Define Magazine (and a Giveaway!)

unless you have been living under an internet / social media rock for the past few years, you’ll probably know Amanda Jane Jones. if not for her work with Kinfolk, she was the principal designer & art director from their launch issue till 2014, you might follow her on Instagram or Pinterest (you should also follow her on Snapchat, Miles is THE CUTEST).

last year Amanda started a new venture, a quarterly magazine called Define – each issue focuses on a single word that is defined by a unique group of artists through various mediums. their first issue was about Fear and their second issue, launched just this week, is about Shape. featuring over 30 artists, with mediums including typography, crochet, Japanese marbling, photography, collage…

today we’re giving away two sets of both issues! to enter:

  1. follow Define on Instagram
  2. leave a comment on this post telling me: what is your favourite shape?

the giveaway is now closed, thanks for entering!

Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine Define Magazine

Giveaway closes on Friday 11 March. two winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. one set of two magazines per winner. open to readers worldwide, please note that you are responsible for any customs duties that might be incurred. 


  1. Define looks amazing, I have been following Amanda’s work for a while now (even though I wasn’t following her on Snapchat yet woops!). My favourite shape has to be… a star: my love for Astronomy might have influenced this (+ they’re everywhere now!) x

    • Jes Chahal

      My favorite shape is the curve of a woman’s neck. Something about the curve that is just so gracefully perfect.

    • Love this! My favourite shape is a hexagon.

    • Lara Dawn Johnson

      I’m so glad I saw this post as I hadn’t been following Define until now, and there’s so much inspirational creativity on their page, wow! I love so many shapes, but I think a circle has got to be my favorite. The sun which warms our earth and the moon which brings subtle light to a dark night are both magnificent circles that fascinate me daily.

  2. I love this! Really into print right now for some reason. Also, I love bean shapes :)

  3. Shame on me, I’ve been under that rock. But I do like the shape of rocks. Like a knocked about, had a full life, circle.

  4. Oh how I love this! Amazing! Inspirational

  5. Ashleigh

    I love the elegance of a rectangle. It has the simplicity of a square but with a little more to it. It also happens to be the shape of a Define magazine. 📚

  6. I just posted about Define Mag and Chad Kouris’ work and I really really (REALLY) want to put my hands on the real magazine. My favorite shape? Rhombus.

  7. My favourite SHAPE is the squiggle. Not only does the squiggle represents creativity, the shape in itself is a symbol of free thinking. The squiggle is probably the only shape where you can go from point A to N to T, instead of A, B and C. Who doesn’t like out of the box thinking?

  8. I’ve always been weirdly attracted to the triangle. I can’t tell you why exactly. But math has played a strong role in my life. I studied engineering in college and was a researcher for years after college; although, now I’m in a totally different field. The triangle, called delta in the ‘language’ of mathematics, literally means the change or difference in a quantity. I think that’s why I like it–the symbol of change.

  9. Neptune

    Circles, because they are perfect and calming.

  10. The shape my man’s eye’s makes when he smiles. Cheesy but the truth. Amazing how you can become so obsessed with the shape of an emotion.

  11. A wave. I’m forever drawing and doodling waves in all mediums possible. Besides being an obvious symbol for the sea, it also represents movement and reminds one to keep moving. Waves are calm and forceful at the same time.

  12. I love the shape of an avacado when it’s cut in half.

  13. The shape of trees. They are our oldest friends and our greatest confidants. 🌲🌳🌿

  14. Love Amanda Jane Jones & what she is doing with Define. :)
    i like a rhombus. :)

  15. i love triangles because of the meaning i gave to it but i also love nature shapes like leaves and my favorite one, the shape of the moon.

  16. Hola,
    Favorite shape…
    Irregular and organic…
    Today it is curvy zig zag line

  17. Kelsey Blackwell

    Intrigued by the look of these, and love the thematic approach. My favourite shape is the curve of my son’s neck from the back, where it reaches his shoulder. It reminds me every day of how fleeting childhood is.

