] (<–Instagram handle)

  114. I know we’re celebrating spring, but listening to the thunder, lightning and rain outside I can’t help but be entranced by the beautiful winter coats – especially the Cocoon Coat in Caramel.


  115. The Linn sweater for it’s cut and versatility. I can easily picture it with most of my closet. I live in California, so I don’t need a bulky sweater for evenings/ cooler months. Thanks for introducing me to Elizabeth Suzann!

  116. I agree it’s got to be the camel cocoon coat!

    Alice Lambert


  117. I love Elizabeth Suzann (go Nashville designers!) My favorite piece right now (and it’s so hard to choose because they’re all amazing) is the Ana Pocket skirt. It’s such a classic silhouette-with pockets! Something that could be worn in every season. And the amazing thing is…it’s denim! @rougeroguenashville

  118. I’ve fallen in love with the Artist Dress. The sumptuous silk and graceful drape make it versatile for all seasons! I’d love to wear it over the holidays and on summer dates. @swiftlet

  119. Ohh I’m just in love with the cocoon coat. It’s perfect.

  120. How do I even begin? I just ordered her Cocoon coat (in Moss!) but I’d love love love the Jo Tunic to layer underneath.


  121. Sara Clarke

    Very hard to pick just one!! But I think I would go with the Marlena Tank in Navy, because I want more sexy clothing, but not tight-sexy. It’s got perfect drape, and the deep v-neck is just stunning worn front (for parties) or back (for work and daytime life). Instagram is @sarajudyclarke

  122. Danielle

    The emma wool kimono!! Love this designer:) ( _dpw -> Instagram)

  123. oh my lord…the brown cocoon coat is my fave BY FAR. i so want a larger coat with no collar — it looks so much sleeker than coats with collars!

    instagram: @nettieandmin ;)

  124. I love Elizabeth Suzann! I follow the brand on Instagram (@clairekamenish), and that’s where I found out about this giveaway! Although I’m pretty sure I would be ecstatic about receiving any design, I think my favorite is the boiled wool Linn Sweater in Ivory. Such a great staple– it would go with everything. Plus, I’ve been on the search for good quality white pieces lately. I know if I won, I would have *the* hardest time ever taking this swear off!


  125. The cold Chicago fall/winter would be much cozier with a Cocoon Coat (in black)! I love the effortless look of this whole collection, so beautiful! @laurafallonwood

  126. How do I choose 1 item??? I love the chacon dress.

  127. the cocoon coat is my all-time elizabeth suzann favorite.

  128. Libby Peterson

    I think I would live every waking (and sleeping?!) moment in the Georgia Midi in black. Just gorgeous. instagram: @libbyosity Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!!

  129. Wow. I love them all! With my new 40 year curves I’ve been eyeing up her clothes for the last year. The simple and elegant lines are perfect for me. So… with it being fall Id love to wear the cocoon jacket. – I’m also obsessed with black and layers. @angilello

  130. Oh man, these are such beautiful pieces. I love the black cocoon coat, it seems like the perfect coat for where I live, Tucson in the US Southwest desert, where you need a coat in the winter but don’t need it to be snowstorm proof. @nataliazie

  131. Rachel H

    I love the cocoon coat in Moss (of course!)… I would wear it all winter with a striped tee, black skinny jeans, and booties.
    Instagram: @animalnecklaces

  132. Very chic and classy clothes! My favorite piece is the Emma Wool Kimono in mosswool- perfect for the up coming winter.

  133. I love the emma wool kimono in black – such a classic, I know I would wear it for years and years! I’m @mindfulcloset on Instagram.

  134. I have been eyeing the Artist dress ever since she released it, but I especially love it in the new navy. Her pieces drape so beautifully! @bulleaglemusic

  135. I love love the Cocoon Duster. Perfect layering piece for any occasion! I hope I’m lucky enough to win this one! Fingers crossed…

  136. Tough choice but I think my fave is the Elise Shell. So simple and beautiful!
    Followed on instagram – my handle is hoolie_hoop

  137. the cocoon coat in moss (!!!) makes my heart-rate spike! i love elizabeth suzann’s confident lines and shapes, terrific color palette and better-and-better-the-more-you-wear-’em natural fibers. so chic, classy, cool. thanks so much to both of you for the generous giveaway! instagram: @pandahandler

  138. Emma Esquibel

    I would love to wear the black cocoon coat every single day of fall and winter. (and most of spring!) I love all of her pieces – timeless! @emma_esquibel

  139. I love the Cocoon coat in the deep moss color. It’s perfect wtih everything, very chic and classy.
    My Instagram handle is @Silvica_R

  140. i’m really loving the redo on the artist dress. the extra length and navy option only makes it more perfect!

  141. Best giveaway ever!! That black cocoon coat is calling my name for so many of the right reasons. I don’t think I would ever take it off! The whole collection is beyond perfect. @alenajaffe

  142. I need the Cocoon Coat in Wool because it is something I could never imagine buying for myself. A piece like that would push my style in new directions. AND keep me warm in what I think will be Seattle’s coldest winter.

    Also, is there any information on the shoes in these shoots? They’re fantastic.


  143. Dear Diane! Thank you and Elizabeth Suzann for this amazing giveaway. If I had to choose, and I have to – which is hard, I would say my favorite piece of the collection is the cacoon coat. I love it for its shape but even more so for this amazing brown/green color. I’m not fortunate to be in the south hemisphere so a new winter coat would be much needed and appriciated:D
    my insstagram: @dash_sha

  144. Elizabeth Suzann garments have a way of making me feel elegant and cozy all at the same time. The Black Cocoon coat is something I would truly love to add to my collection. The drape on it is perfection and the menswear vibe of it is different and “in” all at the same time.


  145. I have two E.S. summer pieces and I adore their swingy shapes, floaty fits, and lux fabrics. I’m eyeing the rich moss Linn Sweater for all of those reasons, and because it looks so cozy for winter!

  146. the Lyd Trousers are my favourite! Absolutely timeless, season-less trousers xo @yakirab

  147. Hello Miss Moss <3
    I adore the cocoon coat in brown *yum* it's a perfect blend of casual yet elegant and gives so much gorgeous movement. But, the cocoon duster is also kind of the most? Answer: yes. I live in NYC so layering is essential and something like the duster is so perfect to throw over anything. Again with the casual elegance :)

    Thank you so much for all your amazing giveaways! Instagram: @nicoco.a

  148. AH! The moss cocoon coat. No IG, but check me out at callowhill.tumblr.com.

  149. I am a huge fan of the Cocoon Coat! The sleeve shape is gorgeous, and the three-quarter length is my favorite. Plus, it’s just the right weight for our not-so-harsh winters. @aszingarelli

  150. Jennifer

    Everything Elizabeth Suzann is amazing, it is very hard to choose only one. But if I must – The LINN SWEATER in black is it! I would love to add this piece to my wardrobe. It’s the perfect modern style – versatile in so many ways for the chilly days we are currently having in Brooklyn, NY. Most importantly, the sweater looks comfortable. What more could you ask for when you pair style with comfort!
    Best wishes and much success to Elizabeth Suzann in Nashville and her beautiful designs!

  151. Hi Diana

    I recently moved from Cape Town to Washington DC and one of the few SA websites that remain in my bookmarks list is of course yours.
    Even though the entire Elizabeth Suzann collection is marvelous, I would love, love, love the cocoon coat in Moss. It’s so chic and cool, and would be a staple any closet. Also, the U.S. fall is a lot cooler than I expect and this coat would keep me super cozy.
    Have a good one! (My insta @estebeerwinkel)

  152. The Emma Wool Kimono – its the perfect transitional piece from autumnal top layer to winter under layer



  153. By far my favorite is the artists dress d, it’s such a simple elligent piece with special detailing in the wider leaves and fabric.its a piece I could wear for years on end. Also probably one of my favorite parts about this brand is that all the materials she uses are handle machine washable. That detail makes the dress all the more appealing. I would probably wear it everyday.

  154. I can’t decide between the artist dress or cocoon coat. The blue artist dress is the perfect color and looks amazingly comfortable, but chic. The cocoon coat is just my style and the camel color is the color I’ve been looking for to add to my collection, perfect with my red hair. Both would be! Love the collection and website. my instagram is sfsmiley

  155. I find the Artist Dress in Navy the most striking. As a student I can only dream of owning such luxury! I tend to own all black/white/grey clothing so the navy would be a welcome update to my closet. Something to cherish for years to come!

    Instagram: @meganmcgibbon

  156. Oh man, this is hard! I love so many of these clothes. For me it’s down to the basics (something I’m in need of right now) like the Winnow tunic, Hazel Tunic and Marlena Tank. But since I can only pic one, my choice is the Winnow Tunic.

    Lovely blog by the way! I found it via Elizabeth Suzan’s instagram.

