hello! merry christmas! happy new year! just wanted to let you know that i am still here, and have not suddenly abandoned the blog without a word… we are currently on our summer holiday in Kei Mouth, a small town on the Wild Coast about 14 hours drive from Cape Town. once a year we get to truly break away from it all – no work, no internet, no television. besides Instagram because, well, i can’t help myself.

one of my favourite things about the holidays is that i read tons of books, something i only ever manage to do when there’s no internet to distract me (how sad is that?). i first blitzed through Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng –  a wonderful, poignant story that starts out as a mystery but ends up being about so much more. then i read The Silkworm by ‘Robert Gailbraith’ which i really enjoyed (i am naturally a fan of the Cormoran Strike novels, because i do so love JK and HP),  and Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty which was a quick, light holiday read and quite amusing in parts. i actually need a few more titles to read this week – any suggestions?

we have one more week of holiday before 2015 really kicks off. until then, we’re still in a holi-DAZE.

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

road tripping up to Kei

Miss Moss: Holidaze

the landscape changes from the Cape’s dry summer brown to lush lush green as we near Kei…

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

Kei Mouth beach

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

the view from Anton’s family holiday house

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

flame lilies grow on the beach

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

yes we took the boat up! perfect for skiing on the Kei river.

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

i prefer sitting on the beach to skiing…

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

the view across the Kei River looking towards the old Transkei

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

New Year’s lantern

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

capturing a lighting storm. BOOM.


  1. These photos are lovely! I am just getting back into a solid reading habit as well. I am currently reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides and really enjoying it. Glad you are having such a wonderful trip.


  2. Looks like a great way to start the new year. I’m reading We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, about half way through and loving it. Just make sure you don’t read any reviews or spoilers first.

  3. Looks like you are doing the holidays right!

    I was also going to recommend We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. Just finished it, and agree – don’t read anything about the book first. Now I want to read The Silkworm.

  4. So beautiful! I was born in the Transkei, beautiful part of the country and so many memories!

    Holiday read suggestion: “Sister Mother Husband Dog (etc.)” by Delia Ephron is great.

    Happy 2015

  5. Love how the grain of the pictures adds a vintage/souvenir feeling to the whole sequence.
    Just discovered your website, and I’mamazed !


  6. i loved “signature of all things” by elizabeth gilbert on my last vacation.

  7. of all the blogs i have ever followed ever, yours is by far, the most beautiful. thanks!

  8. Lovely photos!!! I just returned from holiday today as well and I was quite depressed on the drive back! Enjoy every last bit! Happy New Year!

  9. Some great books I’ve read lately:
    – Meg Wolitzer’s sprawling and enchanting novel The Interestings
    – Patti Smith’s gorgeous memoir Just Kids
    – The Glass Castle, another great memoir that it seems everyone on the planet loves
    – Euphoria, a novel by Lily King based on the life of cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead. This one especially I think you might love! Just beautiful.

  10. so so beautiful! we really like to travel the wild coast with our baby in september/oktober, but we are not sure if it’s save enough, what do you think?

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