so if you’re checking into the site itself and not reading via bloglovin or rss (or some other fancy way i don’t know about!) then you’ll notice things look a bit different around here! i have been wanting to change the look of the blog for a long time, as i feel like it’s been stuck in the same layout / rut for a good few years. mostly i was concerned with readability and page loads, as the blog is so incredibly image heavy it can be quite a strain on your browser.

so you’ll see on the front page that the latest posts are nicely summarised for you, and there are some bonus sections at the bottom that allow you to explore posts in different categories. at the same time i didn’t want to alienate anyone who is a fan of the one-post-below-the-other-format – so you can happily read the blog in the “traditional” manner here.

also i re-did my logo, in my own actual hand writing. so now it’s a little more, well, me. any suggestions or comments are welcome, please feel free to tell me you love it, or tell me to fuck off – either way!

here’s what i’ve been up to lately.

my niece was born! this is the 6th Moss grandchild – her name is Theresa.

Miss Moss // Lately

summer has arrived in Cape Town…

Miss Moss // Lately
Miss Moss // Lately
Miss Moss // Lately
Miss Moss // Lately
Miss Moss // Lately
Miss Moss // Lately

i got my hands on the most BEAUTIFUL bag by Lotuff called The Tripp – with my initials monogrammed on it.

Miss Moss // Lately

we had delicious meals at The Table and Pot Luck Club (have the thai green curry cocktail – omg)

Miss Moss // Lately Miss Moss // Lately Miss Moss // Lately Miss Moss // Lately Miss Moss // Lately

i’ve been losing my mind over the Nutribullet:

Miss Moss // Lately

and, always appreciating Cape Town and its myriad of wonders.

Miss Moss // Lately Miss Moss // Lately Miss Moss // Lately capetown Miss Moss // Lately Miss Moss // Lately


  1. Looks so wonderful. I am pleased with the layout change, as is my phone! Well done.

    I adore the monogrammed bag. So chic! Happy Summer musings!

  2. gorgeous post (particularly “summer has arrived” – i live in oz so can wholeheartedly relate) and fantastic redesign! love the idea of the categories for further discovery. thanks for continuing to inspire me on a daily basis miss_moss!

  3. Jenny Westerhoff Reply

    love the new look, it’s great – you’re by far my favorite blog & it just keeps gettin’ better :)

  4. Ah, lovely change – I will admit that I would usually skip over the text and focus on the pictures because I had to strain to read the light gray font. Sorry for not speaking up sooner :P p.s. also loving the new mid-week distraction content.

  5. I love the new look! It’s even better than before (and I loved the design before too). Lovely pics, I really hope to travel to Cape Town someday! :)

  6. much clean, much white, much uber-sexy black details, love the hamburger search function, love the fonts, absolutely in love with the very glamorous logo — do you feel the but coming? ah ah — BUT where is the little “read more” or the […] linkable after the beginning of the text ? ;)

  7. Congratulations on the new look! I’m sure it took some time to transition, but it paid off. Some of your travel photos are quite stunning, I’m enjoying your photographer’s perspective.

  8. The new layout is beautiful, Diana. It looks as if you have been truly enjoying the summer so far. So many lovely images in this post…love your new bag, and your niece is absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing all of it with us. :)

  9. It looks amazing! Your blog has been one of my favourites for years, it just gets better and better. It’s like my favourite online magazine :)

  10. Hi Diana! I am a big fan! Love this new blog look. I wonder what is this font you’re using now in all the texts? I’ve been looking for something like this lately, I’d really appreciate if I could buy it somewhere. All the best for you and have a nice summer! // pau

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