    I’m @wzrdreams on instagram

  157. I love the Ana pocket skirt! It’s a great basic piece to match with anything and everything AND IT HAS POCKETS!!!! Pocket skirts are the best things in the world! I’m @minzzzzzzz on instagram! :)

  158. Courtney Turner

    I ogle the entire Elizabeth Suzann fall collection on a regular basis. Every time I do, I seem to end up on the Cocoon Coat page, thinking to myself… someday you will be mine. I am saving my pennies and someday I will own the Cocoon Coat in that beautiful moss colour, but what a treat it would be to win it instead. This coat is THE coat. It has room to fit sweater sleeves, is a perfect fall colour, is elegant and lady-like while being casual and a little masculine all at the same time. It is truly a masterpiece and I am in love.


  159. Christine Tran

    I Love the Ana Pocket Skirt. It’s the perfect skirt to wear anywhere – to work, to a wedding, or simply just lounging around the house. It’s structured yet free flowing. :)

    Instagram: @hellochristine

  160. The Cocoon Coat in Moss would be perfect to wear right now as the weather is making it’s gradual transition into early winter. Très chic! (@kla_mh)

  161. I absolutely adore the Billie sweater! Fall is in full swing here in New York and frigid winter weather will be rolling in any time…I like the idea of a sweater in white with a crisp neckline, and I love how the fullness of the sleeves on this particular sweater creates a kind of softening effect as the eye moves down. Plus, the sleeves stay pushed up, which adds versatility to the styling options!

    instagram: @shmelon

  162. Georgia midi dress in black! I’m @cburkhart.

  163. Honestly, everything is so SO stunning it feels impossible to choose just one favorite. One item I keep going back to again and again has to be the Cocoon Coat in Moss. It’s so timeless and chic. I live in Portland, Oregon and am no stranger to the cold and rain. This coat would be my perfect companion to weather the storm…

    My instagram handle is @jade_melissa

  164. I have been in love with Elizabeth Suzann’s collections for a while now and would love LOVE to have the light camel cocoon coat. I love the feminine and straight forward simplicity of all her clothes – the cocoon coat exemplifies this perfectly! @abi_ah

  165. Morgan Wagstaff

    I am in love with the cocoon coats. I don’t care which color! They are aimple, yet the attention to detail in the seaming is beautiful. I love it’s structure paired with it’s effortless design. Would love to win!

    Instagram: morgan_wagstaff

  166. The Billie sweater in the navy colour is stunning! I don’t even wear blue that much, but this really stood out for its deep rich hue and for its particular texture – as said in the description, it looks like the perfect item to wear while sipping your favourite coffee ;)

    Even if I don’t win, Im glad you pointed me at this brand, it’s amazing!

    My Instagram is @dotdaria :)


  167. Sarah F.

    Wow. My favorite would definitely be the cocoon coat though it is all completely beautiful. This is exactly my style. Simple aesthetics, practical, and high-quality fashion! Love it!

    Instagram: @sdfyodel

  168. Instagram: Walkswithdanger

    Cocoon coat in moss!

  169. That COCOON COAT is just fantastic! It would be so perfect for any day here in ole rainy Portland Oregon! That moss color would look so great in the wild on my next chanterelle hunting adventure.

    IG – @c_watts

  170. Chloe Skye Delaney

    I absolutely love the Emma Wool Kimono. So versatile- I could see myself wearing it during all seasons! IG: @chloeskyede




    MY INSTAGRAM: @mominau

  172. I have been enjoying seeing Elizabeth’s designs online for quite some time now and have been waiting for the day when one of her creations could be me my own. The navy Artist dress is a piece I know I would treasure for many years to come. Sorry in advance to make you have to sift all my insta contacts if I win Diana! I’ve had my eyes on her for awhile! @rosemud

  173. Megan Koons

    If I had to pick a favorite (it was difficult!) I would say the Lynn Sweater in Ivory. The perfect top to dress up or down, I love the sophisticated cut and crisp lines and am quite sure it would feel just as wonderful as it looks. Thanks for the giveaway, and for continually introducing me to things I never knew i needed!

    Instagram: @megan_koons

  174. Sarah Mack

    I’m with you on the camel Cocoon Coat-what a simple, classy piece for travelling! Also great for fall in Canada.

    Artist dress is a close second. Looks like it has that comfortable feeling of wearing nothing at all!


  175. I am absolutely in love with all of Elizabeth’s pieces, so I was so excited to see that you are hosting a giveaway! My favorite piece is the Emma Wool Kimono in black because I could layer it with everything for many winters to come.

  176. Hard to choose but the navy Artists dress is such a classic piece for summer – dressed up with block heels or down with metallic sandals… Instagram julesfreemantle

  177. Well, I discovered Elizabeth Suzann through your blog and fell instantly in love with these precious silhouettes. The Cocoon Coat in black is exactly what I’ve been searching in a coat for years, a comfortable kimono for the cold days… Thank you for the giveaway! @moonkeepspace

  178. I loooooove the Cocoon Coat in black! The casual shape and length make it perfect for layering with both dresses and pants! @doge.jpeg

  179. it was SO hard to pick because all of her pieces are so dreamy / lovely / perfect / versatile. have to go with the Cocoon Coat though, because I think I would wear it for a LONG long time coming. IG: @danamolly

  180. Allyson Foster

    I love everything! But I have to say my favorite is the cocoon coat. It’s so beautiful and I can see myself wearing it every day this fall/winter in NYC. Ugh. Amazing. Oh! Instagram: ALLYSONFOSTER_

  181. Torture choosing just one!! It would have to be the new artist dress in blue for me. The drape is so pretty and that color is to die for! I can picture it as a beautiful holiday dress, or layered over leggings for a more casual look.

    Fingers crossed! Instagram: @kirsten.weis

  182. I am absolutely in love with all of Elizabeth’s pieces, so I was excited to see that you are hosting a giveaway! It was hard to choose, but my favorite piece is the Emma Wool Kimono in black because I could layer it with everything for years to come. My Instagram is @duckette_

  183. Francis Berryhill

    Fab126bv I love them ALL. But the black Cocoon Coat looks perfect for my Texas weather.

  184. Wow! I love the Cocoon Coat. I see it transitioning well from day to night. And I love that it looks so classic and comfortable at the same time. Best of both worlds!

    I follow both of you on Instagram (meg.m.ward)

  185. Thank you for bringing my attention to Elizabeth Suzann! I am drawn to her whole collection, but particularly the Virginia Crop shirt. I have a new pair of pants that I have been having trouble integrating with my wardrobe, and this would be the PERFECT ingredient. Thank you again! IG: @fischmanr

  186. The Cocoon Coat in black is so elegant, modern and simply beautiful! All the other pieces of the collection are really cool as well, but I think the coat is what I would wear most. Thanks for showing us these great makers anyways!
    IG: gretanordio

  187. I’m smitten with the Cocoon Coat, but really, I love everything she has released! @lilysometimes

  188. Bee Timpson

    Thanks for introducing me to the Elizabeth Suzann’s collection. I wish the whole collection will get into my wardrobe :) I particularly adore the Cocoon Coat in Camel because of her versatility and elegance. It is definitely a classic keeper that will stay in my wardrobe for a long long time. Also, October is my birthday month!xo IG: beeteng_l

  189. The darker brown Cacoon Coat is my favourite. It’s a perfect wardrobe staple. IG: sallyanacoleman Thank you!

  190. I have to say, I adore the Emma Wool Kimono in Moss. This piece would be a wardrobe staple for me in the transitional and cooler months. I especially love that it softens and that drape improves with age. Sustainable fashion at it’s finest. As an aside, I am drawn to the tunics…. my name is Jo and my oldest daughter is Hazel!

  191. Only one? There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from! I absolutely love the Emma Wool Kimono in black. Not the most weather-appropriate for Australia but I’d be willing to sweat a little to have that in my life.
    IG: nicola_rd

  192. i am all about the artist dress. beautiful, simple lines, wearability and elegance. and, so perfect for those days when you have no idea to wear–the perfect answer to “what should i wear?”
    its an instant classic.
    [email protected]

  193. So torn and I even own a few of these fabulous pieces! I am loving the Artist Dress in navy with that longer hem, so classy and sexy without being obvious. It would look amazing with my black cocoon coat. Hooray for black and navy, they are friends not enemies!


    Thanks for the discount code too <3

  194. love the billy sweater dress in blue. i feel i could adopt it right away and it would accompany me through the upcoming winter

  195. Such a simple beautiful collection. The Marlena dress, because silk, and because it has such beautiful simple details. Love it!

  196. Gina Cirillo

    The cocoon coat in camel! It’s the first jacket they designed! it’s so versatile. You can dress it up or make it casual. Also great for layering!

  197. The cocoon coat is my favorite as well! I’ve been searching for the perfect coat for ages and it checks all the boxes: quality material to keep you warm, wide sleeves that allow for layering, comes in black to go with everything and a most of all a gorgeous shape- anything kimono inspired gets my vote!