  18. My favourite shape is the circle.
    The circle for me is the perfect shape. There’s no angles, it’s the symbol of perfection. And it’s the shape most drawn wrong, right? If you draw a perfect circle, please show me! haha
    It represents me because of my perfectionism and it’s kind of contradictory because sometimes I have to break this perfectionist just to let me be more free.
    One other thing is that the circle can be introspective when you stay inside it and ignores what is around you. We live in bubbles nowadays, everyone in your own circle / world. That’s my vision about the circle on the other ones.
    Yep, this is what a circle causes on me.

  19. Manuela

    Triangles are my favorite shape, three points where two lines meet.

  20. One of my favorite shapes is the lowercase “e” of Times New Roman. I know it’s a designy answer but it’s true… There’s something fun about the shape of that character

  21. My favourite shape would be a curvy oval. Not really a regular, standard shape but something that could be curved here, and squished there to flow into different shapes!

  22. completely taken with Amanda’s newest venture Define. My favourite shape is a imperfect circle. Simple, clean but slightly unique.

  23. Organic shapes are my favorite…think Matisse’s cut outs

  24. i’ve always be fond of the circle, because it’s symbolic of how 1. what goes around comes around 2. we often find ourselves back at our starting point.

  25. i’ve always been fond of the circle, because it’s symbolic of how 1. what goes around comes around 2. we often find ourselves back at our starting point.

  26. My favorite shape is the profile of my little girl’s face, specifically the bump of her tiny nose.

  27. Love Amanads new venture and the community she is building with each issue. My favorite shape is that of waves. When they curl and the shape they make when they come up to the shore.

  28. Laesa Kim

    Been wanting to check out this new magazine!

    Favorite shape?…can’t think of when I was last asked that question! Rectangle!

  29. I’d say one of my favorite shapes is an egg under good lighting, casting multiple shadows. I like how the actual egg becomes one shape with the bursts of shadows spurting around it!

  30. The shape of my boyfriends butt. 🍑

    I was going to add ‘just kidding’ but I’mma get real

    Especially in this pair of light blue jeans he wears occasionally. It’s a very good butt. It deserves to hold the top position on my favourite shape list. (Just managed to nudge out the shape of a snickers bar tbh)

  31. Chené Louw

    i like the shape of kitchen utensils, my favourite is the rolling pin. form follows function.

  32. I love a good gibbous moon, and I always love seeing new print publications in the world. Fingers crossed!

  33. I am always super drawn to circles – perfect, imperfect – it doesn’t matter. I find them very calming and beautiful!

  34. Soooo love the style of this magazine! My favorite shape is probably a triangle: it’s an incredibly strong form compositionally and just looks pretty cool overall.

  35. Rebecca

    My favourite shape is the petal of an artichoke, almost like shimmery fish scales.

  36. i’ve been wanting to check out define! imperfect circles always make me happy and remind me of nature.

  37. Elisabeth

    Sinusoidal- I’m entranced by waves and undulations.

  38. Amanda is such a wonderful lady and her work is just gorgeous! I don’t necessarily have a favorite shape because I love so many of them, but I really like crescents, and pear shapes. (Imperfect shapes make me happy too.)

  39. Such a big fan of Amanda Jane Jones and all her work! I have to go for a circle!

  40. Hai Yen

    I’m always drawn to circles, the curve just feels harmonious. I also like the cross-section of an egg, that oblong shape is so organic. :)

  41. Hello,
    My favorite shape has always been the ampersand (&), even though I am not sure it really qualifies traditionally under shape. But I got really addicted to using it when I lived in Scotland…I was in love with the country and wanted to design shirts to print using, ‘Scotl&’. At one point when I was writing papers I would use the & in words like m&atory, or p&a. It was obnoxious, but I love that shape!

    Great giveaway, do I sound crazy now? Haha!

