so, this week did not go as planned. went to the office on Monday, worked, came home… and then, started feeling a bit weird. four days later and i could finally get out of bed this morning, after enduring the stomach flu of death. i feel like maybe everything is heightened when you’re pregnant? i’m just thankful to have crested the worst of it, but unfortunately that means this week was without posts (i could not even browse the internet, that’s how bad it was guys)

here’s what’s been happening lately, to make up for it.

we redid the floors in our study, which was a loooooooooong time coming! this room used to be a balcony with concrete flooring, then it was enclosed and the previous owners carpeted it (yuck) so we found a guy to install new parquet flooring to match the rest of the flat, and then also repainted the walls white. one of these days it will have to be turned into a nursery ?

so we will have to put up some blockout curtains next…!

photo by Miss Moss photo by Miss Moss

above was the colour before we painted it.

this is just a corner from our bedroom. i will do a proper home tour one of these days.

photo by Miss Moss

this is the cat who belongs to our apartment block, who hates everyone except for the caretaker. i am determined to befriend him, but so far his love eludes me.

photo by Miss Moss

our office is also getting there. we got a new couch, which will be good for pregnancy napping.

miss-moss-lately-office1 miss-moss-lately-office2

we’ve been looking for some new pieces for our place from Space for Life (we just ended up buying a bunch of mid-century planters) still on the lookout for the perfect chest of drawers for our bedroom and a new couch..?

miss-moss-lately-town1 miss-moss-lately-town2

visiting my mom’s garden in Stellenbosch

miss-moss-lately-stellies1 miss-moss-lately-stellies3 miss-moss-lately-stellies2

there are some lovely new places to eat in Cape Town…

miss-moss-lately-food8 miss-moss-lately-food9

above: Giulio’s. that’s a chandelier!

miss-moss-lately-food7 miss-moss-lately-food5 miss-moss-lately-food6

above: The General Store


above: De Warenmarkt (in Stellenbosch)

also always visiting my old favourites… The Table:

miss-moss-lately-food1 miss-moss-lately-food2


miss-moss-lately-food12 miss-moss-lately-food13

the Company’s Garden:

miss-moss-lately-gardens1 miss-moss-lately-gardens2

the Blue Cafe:




and then walking all of that off on the promenade. have a good weekend everyone.

miss-moss-lately-prom2 miss-moss-lately-prom1 miss-moss-lately-prom7 miss-moss-lately-prom3 miss-moss-lately-prom6


  1. Yes for neighborhood cats! Ours is a black cat named Vincent Van Gato. I have faith that you guys will be buds.

    Love what you’re doing with your place. The parquet floors look great!

  2. So sorry to hear you had such a horrible flu!

    I wanted to comment on that beautiful chandelier, and the colors of those waves. Great captures.

  3. i love these catching-up type blog posts, too. that floor is absolutely beautiful and that chandelier… getting a napkin to wipe up my drool.

    i hope you feel better soon and that some time off will do you good. :)

  4. Your photos of Capetown make me want to visit so much – so beautiful.
    PS stomach flu when you’re pregnant is the WORST – it definitely hits you harder.

  5. Ok, this post is amazing. I like having a glimpse of your life, and life in S.A. in general. I specially liked all the restaurant pictures with the mountains in the background, nature is so close. love it

  6. South Africa looks amazing. And of course, love your new nursery.

  7. Ah, i heard pregnancy does all kinds of things to women, even causing curly hair. Yup.

    I shall refer back to this post for food recs in the future!

    • i live in South Africa so i doubt you will get this in the States, it’s from Mr. P but looks like it’s sold out now.

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy! I hope that means that we’ll be seeing some great baby and kids posts from you :)

  9. Great post and pics!
    Any chance you know where your mom got those veggie planters? Been looking for them in nurseries in Cape Town, but cant seem to find any.

  10. Argh! I had stomach flu of death Thursday-Sunday! I can’t remember the last time I had anything like it. It was AWFUL! I am not a person who can turn off, and I was so sick I couldn’t even watch TV. I literally just lay on back in bed for a full day. WORRRRRST!

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