    Fingers crossed!X

    instagram: saskiascottsays

  198. One of my favorite looks is The Beige and Black Cocoon Coat. It’s so chic and edgy and an automatic editorial standout.

    • One of my favorite looks is The Beige and Black Cocoon Coat. It’s so chic and edgy and an automatic editorial standout.

      IG: tkayenic

  199. She has designed my IDEAL wardrobe, so it’s really hard to pick just one piece! Everything is so effortlessly perfect. I’ll have to go with the Emma Wool Kimono in black, because it looks so comfortable, chic and elegant and I know it would be a staple for me in most seasons for many many years. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    My instagram: @carlywaito

  200. Billie Sweater Dress in Navy! Because it sounds like a bath robe disguised as a fashionable dress. Mmm.

  201. Philippahill

    I have been eyeing up the Lyd trousers for weeks now. I am constantly crawling around the floor with my little one, being a horse, playing cars, picking up smashed food. I still want to look sophisticated but need clothes that are practical; machine wash, pockets, comfort – these tick all the boxes.
    Insta philipparattray

  202. beautiful, amazing clothes! if i had to pick just one (so hard) i think i’d go with the linn sweater in moss. thanks for the giveaway!

  203. so hard to choose! i love the artist dress.

    ig: lshieldsmunie

  204. It has got to be that Cocoon coat in moss! It’s stunning – I’m imagining swanning around in it right now. Three-quarter sleeves are my favourite, and the drape of it is perfect. I’ve just started a PhD and thinking of cycling into college and walking around campus wearing this is the stuff daydreams are made of :) All the pieces are stunning! Thanks so much for the giveaway. My instagram handle is @kitconnolly

  205. Kristin White

    The Marlena Lined Dress in black is just perfection.

    This brand, whew, love the insta inspiration.


  206. Ana Lantigua

    I love the Emma Wool Kimono in Moss. I recently moved to Los Angeles from a much colder climate and I am in need of Fall clothing that is cozy and warm but not TOO warm. The short sleeves and cool easy style are perfect for the upcoming “cold” Los Angeles weather. I love everything in the collection but I think the kimono is the most practical and the Moss color is perfect for my usually all black attire.
    instagram: @anasombernote

  207. I absolutely love the Cocoon Coat in Moss – the angled stitching details on the sleeves and back are incredible and I love the rich color of the lining with the earthy wool. It would be the perfect layering piece for winter in Texas (which get pretty cold!).

    Instagram: @sdwider

  208. Georgina

    If I owned the navy Artists Dress I’d feel like I was swimming in a beautiful teal ocean every time I wore it. Divine! @georgejrussell

  209. Kristina M

    i am absolutely in love with the camel cocoon coat. it seems like the perfect layering piece for fall and winter!

  210. I am an architect and am constantly on the hunt for simple, elegant and no-fuss clothing. The ARTIST DRESS is purrrrrfect. Instagram @eouston xox

  211. Oh! I adore Elizabeth Suzann!
    I absolutely love the cocoon duster. It is so chic and looks easy to wear. Plus I can pair it with my all black wardrobe. So beautiful.

    IG @stephanie_somebody


  212. Samantha Lee

    Instagram @samantha_mlee

    The cocoon coat in camel is a dream come true and will make my New York winter bearable.

  213. I love everything Elizabeth Suzann brand has to offer and this Fall collection has not disappointed! The Jo Tunic is standing out for me because of the longer sleeves, sexy boat neck and the perfect cut that will flatter any figure. The tiny delicate pleat detail on the back of the blouse is perfect. I also like the idea of that creamy ivory color as the perfect fall/winter white. It’s also really cool that the fabric is a silk/hemp blend. I could go on and on.


  214. Wow, everything’s so dreamy. My favourite has to be the Billie Sweater in navy. It looks so elegant – but still warm, which is very much needed as Sweden is heading straight into the coldest and darkest months of the year. Also, I believe it would give me some confidence for my first business trip ever as an intern at a publishing house. In a few weeks I’ll be going all by myself to New York city, to distribute a newly released book to several independent bookstores (nervous!). The Billie would definitely be a good companion on that trip.


  215. My favourites are the Cecilia Pant and the Cocoon Coat, if I had to chose one I’d the Cecilia Pants!

  216. What a wonderfully generous thing to do! Thanks to both of you.

    This time of year, Elizabeth’s Emma Wool Kimono is so appealing. The basic human need for warmth is served, infused with that spiritual balance between luxury and minimalism. Just beautiful. I hope Elizabeth continues to do great things.

    Instagram: @catwent

  217. Terra Turner

    Well I think I’d like to just live in that tawny Linn sweater all autumn pretty please

  218. Goodness, the cocoon coat is sweet! I love the classic black, and the way it drapes like a mantle around the wearer. The free and loose sleeves are also nice!

    Instagram @sulabajoula

  219. Kelly Cook

    Oh wow, I think the Cocoon Coat in camel is the most beautiful piece of clothing I’ve ever seen! That boiled wool would be perfect here in Oregon for about 3/4 of the year. My Instagram is @kellycook3. Great giveaway!

  220. Kamie Stewart

    I love the Elise Shell, it is just too beautiful. I always look for graceful staples in my closet and would love to add this one.


  221. The artist smock is so beautiful and be be dressed up or down. Amazing.
    IG account is @gloria_blecha

  222. This is so hard to choose as all the pieces in Elizabeth Suzann’s FW14 collection are amazing, versatile and they look super comfortable. I love the Emma Wool Kimono as a piece that can be worn with everything. If I did win this, I’d definitely have to buy some of her other pieces as they look fantastic together.
    Find me on http://instagram.com/redvintage_
    Thanks very much x

  223. I adore the Cocoon Coat in black. It would be the perfect topper in autumn but also as indoor wear at a chic office all winter. Live the quality craftsmanship and clean but curious shape!

    Instagram name: msemmasue

  224. Writing to you from Swoon City. Asking me to pick just one favorite piece from the collection is harder than asking me to punch a kitten, and I really love kittens. I would absolutely love to have the ARTIST DRESS in navy in my arsenal. I work for an opera company, so I am always in need of dresses that are gorgeous, simple, and no-fuss. @ahildebrandz

  225. The cocoon coat in black is my absolute favorite piece in her new collection. I love how she is making it in a petite length for us shorter girls. It looks like the perfect layering coat and I smiled when I read you can also use it as a blanket

  226. There are so many cute items but I think my favorite has to be the cocoon coat in camel! It’s so simple but chic – I find it hard to find a long coat that looks so elegant!
    ig handle: yukar114

  227. Loooove the cocoon coat! The silhouette is so beautiful, both classic and still sort of unique. As with all her pieces it seems to be made of the most luxurious and pure materials. It’s already too cold where I live but would be a perfect spring/fall transition piece. Just would have to decide black vs camel! @lkmurray

  228. The Cecilia pants are perfect for everyday…and they also share a name with my mother!

    xx: @erlinrose

  229. Sara (@bremify)

    The Ana Pocket Skirt is perfect — simple and elegant + pockets.

  230. LOVE the Emma wool kimono in Moss! I live in Bali, but I’m willing to sweat in it :D My instagram handle: @adevvy

  231. Rachel Carlin

    Picking just one is soo hard! But I absolutely love the Marlena dress. Followed on instagram – rosycheeksrach!

  232. avneet b

    everything is gorgeous so picking one item was not easy but the artist dress is just stunning. the color (perfection), the drape of the silk and the loose fit all work so well together and this is exactly what i need in my wardrobe right now. thanks for hosting this fab giveaway! my instagram is @krysosandchandi

  233. Justyna Czechowska

    The Cecilia pant – what a lovely piece! Understated and subtle but does not fail to make a statement. Theres something masculine yet simultaneously feminine about the pant–a perfect combination in my opinion! @justea15

  234. The Ana pocket skirt is definitely my #1 favorite. I Love how it’s styled in the photo. That is exactly how I would want to wear it. It’s very simple which is what I’m all about. It’s very feminine and classy and I absolutely am in love with it!
    My Instagram handle is @jessicafied and I’ve been following elizabeth suzann for a long time already. Love it all!

  235. Laura D.

    I LOOOOOVE The Elise Shell – simple, black, and classy – @damonlaura

  236. I am currently wanting the Bille Sweater Dress…in either color but that is one among so many pieces I would kill to have in my closet.

    [email protected]

  237. Holy Moly. That wool kimono is basically my dream coat – I adore that complex brown colour!

    I’m on instagram @hyenainpetticoats….xxx

  238. Claire Brunette

    that beautiful camel cocoon coat! i love the clean lines and the seaming on the sleeve! it is dreamy! @clairebrunette

  239. Michelle

    This is so lovely. My favorite piece is the Cocoon Coat. IG: (at)michellelamarra

  240. I love the Cecilia pant. They could be dressed up or down and the fact that they don’t wrinkle is excellent.


  241. Billie sweater dress–Classic shape. Beautiful

  242. My favorite is the artist smock from the new collection. That fabric is beautiful and it’d look great with a statement necklace.

    my instagram is: @the59thstreetbridge

  243. I’m absolutely in love with the Cecilia pant. The lines are clean and the hem stops at the perfect place to show off dainty ankles. I’m hoping it will look as good on me as it does on the gorgeous model! Thanks for the giveaway by the way, I got introduced to your blog whilst I was in Turkey this year and I’ve been following ever since.