  42. My favorite shape is a circle. It is reapeated in the natural world just as often as it is used in the graphic one. It is powerful and all enclusive.

  43. Claire B.

    I feel like my favorite shape might change with the day… but right now I’m feeling really strongly about perfect right triangles. The symmetry, the clean lines, and that little bit of sharpness.

    Love this giveaway!

  44. Vanessa Rae

    I used to follow Amanda’s blog when she posted more frequently, it’s good to know she’s putting her brilliance to good use still. Can’t wait to read, reguardless if i win or not! And I love the figure 8.

  45. Lindsay

    When I was little, my favorite shape was the pentagon. In this moment, I like ovals (more rounded rather than elongated) since my engagement ring is an oval :)

  46. My favorite has to be of a footprint in beach sand, especially my little guys.

  47. That mag looks wonderful. Favorite shape….ahh…too many beauties to choose from. I love the parallel “S” shapes a skier leaves coming down a bowl of powder or fresh corduroy in the morning. And then…I guess I would have to vote for circles. :)

  48. My favorite is a curve. I find them everywhere…the big swoop in the capital R in my signature. The curve of my grandmother’s back where I learned to give great hugs. The curve of the sunset as it sinks past the horizon. Love it.

  49. So beautiful! I love lines. Their simplicity, elegance, and edge.

  50. what a beautiful magazine. triangles – you can make so many wild pattern collages with them!

  51. For me it would be a comma, a square, rigid comma. Not only it conducts the pace we read things in, it also reminds me that having a break from time to time is very important 😊

  52. Diana S

    I like image 8 for a shape; a free flowing, ambiguous, and textured shape.

  53. I admire Amanda Jane Jones. I admire her for defining a new style in design during the conception of Kinfolk, for being able to cut out all of the clutter and garbage going on in design at the time and producing something as tasteful as Kinfolk. In 2010 she essentially created an aesthetic that every instagramer, social media manager, and brand ambassador is trying to emulate NOW and she seemed to do it with ease and truly lives in this aesthetic whole heartedly, SIX YEARS AGO. It seems like everyone going after that ‘Kilfolk’ Lifestyle. When I have flipped through Define, I’m noticing the direct influences each artist has, this artist is influenced greatly by Matisse, this artist is greatly influenced by Memphis but uses pastels instead of high contrast colours, all graphic design is seeming the same to me lately. Everyones portfolios are looking the same. Amanda was truly a revolutionary influence to all graphic designers out there today, and everyone is chasing the unattainable feeling that they had the first time they held an issue of ‘Kilfolk’ it’s the first time many people felt the influence of minimalism, they realized it’s beyond a simple architecture or abstract art movements, its a lifestyle, and it’s not to be mistaken with modernism. She was a revolutionary and I truly think she deserves more credit than she gets.

  54. The shape of a heart.
    A heart beats, keeps us alive.
    Can be broken.
    Can be healed.
    Can be saved.
    Can be loved.

    A heart is LIFE.

  55. Absolutely circles! They have no angles at all and therefore are just plainly gorgeous curvy shapes.

  56. Every year my grandfather is the first person to phone me on my birthday. He is tall and strong and always has an optimistic ring in his voice. He is 94. The shape of him sitting in his favorite chair is my favorite shape.

  57. My favourite shapes at the moment are hexagons.

  58. Manuela

    simple, beautiful & imperfect (the one that makes you just feel&inspire)

  59. my favourite shape right now is the shape of radish. It’s both rounded and pointed, they feel so nice and cold when you touch them..I planted some yesterday, can’t wait to get them out in two months!

  60. Oh the arch! It’s a shape if you close it in on the bottom ;)

    On Playschool, an Australian kids’ TV Show each episode the presenters would ‘go through a window’ before a segment, and there was a circle, a square, and an arch – a combination of the two. I always like it because it had one less axis of symmmetry, and was like, the unusual, unexpected shape.