    IG: @theshirleywong

  244. Been loving all of elizsuzann items. My immediate dream is to own the Ivory Marlena dress. It’s classic and elegant, can be dressed up and down. @olifstudio

  245. The artist dress is so minimal but so glamorous! @whereskiesareblue

  246. I love the Emma Wool Kimono! Its just such a great basic that adds a bit of structural edge to any outfit. My instagram handle is @katypenrod

  247. I love the cocoon coat in black! I can just imagine disappearing in it during the winter months, it looks like the coziest thing ever. Plus, it’s nice that it comes in petite. So hard to find clothes that fit my proportions! My instagram is @bubblesprincezz

  248. Neave Griffin

    Not fair to make us choose one!! I would love to own the Emma Wool Kimono. I think I would thrash this all year round down in Wellington, NZ. And the colour, my goodness. My Instagram handle is @neavegriffin


  249. I hate to have to pick just one favorite! But I think I’d have to go with the Cocoon Coat. Such a perfect staple piece, especially for Fall!
    instagram: @thewindcriesmary

  250. Amanda Marie

    I love the artist dress in Navy. I have a dress I bought from her in summer 2013, and a top and a dress from this past summer, and they are among my most treasured items of clothing. I love how effortless and elegant her clothes are! – @amandavenner

  251. The artist dress! Suits any body type and has an endless amount of possibilities in terms of accessorizing (adding a waist clenching belt, bold jewelry, nice cardigan, etc.). The versatility of this dress is endless, but the elegance is on point!


  252. Oooh I’d like to get my hands on the Cocoon Coat in Moss! I want to become braver this season and move away from my all-black wardrobe, and this would be a great first step. My IG handle is @hazel.html

  253. Oh here goes! What an amazingly generous giveaway. I love the Georgia Midi. It just seems really versatile, could be dressed up or casual. Could even wear it over woolly tights with a cardi in the winter. Crossing my fingers. I’m @missmarymac73.

  254. Oh my gosh, how could I possibly pick one favorite? There are too many pieces she makes I adore… But if I could win 1 just now, I pick the Cocoon Coat. It has the perfect lines and shape; I would never get tired of it because as current as it is, it’s also timeless! I love how the texture of the material looks and it seems cozy, but I could totally get away with the shorter sleeve length in the moderate Winters of Seattle (my arms are so long that I never find long enough sleeves anyway!).

  255. Congrats Elizabeth Susann, such an amazing collection!! I love all the looks you picked out Miss Moss but if I had to choose ONLY one, then it would have to be the Cocoon Coat in the lovely oatmeal colour!

    My ig handle is @janehengjewellery

  256. The new FW lookbook looks like everything my closet aspires to be. However, if I’m going to be really honest about my dressing habits, I would have to pick the Marlena Midi as my favorite. I’ve just moved to LA and all I want to do in this warm weather is wear breezy, open-backed dresses.
    Thanks for yet another great giveaway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  257. I would have to go with the Marlena Lined Midi simply because it’s the bomb and I need it in my life! :)


  258. Stunning clothing as always from Elizabeth Suzann. My favourite piece has to be the Artist Dress, it is gorgeous in its simplicity and draping.


  259. Lucie Wu

    The wool kimono is so cute and unique :)


  260. My favorite is the artist dress because the fabric looks gorgeous and it is simple yet classy… I think I could wear it everyday and for many occasions.
    The whole collection is stunning!

    Cheers from Paris.


  261. Kiikiikins

    @Kiikiikins on IG

    I am sitting here drooling over the black lyd trousers. Elizabeth Suzann knows how to make a perfectly tailored pair of classic high waist black slacks. I have been searching high and low for those, and living in Asia with an African body has made this the toughest search. I would be over-joyed to win this!

    Love the collection!


  262. Louise Sheeran

    The Moss Wool Emma Kimono! I would feel like an autumnal leaf being swept around in the wind in that beauty!


  263. I’m in love with the cocoon coats–cozy, slimming (!) elegance updates everything I already have. @laurenclaireireland

  264. Oh gosh, I adore the Cocoon Duster! Absolute coat desire. Elizabeth Suzann, consider yourself followed and stalked enternally… @stellllaaaaaaaa

  265. The Artist Dress… the shape is perfection and I die for the neckline. Flattering and modern. Easy to wear in the SA summer and to pair with pants or leggings when it gets cold. It’s amazing. I shall dream of it x @emilypettitcoetzee

  266. Catherine

    Cocoon Coat.


  267. THE COCOON COAT! Heaven will open and I will finally feel like I have avenged my frenemies if I can oh-so-casually slip on this beauty.Puh-lease! It is my birthday soon, that counts hey…


  268. Michelle

    The Cocoon Coat – it suits my style and will compliment almost everything else already in my closet.


  269. Amy Keevy

    most definitely the Cocoon Coat in black. shoa.



  270. Aaaaw! In love with the Billie Sweater! It has the right amount of slouch and a soft knit perfect for the unpredictable weather and cilly South-Easter in Cape Town. I could live in it! Find me @sashacvaughan

  271. I am also a Southern-Hem girl, and in a chronically warm-summered city, too. So I am 100% about the artist smock right now. I would wear the crap out of that dress. The sleeves and the drape and that neckline… and that’s a million-dollar blue. I’d feel pretty special wearing that. @nuclearlark

  272. Beyond in love with the Artists Dress in navy blue.

    Such a classic colour & amazing update to my usual choice of black on black and more black.And just in time for Cape Town summers.
    Fell in love with this dress before even going through the rest knowing I’d never afford it myself – truly love at first sight and something I would wear to any and every occasion!

    Instagram: @kaeli_justus

  273. Well that was hard. Hard to pick just one item but i would have to say the Ana Pocket skirt.
    The length and shaping are great but the decider was that its in a denim. Love it.


  274. The cocoon coat in black
    It’s perfect for when I start working my first architectural job next year
    And super sleek

    Instagram : @ITSME_CANDICEJ

  275. I love the LINN SWEATER in beige… i can’t stop imagine combining it with a high waisted black cocktail pants! <3 instagram account: @estufadesign

  276. Lyd Trousers for sure! Can see them going with so many things – timeless, stylish, chic.

  277. EMMA KIMONO in navy flax – love the structure, plus as a photographer & frequent traveller i look for pieces that can be thrown into the suitcase, back of the car & still look arty chic & have movement when i shoot. As a mom of a newborn – recently found that linen loose jackets make the most comfy breastfeeding covers :) As a mom of 6 year old – I need to look & feel cool, literally, when chasing a ball with my boy. I am a big advocate for natural fabrics – this store stole my heart!! two handles: personal & professional (lovely behind the scenes on their site) @lubanel, @retouchrepublic

  278. Linn Sweater in Beige! It is elegant, great cut, I can see wearing it at work and at home on weekend! @sakpin

  279. I´d definitely take the Cocoon Coat in brown, is the most beautiful thing ever :)
    Love this blog, btw. Such a great source of inspiration. Greetings from Helsinki, Finland.


  280. That Cocoon Coat – wow wow. I would describe it as ‘casual elegance’ which is all I look for in my clothes these days. While Winter may be over in sunny Australia, it’s never too late (or early) to add new pieces to my Winter collection and I think the cocoon coat would be the perfect addition! x

    Instagram – @sambam

  281. Karen Bradsell

    I want the entire collection! great fabric, great drape! The Cocoon coat is fab! Definitely going to put this on the Xmas list!

  282. That blue Artist Dress. That blue Artist Dress. That blue Artist Dress. Makes me want to BE the artist in the dress. Plus it looks amazingly comfortable, the fabric is my favourite.

    insta is @fluff7173

    Thanks for the chance to own a piece from the collection.

  283. Karen Bradsell

    My insta is KSBradsell. just in case I win!

  284. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Marlena Lined Dress in black. INSTAGRAM: @MILIEU_SKYE

  285. I am enamoured with the Lyd Trousers. They are structured beautifully and are a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe – minimal black trousers that fit your body like a glove can be dressed up or down for any occasion at hand. Throw on a crop top and heels with a clutch and you’re ready to go for the nighttime. But then a crisp button down would make them equally flattering for day time.
    They are so nicely tailored and the craftsmanship is breathtaking.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a piece from this graceful collection!
    (my instagram is sanna_chang)

  286. my favorite is the billie sweater!because it looks very comfortable yet chic and fashionable :)

  287. I have been drooling over the Billie sweater dress in black since this collection was launched, I am currently in the last haul of my MFA and dying for a simple but comfortable dress to wear to the fall art fairs, and exhibition openings (including my own). I would donate three weeks of drawings for the entire collection.

  288. Tessa Sanchez

    The Emma Wool Kimono is TOO GOOD! I dig that AND the SS2014 model’s haircut!

    instagram handle: @hellotessasanchez

  289. Jennifer

    In London the leaves are beginning to fall and it’s definitely starting to turn cold, so the beautiful Cocoon Coat in Moss (appropriately) would be perfect for Autumn. It’s beautiful. @jennyfermitchell

  290. Tessa Brown


    WHY: because i am obsessed with jerseys, knitting, and the deep blue colour of the ocean. billie, you know how it’s done.

    p.s. this would make a wonderful start to my teacher-wardrobe for my very first job next year.



  291. Love the emma wool kimono in black wool – it’s like a fresh take on a blazer. elegant and polished and a compliment to anything. insta: @reiddamnit

  292. The Emma Wool Kimono in the moss color is gorgeous. Looks so pretty and cozy looking. Definitely a wardrobe staple! @alexrcummings

  293. I absolutely love the Cocoon Coat in moss! It looks so cozy, yet elegant and the hue is so unique. Such a lovely collection! (ig: @katherinehoskins)

  294. the cocoon coat in camel is my winter dream coat come true. drawing inspiration from my favorite era with the dolman sleeves and kimono shape, it’ll keep me warm and feeling oh so classy this winter.yes please to that!

  295. What a great brand! Love their product photos!
    I would definitely choose the Emma Wool Kimono – I love that earthy tone.

    (my insta is katiaengell_)

  296. Sooo excited about this too…I love everything she does! I want basically everything, but am in love with the artist dress! I would wear it every day, seriously.


  297. I think the Cocoon Coat in Black is absolutely stunning!
    I’m feeling a bit under the weather lately but the Cocoon Coat makes the foresight of more grey, cold, dark and drizzle days bearable. I would love to snuggle up in style, be warm and look elegant. And tun my autumn blues into an autumn dream!


  298. My favorite is the Cocoon Coat in Camel. Simply it goes with everything that I have!

  299. I adore everything about this collection. My favourite one is the Cacoon Coat (in Moss! yes, a tribute), so cool and classy at the same time, would love to wear it all fall and winter.


  300. THE COCOON COAT! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE COCOON COAT! The clean lines combined with the roughly textured aesthetic, it reminds me of a damp forest floor in mid-fall. I’m absolutely smitten. Absolutely following me some Elizabeth Suzann!


  301. Irene Yu

    The cocoon coat in black is so dreamy. I love love love everything else in the shop too! So elegant and modern.


  302. I’m sold on the Alma Bell Sleeve Shell. That shape is fantastic – makes your arms look teeny tiny cute and would look fabulous with high-waisted pants. It’s something special without being all flashy flashy, so it’s wearable in normal places (you know, not Paris or NYC).


  303. Gorgeous pieces! So hard to pick one. The Emma Wool Kimono in Moss wool is my favorite, that color… wow.


  304. I love the Cocoon Coat in black!
    Instagram handle: @mirandamyburgh

  305. The Marlena Dress in Ivory is the dress I imagine I would get married in. @ashima71

  306. This is the BEST giveaway! The Cocoon coat has been in my dreams, it’s perfect, classic and modern. I’ve lived in my Billie sweater dress all fall and would love to throw the Cocoon coat on top for an effortless outfit now that it’s getting colder.

    I read your blog everyday – thanks so much for hosting such an awesome giveaway!


  307. I have to agree with the many other comments; my favorite is the Cocoon Coat in black wool! It would be the perfect fit for my already monochromatic closet! :)

  308. Amy mabin

    The cocoon coat because London winter and oh so gorgeous. Im @amymaybe on Instagram.

  309. Love love love the cocoon coat–perfect for layering and such beautiful fabrics!

    Instagram: @hurdigurdi

  310. Beatrice


    I would love to wear Elizabeth Suzann’s Artist Dress when I get married at city hall in NYC on 23 January. Beautiful colour and cut!

    I don’t have instagram but I love your blog and read it all the time!

  311. my instagram handle is dumpy_deer and the cocoon coat in moss is very nice! i love that it is unstructured but lined with silk.

  312. Samantha Drews

    I love this whole collection. Thank you for posting. Your site has provided me with such beautiful inspiration for my wardrobe and my life. I love this collection for the reasons you stated – it reflects a style position I often try to reach – classic midcentury meets nineties minimalism. I love the slouchy fits of the tops and dresses.

    My favorite item is the camel cocoon duster. It’s a little out of my normal price range. I have a rust colored duster (that i’m wearing right now, ironically) from Forever 21. I got it when I was 24 and have had it for 5 years. It has holes and is obviously not beautifully designed or carefully made. But the length, the color. I would be elated to have a well-made, Nashville, hand crafted piece as beautiful as the cocoon duster.

    I hope you will consider me for the contest. My instagram handle is @samshine50.

    I think I may have to buy the cecilia pant and elise shell for a classic, date night/winter wedding outfit to pair with heels and a gorgeous statement jacket. Thanks again for the heads up on such a great designer!

  313. Wow, I love it all but mostly the EMMA WOOL KIMONO – I’ve been wanting a kimono really badly but have never seen a wool one like this, especially the brown one-looks so cozy and unique. Instagram: __reverie

  314. Maaaan, what a giveaway!!

    In love with the EMMA WOOL KIMONO. It is such a statement piece that will go with (and transform) so many outfits!

    Holding thumbs!

    Insagram // @mariletvanrooyen

  315. All so very stunning – how to choose?! But going into summer in Aus and just having had a baby i, like you can’t go past the Marlena midi dress in flattering black. : )


  316. Im absolutely in love with the Cocoon Coat, its such a great silhouette and is made of such luxurious fibers. The whole collection is so unique and easy to wear, such classic pieces that can transition and be worn for many years. I can honestly say that I would wear that beautiful coat my entire life.
    Thank you for the opportunity, fingers crossed!
    IG | ohhjessica

  317. I would live in the cocoon coat all winter long. I’d wrap myself in it to comfort myself against the long dreary New York winter, knowing in the spring/summer I’d emerge with mood still bright.

    @jmyint is my instagram handle.

  318. Ahhhh it’s like pulling teeth making a decision! They’re all so classic and chic, I would have to choose the Emma Wool Kimono in the brown color, I can see it working with so many things and it looks so comfortable.

    Instagram: @Lauragrandiflora

  319. Dear Miss Moss
    I am currently an intermediate year law student at UCT (graduating next year) and I am busy writing finals, and what do I do to distract myself? Visit your blog, of course, and indulge myself in beautiful, inspiring creations such as those by Elizabeth Suzann. I will be going for candidate attorney interviews next year, and I need to look professional and polished, but I of course also want to look fashionable and feel fabulous while trying to impress directors of law firms. I think the Alma Bell Sleeve Shell will look fantastic with these new tailored silk pants I recently bought, because who says dressing for a professional, corporate environment can’t be fun and creative?

    Please keep on posting and being great!

  320. Oh, whoops! My Instagram handle is @dewaallisa

  321. Ohhh Cocoon…you make my heart swoonnn! I can’t figure out which i like more – the Cocoon Duster or the Coat, but either way, I must have one. The lines and fit just shout, “classic beauty!!” as i walk down the street :-)

    Bring her to me. Oh bring her to me!

    @theriflelove ig

  322. Love that cocoon coat in camel, so so pretty

  323. I think I’ve bookmarked nearly every piece in this collection already, but the Emma Wool Kimono in black is definitely #1 on my list.

    A super comfy-looking sleek winter kimono that with go with pretty much anything. Plus it’s boiled wool so not only will it be warm but NOT itchy.

    @lindsfein already following

  324. I LOVE the wool kimono!!! Its exactly the piece I’ve been searching for! (@libcosta)

  325. Elizabeth’s pieces are a dream! She really knows how to nail modern classy. And the fabrics are to dye for. I’d pick the Emma wool kimono to wear with everything, every day in SF weather, or the Rhodes turtleneck because nearly every week I’ve worn something that could seriously benefit from it! Perfect for layering.
    Thanks a lot for this great giveaway! IG: amawertz

  326. Oh the ELISE SHELL.
    Supreme + simple beauty.


  327. I’m so impressed with the versatility of the Maxine Crop Top. It’s rare that you find a piece that could be worn both day and night simply by turning the shirt around.


  328. The cocoon coat— so simple, easy, transitions well from fall-winter-spring. I love Elizabeth Suzanne and her timeless pieces. This coat exemplifies her aesthetic and mode— the boiled wool and the silk crepe de chine lining– such perfect choices. Muted, sleek, soft. I just love it. I would wear it until it was threadbare.