  61. Amanda Jane Jones just has a way with things 🙌 Favourite shape = circle

  62. Karol Wojdaszka

    A hexagonal shape, it is a shape that seems classic but provides many dimensions.

  63. CIRCLE!!!!!! everything is better round.
    cake!!! coins!!! globes!!! ROUND ROUND ROUND

  64. Isabella

    Amanda’s work is beautiful! I think my favorite shape would be the shape of a wooden rib (used in ceramics when throwing on the wheel). Two of its sides form a right angle, while the other side is a gentle outward curve.

  65. My favourite shape is a rhombus. I read a short story in a magazine with a sentence I will never forget” “Anna was a rhombus in maths today.”

  66. Fernanda Franco

    The shape the attracts me the most is the shape of the hands. Perfectly made to do things, to transform, to communicate. Amazing!

  67. I’ve aways been drawn towards circles. I’m an illustrator & perfect circles are quite the nemesis.

    Such a fan of Amanda’s work!

  68. Gorgeous mag! For me that classical shape of ocean waves is my favourite. Calming and /or invigorating & energising depending on the context.

  69. Angelina Sorokin

    The half moon shape is so mysterious. What caused it to not become a complete circle…

  70. Mignon van Zyl

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! Favourite shape is the outline of Africa. I seem to see it in lots of little things – puddles of water, rocks, random artwork. It defines who I am: an African.

  71. Favourite shape: A simple line. And I’d love to have a look at the magazines, haven’t seen them anywhere in Germany.

  72. Beautiful. My most favourite shape is a circle. No beginning, no end. An endless feel of movement.

  73. Nur Miza

    I love the shape of my hair! It can be shaped like a cloud, a square, a circle and even look like foldable diamonds! If I look at it, it’s amazing that million strands of hair can be shaped, cut and change colour. Hair is a medium of infinite shapes really, it’s how the mind sees it.

  74. Paulina

    My favorite shape is a triangle especially deconstructed.

  75. I will echo alt-J…triangles are my favorite shape, three points where two lines meet…

  76. LOVE this!
    Shape: Triangle △
    The strongest shape out there. It can carry the load of almost anything when used in conjunction with more triangles. People should be more like triangles :)

  77. such a lovely project…circles are my favourite :)

  78. round shapes, not perfectly geometrical, not open, but closed in themselves, and calm, not too messy

  79. Johan Viviers

    To look at random shapes such as those that are found in topographic maps or cracks in walls.
    To hear about and listen to the word trapezium, because it produces the perfect “bounce”.
    To explore the cube, because it hosts four tetrahedrons and I can circle it.


  80. Sharon Sorour-Morris

    I love the shape of a pear that’s been sliced in half, stalk intact. It is voluptous and beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to this inspiring magazine and its creator.

  81. Helé de Beer

    My favourite shape is a diamomd shape.

  82. I love Amanda Jones, when I first started using Pinterest, all the images I pinned were from her blog! My favourite shape has to be the heart :)

  83. I’m pretty big on triangles, myself. Though I’m also partial to a collection of rectangles neatly ordered.

  84. [email protected]

    I love a circle, never ending!

  85. triangle! “3 points, where 2 lines meet” (alt-j)

  86. I love the shape of a rectangle and how rectangles woven together can make a square.

  87. I loveee Amanda’s work! She is very inspiring and her Pinterest is a treasure.
    About shapes…well, let’s say that I’m mad for a glass of wine. And i love the curved shape of the glasses, so delicate, so simple…and symmetrical…yep, definitely a good crystal glass of wine.

  88. How nice! :)
    It might have to do something with the fact that I am an architect – my favourite shape is a square.

  89. Lindsey Miscia

    Love this giveaway! My favorite shape is a circle, it is a shape that calms me.

  90. Tiffany F.

    My favorite shape has no bounds. It’s edge is organic, flowing with matter itself.

  91. CIRCLES!

    They have the ability to be both soft and hard simultaneously. Also, very symbolic in nature, with the suggestion that everything returns to it’s origins!