  329. I love the sophisticated simplicity of the LYD trousers. They are a perfect combination of femininity and menswear.

    thank you for the delightful giveaway!


  330. I could live in the camel cocoon coat! The detailing on the shoulder and sleeve are divine.


  331. The Billie Sweater in blue looks absolutely perfect to me. Chic and comfy combined.


  332. So hard to choose! I love the maxine crop. can be casual or dressy and would go with so much! instagram @_hannajane

  333. I love, love, love the Nora Jacket! It’s so elegant and effortlessly chic and timeless and made of beautiful linen and I would have it forever and ever and people would stop and ask me where I got this fabulous jacket from! and I would tell then all about the fabulousness of Elizabeth Suzann x ps unfortunately i don’t have a smart phone and thus no instagram but can i please still enter, please? x

  334. Sarah pugliese

    Ohhh hallelujah! I have been admiring and following Elizabeth Suzann for some time now and she has the dreamiest most classic pieces. The cocoon coat in moss… Don’t even get me started! :):)

    Instagram: @sarahpugliese

  335. Suzanne Quinn

    Cocoon coat in Moss – gorgeous!


  336. clean lines, lovely draping in jo tunic are a dream! @gwynee on IG xoxo

  337. @rebekahbeattie I am in love with the artist dress! I love simple, classic silhouettes for which elizabeth suzann is unsurpassed. It’s classy and elegant yet at the same time can be dressed with just the right amount of edge. Plus who can really say no to the feel of silk????

  338. I absolutely love the ARTIST DRESS. the colour immediately caught my eyes and the shape looks super flattering and easy to wear. it will be right at home in my wardrobe! :)

    instagram @aylin_kang

  339. cocoon coat in black, please. hah i never win, but i couldn’t help looking.

  340. In love with the cocoon coat in camel! The silhouette is so classic and simple. Looks like I could live in it :) It would be winter bearable.

    instagram @yulieu

  341. These immaculate pieces have the ‘less is more’ look down to a t. For me, the Emma Wool Kimono in black would be a key item to wear through the winter. You can wear it for any occasion, and also layer it up, all whilst executing an effortless look.
    Elizabeth Suzann’s work can bring confidence from wearing her pieces, which then shows in your well being, perhaps bringing the attention in the right ways and even being stopped in the street and asked, “Where did you get that great item of clothing from?!”.

    Instagram: Salutkay

  342. Grace Iko

    The Emma Wool [email protected]
    Let me take you back to my very first research presentation in front of my entire university year…
    19 and nervous, and every bit sold on the “Corperate Look”, I wore a light blue shirt under an uncomfortably tight fitting black sweater. 10 minutes in, I was sweating so profusely that I literally had no choice but to take it off – revealing in all their glory the water fountain that was now my arm pits. These days, I’ve decided I might be a scientist, but I’m allowed to be every bit as eccentric as that old art teacher in what I wear, swapping shoulder padded blazers for woollen kimonos and berets. And if I could…I’d give my 19 year old self a nudge towards this…pointing out how “nice and breezy it looks under the arms”.

  343. Yehsong Kim

    Omgosh everything is so gorgeous… But I love the cecilia pant, because it’s so classic yet so comfortable looking!
    instagram @yehsong

  344. Though I would happy have anything from ES’s FW14 collection, I love the cocoon coat in the deep caramel the most! I adore the 20’s inspired shape which is also perfect for layering other wide arm shirts under. My current coats just aren’t built for that. I would live in this all fall! IG: @absmalls

  345. Alvira Ferreira

    There is just something about those LYD TROUSERS. crisp. black. highwaist. Whats not to love. @alvivi747

  346. Mylène Mozas

    My favourite piece is the Cocoon Coat in black. It is the piece with which I’ve discovered Elizabeth Suzann’s work, and it has stayed my favourite ever since. I love the crossover between the structured cardigan and the wooly winter jacket, i’m sure it looks perfect in all occasions. And the idea of using it as a blanket in a long journey is very appealing as well. I would pick it in black to make sure that it stays with me a long time.

    Instagram : @chevalgenial

  347. Ok, miss moss. My FAVORITE piece of the current Elizabeth Suzann collections is the A N A P O C K E T S K I R T !! Why, you ask? The shape is classic, timeless, yet modern, and super on-trend with the length. SO versatile! I see me in a comfy sweater and air force ones, or with motor boots and one of the Suzann shell tops (I know, you said only one… but this one would come in a close second)… endless options. On insta I am @laurenfeldman. Love what you’re doing – keep it up!

  348. I love the cocoon duster. Stunning! And being from Nashville but living in NYC I’d love to wear it out and represent! @sqwatermellon

  349. Umm Okay I’m tossing between the Georgia Tee in black and the Linn Sweater in ivory…both such beautiful pieces! Final call I think is the Linn Sweater, perfect for the in between seasons :)

    Instagram: @debrabouwer

  350. Rebecca Scher

    Okay, when I saw this giveaway I nearly peed my pants. Elizabeth Suzann is a genius.

    The ANA POCKET SKIRT is my favourite of all favourite pieces. Why? Have you seen that beautiful thing? It is so versatile, so classy and just the most beautiful skirt.

  351. Rebecca Scher

    Okay, when I saw this giveaway I nearly peed my pants. Elizabeth Suzann is a genius.

    The ANA POCKET SKIRT is my favourite of all favourite pieces. Why? Have you seen that beautiful thing? It is so versatile, so classy and just the most beautiful skirt.


  352. I absolutely love the Linn Sweater in black, as many others must, since it is on backorder ;) It evokes an early 1950’s silhouette, and I can appreciate how Elizabeth was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. It reminds me of her Beatnik character in Funny Face, and I can see it seamlessly draped over a pair of skinny jeans, cigarette pants, or a fitted dress. My instagram handle is @gabbywrites, thanks for considering me!

  353. I love the maxine crop! You can wear it two ways; either to show off your chest or your back. I love the sexy back look. I love the tie too. Everything about it just perfect.


  354. The one I prefer is EMMA WOOL KIMONO, it’s versatile you can wear it over everithing!
    I recently discovered Elizabeth Suzann and I love her pieces. She is very close to my style.
    I like her shapes, colors, materials.

    I am a designer too and I appreciate her work and the way she does it!
    It’s beautiful and exciting to see that someone is working on his own and succeeding doing such beautiful pieces!

    instagram: @l_u_z

  355. Abby Martell

    I’m loving the EMMA WOOL KIMONO. So beautiful


  356. I have been smitten with the Linn Sweater from the get go! The amazing silhouette, perfect sleeve lengths, and gorgeous warm colours make it an item that you can layer and wear with so many cool weather outfits. *swoon*


  357. I adore the whole collection, so hard to choose just one piece!
    Gotta go with the Cocoon coat in moss – perfect for running errands in chilly, grey Berlin.


  358. Tessa R.

    My favorite piece,(and they are all so beautiful its hard to choose just one) would have to be the Lyd Trouser, I am always looking for a well fitting black pant that I can wear to work and also when I want to dress up a little…and these seem just about the perfect cut and soft fabric!
    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

    instagram: @tessrodo

  359. I love everything, but i think that if i have to choose just one, i’ll go with the EMMA WOOL KIMONO – i’ve wanted a kimono for so long! and this one is perfect, love it!

  360. My favorite item is the Artist Dress in navy because it’s chic and versatile. I can see myself wearing that piece for many years to come!

    Instagram @bjeans

  361. The Emma Kimono in Moss is a total dream piece. I love her description of not being able to shake the visual of an art teacher layering it impeccably!


  362. Kristiana

    I adore the Ana Pocket Skirt!

    Instagram – kikithecatlady

  363. So, so hard to pick but my favorite Elizabeth Suzann item would be the Cocoon Coat because it’s the perfect coat and would layer well with so many colors and styles.

    Instagram: robinreetz

    thanks so much!

  364. Ana Pocket Skirt is my favourite. I’ve just started a new job and need to look professional, cool and smart. This skirt would do it for sure!
    Instagram – @lauriepe

  365. Christine

    I want the billie sweater dress or cocoon coat so very badly. I really love Elizabeth Suzann’s design’s, and it’s already getting pretty chilly here in Michigan. I’m also very broke so another piece of clothing to help me through the winter would be amazing!


  366. I would LOVE the Cocoon Coat ! It’s always a little bit cold in Quebec, and this one would be perfect for the temperature right now ! It goes with everything and is very classy, I love it!


  367. Katherine Smith

    Just one item!? Oh boy. Ok, ok, the Cocoon Coat in camel is *divine*

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks! Fingers crossed. Instagram handle is @katieccarroll

  368. Madeleine

    I love the cocoon coat in the camel color! It’s so difficult to find beautiful coats in petite sizes for those of us on the shorter side…And I’m a sucker for anything kimono-inspired :)


  369. Danielle

    The Linn Sweater in the amazing rich brown. Perfect for work! @sunnydeedoherty

  370. Oh my! I think this may be my favourite Miss Moss giveaway ever. That Cocoon Coat is pure and simple beauty. IN. LOVE. Fingers crossed.
    Instagram: @_maryrose_

  371. Robyn Hunter

    Love the blue Artist dress- plain simple and elegant. Good for all occasions. @llama_llama_studio

  372. Cocoon coat in camel all the way!

    Instagram: beenjamminondagram

  373. It was so tough to choose because each and every one of them caught my eye instantly. But i have to go with the Emma Kimono in Flax. I think it’s very versatile and i’m a sucker for neutrals! So this would go with any colour and almost anything! I love a good must-have item in my closet!


  374. Really love the simplicity if the Emma Wool Kimono in black. It’s classic, but also a little avante garde in shape. I’ve followed on Instagram, my handle is @wenvrsleep. Fingers crossed!

  375. The artist dress is my favorite. I can’t seem to find nicer dresses I like, but this is the perfect color, perfect in its simplicity, and would pair well with lots of jewelry. Also, I love that the brand is based out of Nashville…so close to my hometown in Kentucky!


  376. My favorite piece is the Ana Pocket Skirt. Not only is it the name of my adored sister, it is also exactly what I think a skirt should be like this winter. The high-waist, the light yet warm looking cotton, the mid-calf lengh, it makes me want to wear the Ana Skirt all day, everyday. On a sunny chilly Sunday, on a Friday night out in Paris, for a week-end home in Normandy. I would carry all I need in the two pockets : a lipstick, two or three cigarettes, and my Métro card !

    My instagram is instagram.com/lea_taleb

    xx Léa

  377. @katalface

    the marlena dress! i love anything that can be dressed up or down!


  378. I love that cocoon coat,
    It is a simple cut, nice to see, timesless piece. And the title is well chosen; cocoon it will be!

    My ig account; @mesocarp

  379. I love the Cocoon coat in camel! It’s already too cold for it in Norway (and it’s going to be too cold for it until march), but it would be something to really look forward to in spring. My Instagram handle is @runafjellanger.

  380. Ami Prescott

    Having taken a look the Nora Jacket in the grey linen has to be my favourite, although hard to choose, living in the blustery weather of London means I am often stuck for suitable layering options between those tricky times of year and change; spring, summer to autumn and the questionable autumn to winter crossover. The Nora Jacket would be a great and versatile option, plus linen is a favourite material of mine, grey is good against my pale complexion and fiery red hair… soft but not spoiling. I could go…

    instagram is @amiprescott

    X p.s. big fan of the blog!

  381. The Georgia midi dress is stunning. I don’t know whether it’d look good on me (silk can be tricky), but am totally willing to take the risk. Thank you for having me look at their website again!
    @pompompow is the Instagram.

  382. The brown cocoon coat! It’s material, it’s texture, it’s compatibility, the list could go on. I’m spending more time looking for staples in my wardrobe that can be worn smoothly and easily with a multitude of things than to purchase one time or one wear gems. This coat is that exactly!

    instagram: katshannon

  383. Courtney Perkins

    I love the Cocoon coat, it’s so chic!! Following on Instagram from @ceperk :)

  384. Just please tell those guys that it’s all classy and luscious! So nice to see pieces that look both edgy and classic…as in, could be worn all different ways for different ages of ladies (this should be a thing…I’ve gotten SO tired of hunting. :-)

    Anyway…good job, AS, and much success!!!

  385. Oh gosh I love the Lyd trousers! I need something that I can wear nearly every day. I’m looking for a uniform of sorts. I think these are it! @ricaedesign is my Instagram!

  386. My favorite is the Emma Kimono. I live in the year-round warm climate of Los Angeles and this would be a beautiful and practical piece for everyday. The draping, length, and sleeve structure is especially flattering as well as the tactile quality of the material. Really happy to have found Elizabeth Suzanne through your blog! Thank you!


  387. Me too! The cocoon coat in the neutral nude, so simple and such class, LOVE it. @lineacarta

  388. Elizabeth

    I love the Hazel Tunic! So simple but would be such a great addition to my wardrobe. My instagram is elizabethheaver

  389. I would rock that Cocoon Coat all year round – even though it is almost summer in Cape Town. Pain is beauty! @annaweylandt

  390. Colleen Boudreau

    I like the Lauren Tee.
    Instagram: collifornia

  391. All the pieces are beautiful…but definitely the Artist Dress – I love the deep sea colour and loose floaty wave of fabric.

  392. Oda Ulrikke Sandanger

    The Linn sweater in black! Turns out I have been drooling over a picture of it for ages, not knowing that it was from ES FW14! So easy to style up or down, and just a beautiful silhouette.
    @odaulrikke on instagram

  393. Most absolutely the navy Artist dress. The cut is spectacular.
    My mother insists that I wear more navy to work:)

  394. Jessica Marie

    The Cocoon Coat in (Of course!!!) Moss. That colour is beyond amazing and will go perfect to my red hair. I would love to welcome the swedish winter in that piece of art. @jessicamariebrodin

  395. I adore the Cocoon Coat in Camel – every woman needs a camel coat, and a coat that dresses up anything, even when you’re having a fat (or even just a ‘bleh’) day. Pick me! @esterchel

  396. I adore Cocoon Coat in Black. It is clean, timeless and classical. Black is intimate, so it goes perfect with your design. Also, all other items are so beautiful, your work is enchanting!


  397. I love, love the Cocoon coat in moss! Such a classic cut and the colour is beautiful.


  398. So obsessed with Elizabeth Suzann! What a treat. I’ve been lusting after her pieces (esp new collection) for too long. I love the Billie sweater, too, but I think I’ll have to choose the Linn Sweater. The shape is so simple, but it’s a perfect piece. I’ve been looking for this kind of blouse forever. Thank you both for the amazing giveaway!



  399. I absolutely love the white Linn Sweater, it’s got an incredible silhouette that’s both timeless and timely. It’s perfect for all seasons and the texture looks phenomenal, just want to touch it and wear it and love it forever. I would look at least ten times happier than the model wearing it if I got the opportunity to wear this beauty. @esteedv

  400. @kailiepants

    He cocoon camel coat because when you have a coat like that – it’s the only one you need – for life.

  401. Meg Kalinowski

    The Cocoon coat in the camel color is LOVELY!
    Your blog and Elizabeth Suzann are both new to me, so happy to happen upon it in a fury of internet musings.

  402. I completely adore the blue artist dress. Love Elizabeth’s pieces! ig: gracemoore

  403. The Cacoon Coat is my absolute favourite! I love the ’20s style and it’s so classy yet effortless! @magaaz

  404. I also love the whole collection, and of course especially the cocoon – you see we are shoppingtwins ;-) thats why i should get the giveaway, don’t you think? @eventyrr

  405. I love the black coocoon coat! It’s beautiful and I would wear it with everything. @alivu_

  406. Definitely the Cocoon Coat in Camel! Insta – beca852 :)

    I randomly stumbled on your blog on bloglovin’ and I want to say its a really nice blog!

  407. That cocoon coat! It’s amazing, and I miiiiight just be able to wear it here in LA, if it gets chilly enough!

    The navy silk dress is pretty freaking amazing, too.

  408. I might be a little late to the game here but I’ve been so busy unpacking my new life in a new country – a cold but colorful Sweden – that checking in on my daily dose of inspiration got put on hold for a few days.

    It’s been a hectic, but fun!, few weeks and the one thing I’ve been running around like a crazy person looking for is a coat that fits this weather. The Black Cocoon Coat just seems perfect for it and that’s why it’s my favorite!

    Hejdå (Bye) from @lizzielane in Sweden

  409. The Moss Wool Kimono is simply beautiful. I am training to be an art teacher so I have an opportunity to live out ES’s vision to its fullest! XX @belhow

  410. Cindy A.

    The ‘Cocoon Coat’ in camel is stunning! You could wear that coat over a trash bag and still look put together. Also, the ‘Billie Sweater Dress’ is everything I have ever wanted in a sweater dress. I absolutely LOVE that it “doesn’t cling at the hips, but still has a semblance of shape”. Thank you, Elizabeth Suzann!

  411. I am in love with her line! Been following Elizabeth for awhile now but I have yet to take the plunge and purchase something of hers. I have been eyeing it all for so long! Everything is so gorgeous, it’s hard to choose just one! But I know I would live in that black cocoon coat all fall and winter long. The silhouette is absolutely stunning.

    My IG name: amberchristopher

    Thanks for this oppurtunity! xx

  412. I dream of the Lyd Trousers because using darts for volume instead of pleats is the kind of absolute simple genius that I love! Wonderfully thoughtful designs. @perripear on instagram. Glad to support such an artist!

  413. I must have the camel cocoon coat. I have a thousand reasons why, but the most important being that EVERY WINTER without fail there are no beautiful coats to be found in Cape Town. I’ll need one that’ll last for the next couple of seasons, and when other people ask me (in like 2018) “O.M.GOD, where is that beautiful coat from?” I can smugly say:”ja, i’ve had it for ages, it’s an Elizabeth Suzann.”

  414. I am on a quest. For several years I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect pants. The pants you will put on when you’re a bit down or a bit sick and still look fabulous, just because the shape sweets your body so perfect and embraces your legs, hips and booty as if they were the closest friends. I think the Cecila pant might have it all. Made of strong material with such well chosen shapes and such a proper design. An item to inspire new outfits, an item that shows ‘that girl knows what she is doing’ I just would love to have the perfect pants, the perfect fit, yes that would be it.

    Size S I’m all yours

    PS(I even made sure I have the measurements right using tape, a marker, centimeters and a centimeter to inch converter).


  415. Georgia Dress in navy definitely looks like we could be BFF, given my rather round figure (this dress being a perfect camouflage) and my love for all shades of blue (I would marry it if I could). Also, thanks God for one size garments…


  416. Tamara Wilson

    I’m always on the lookout for the perfect fall/winter coat, and the cocoon coat is just what I’m looking for. Its the perfect color, great for layering and looks to be extremely warm enough to handle the cold Paris winters! Great design! Fingers crossed that I win :)

    @pardonmyexposure on instagram

  417. They say “things” don’t make you happy. I have to disagree. The Brown Cocoon coat (petite, size XS) with navy lining, would make me VERY happy. And would continue to make me happy every time I wear it. It would become a coat that would carry the scent of my perfume around corners. It would travel with me and collect romantic stories or adventures to retell. So yeah, call me materialistic, I don’t care. I know its more than just a coat! :)

  418. Followed the instagram account – my handle is @megsbiebs

    I’m obsessed with the camel cocoon coat – it’s perfection and makes for instant winter style with little no effort!

    Amazing designs – I love winter!!!

  419. the clothes are so effortless, i really like them. and are already following her on instagram. i soooo dig the cocoon coat. the black one. crossing my fingers. (i am tryllegram on instagram)

  420. Sally N.

    I am completely in love with the camel Cocoon Coat. It’s such a unique and versatile piece! The color and silhouette is instantly classic without trying too hard. The stitching details give it just enough modernity to make it truly special. I imagine it’s incredibly comfortable and warm too (a necessity for Minnesota winters). I’ve been following Elizabeth Suzann for a year or so and her 2014 fall collection blows me away. Everything is absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for the contest!

    Instagram: @sallytherose

  421. So hard to pick just one item since everything is very stunning. But if I do have to pick one I think the cocoon coat is my favorite. I love the details of the stitches, the drape, the sleeves, the color,… well just everything about it.


  422. Hello!

    My favorite Elizabeth Suzann piece is the Cocoon Coat. The color would contrast nicely with my current wardrobe colors of black and grey. Offering a petite size is also a bonus as I sometimes feel swallowed by this particular style!

    Also, I’m sure my roommate would appreciate if I had a coat of my own instead of borrowing hers! :)


  423. The moss wool emma kimono! this is what I want to wear every day @youre_theproblem

  424. Kate Johnson

    I absolutely love the cocoon coat! It’s a classic with a modern cut. You could really wear anything with it and feel completely glamorous.

  425. My favorite hands down is the Cocoon Coat in Moss! I love how it just drapes over you, has a beautiful interior lining, pairs with anything in that gorgeous color, and looks like it will keep me warm while battling the cold Chicago polar vortex! This coat is just prime and will last through the seasons. I’m obsessed. (instagram = @chelsealeasure)

  426. It’s so hard to just pick one, but I’m gonna go for the cocoon coat! It looks like the easiest, most versatile coat that I can probably wear in all seasons but summer here in the Netherlands. I think it would make me feel instantly chique!

  427. my favourite item is the cocoon coat in camel! thanks for this chance! love, seri

  428. Karla Gerber

    I am absolutely and utterly infatuated, OBSESSED even, with the Nora Jacket. I love how the garment drapes so effortlessly and elegantly. Elizabeth Suzann has truly delivered the perfect collection of basic items that each wardrobe should sport. Even though the collection is that of simplicity, it does not take away from the classic and modern feel of each item. That Nora Jacket is the epitome of effortless style and definitely a necessary staple I need in my wardrobe! I’m in love with it! The lightweight linen would be perfect for the summer! Instagram handle: @misskarlajean

  429. My instagram is @emily_katz

    I love her work!!!
    My fav, oh I love them all! Is the cocoon coat in that beautiful caramel color.
    Such a perfect coat.

    Love your blog! I’m so inspired!!

  430. I’ve been following both you and Elizabeth Suzann on instagram for a while and was so excited to see that you had collaborated to offer this giveaway! (I’m @sabrinamontenigro). I love the clean, versatile lines of all her designs, but if I had to choose one it would have to be the Cocoon Coat in black. It’s out of my price range as a recent college grad, but in my dreams I envision it going with everything in my closet, from loose drapey dresses and tops to structured pants and collared shirts. It could elevate even the simplest outfit. It’s an instant classic! And the fact that it’s made in the USA by a group of super creative ladies makes it even better. Thanks for hosting the givewaway, and for promoting such a great brand!

  431. hands down, the ARTIST DRESS! Why? because it is so incredibly amazing, and because my husband is an artist. being an artist’s wife, i feel it deserves to be donned by moi!


  432. natasha s.f.h

    loving so many things! if i didn’t have so many damn kimonos already, i would pick the coat. but for me, it is the Rhodes Turtleneck. i love turtlenecks, essential for life in Copenhagen, but always wish they were sexier. @jellyfishheart

  433. Chantelle C

    I am a little bit obsessed with the Emma Wool Kimono – so versatile and the colour looks maj!


  434. This was probably the hardest decsion. I had to take all day to choose, no joke this took me the better half of my afternoon, I gonna have to settle, when I say settle(please read) painfully choose-the EMMA WOOL KIMONO.It is ALL kinds of delicious wear with everything and anything goodness.


  435. That beautiful Artist Dress takes the cake! I’m starting a fancy-pants new job in December and would love to wear that to work to look effortless and breezy and not terrified and dorky. Love your blog, Diana, thanks! @bridgeyb

  436. Stephanie

    The LINN Sweater is an absolute dream! Perfect for the layering during the cold winter that should be creeping in any day now.

    Instagram handle: thepoeticrobot

    Thanks Diana!

  437. Maggie Wilson

    I adore the Artist dress. I would LIVE in that thing. @magpiewilson

  438. I love the Linn sweater! It’s so sculptural and still soft.

  439. The Emma Wool Kimono in Deep Black is completely lovely. I like kimono’s. They make me feel like I have a secret power (kind of how you feel when you wear your ‘good’ knickers with average jeans). They’re roomy and unassumingly clever.

    Instagram: Kerithpret

  440. Love the Linn sweater, it’s hard to find cool sweaters that aren’t heavy. It doesn’t get very cold in Houston, so heavy sweaters are a definite no, no. Following on Instagram – loridreilly

  441. The cocoon coat in black is gorgeous! Instagram: @rharkai

  442. Seriously, just one??! My dream wardrobe would consist of pretty much everything Elizabeth Suzann! But if I had to pick one, it would be the Marlena Lined Midi. I can see myself practically living in this dress year round. Such a simple but classic design. Thanks for the chance! @ohhellorabbit

  443. I am also lusting after the cocoon coat! I’ve been looking for the perfect caramel coloured coat to layer up in for the wintering months! This hits all the checkmarks in the best of ways!


  444. I love the Georgia dress in natural linen from the ss14 collection! It’s so simple and beautiful and would work well for all seasons in my Southern California home! My handle on Instagram is @sidewalkesther

  445. The Cocoon coat (in warm camel color) without a doubt. It seems to be the perfectly well-tailored grown-up piece my wardrobe is missing! I like it because it is simple but not simplistic (everything I ask for in a piece of clothing).
    It’s also the first jacket they ever designed so that’s pretty cool too! I really hope I win this one!
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    My instagram handle is @meb_s

  446. The Georgia Dress, in black. My instagram is @silviemargot. Love your blog


  447. Fiona Doig

    Oh man, this decision is toooooooo hard, though I think the cocoon coat is the winner. Such stylish comfort. It also looks like a good fit for Australian seasons, which isn’t so easy to come by in the coat world.
    My instagram handle is @fidoig

  448. The Cocoon Coat in Moss: because of its beautiful line (the line!), and because the contrast of the wool with the peacock teal lining is quite gorgeous.

    Also, I moved country with one suitcase, and the consequence is I don’t actually own a coat anymore!

    instagram: emma.l.p

  449. Lovinggggg the GEORGIA DRESS, looks simple, comfortable…it looks as if when you put it on you go completly calm! ;)~

    Instagram: brigittona
    (Ive been following elizsuzann on instagram for a while now)