we welcomed our son Axel Anton Visser on Tuesday 10 May. he wasn’t breathing on his own when he arrived and had to be transferred to a specialised NICU at a hospital across town where he stayed for a week. needless to say it was a harrowing time for us. staying in a different hospital on the night he was born, without him, was especially difficult. thankfully i could be discharged the very next day – and so began a week of twice daily visits, expressing and freezing breastmilk and getting to know our baby in the company of beeping machines. the fact that we couldn’t hold him for almost 4 days was the worst, but when we finally could it was the best. i have a newfound respect for doctors, nurses & paramedics; the medical staff who took care of him (and us) over that time were a saving grace.

he finally came home with us after a week, and we were those typical first time parents in the hospital parking lot with a crying newborn while struggling to get the car seat installed. it was a normal and hilarious way to start our life with him! now we are in that newborn haze, getting to know each other through late night feeds and amazingly dirty nappies. you may not see me around here for a little while, but i will start posting when our new life evens out. he is the cutest & the best and we are so in love.

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  1. Welcome to the world, dear Axel!
    Lots of love from Reykjavík <3 <3 <3

  2. When our baby was born, he spent 4 days in the NICU – it was really difficult because I had a c-section and couldn’t really move independently! I was bound to a wheel chair for long trips for quite a while! It was so challenging! The best thing in the world is to bring our babies home! He is just delicious!!! Congratulations mama!!!

  3. Oh you must be so happy that he’s safe at home with you. Hopefully everything will go smoothly from now on. Fingers crossed that he will be sleeping well as well. All the best for you and little Axel. Congratulations!!!

  4. He is perfect, just perfect!!!

    My daughter was born 15 weeks premature this January and had to stay in a hospital in another town, so I feel with you – especially when it comes to the first weeks finally home :)… Enjoy these first weeks with your new family member and catch up on all this lost cuddle-time!

    All the best from Germany…

  5. Lynda Seglias Reply

    The pictures are so beautiful and when you said we are so in love, it made me cry. I had twins and could not take them home with me. One for a couple of says, and one 4 to 5 days later. I couldn’t hold one of my twins in the hospital until she came home. had to leave without my babies I am so happy for you. It is wonderful! Blessings always!

  6. Felicidades! es un hermoso niño. Disfruten de tan linda familia. Les deseo lo mejor.
    Saludos desde Argentina.
    Buen domingo

  7. So glad it turned out well for you guys, must’ve been a ghastly experience. Congratulations and I wish you all the best with your lovely baby boy.

  8. This makes me so happy! We chatted briefly on Insta (I asked about his cooling) and I’m really stoked to see that Axel is home with you and looking so well. Enjoy the newborn haze, it’s totally wild and so much fun at the same time. My wee man is 10weeks today and he’s no longer the squishy little human we brought home from the hospital! It passes so quickly. Love to you all from Australia x

  9. You’re made of strong stuff mama! Congrats on your little man and being home safe. He’s gorgeous.

  10. Congratulations! I’ve so enjoyed reading throughout your pregnancy and now he’s here! He’s just lovely and I’m already wistful about how small he is (my son is 4 months old and feels like a giant in comparison)!

  11. Fran Shenker Reply

    Congratulations … he is beautiful and there is nothing like those first few weeks of helter skelter, sleepless blissed out times … the world implodes and explodes all at once, focused on the minute details of a new being …x enjoy !

  12. Congratulations to you and Anton. It’s been fun and inspiring watching you step into mom-hood. I remember seeing tweets a while back that went something along the lines of “no really…are babies fun to have…i’m not sure”. It looks like you guys made the right choice :)

  13. Félicitations! Je souhaite beaucoup de bonheur à Alex et à ses parents.


  14. Congratulations! These will be wonderful days of happiness and mystery :) Wishing your little family all the best.

  15. Congratulations. Such a precious human being. I believe that things would only get better and better x

  16. Congratulations from Canada! Expect nothing from yourself – these days are ridiculously hard. Forget small mistakes, remember small happinesses, wrap yourselves in love… You are starting the greatest adventure together!

  17. I’m so glad everything was alright in the end ! welcome axel, you are tiny and super cute !

  18. I’m a long-time follower and so happy for you! Bienvenue à Axel, sorry about the horrible time so seem to have had in the first days… and wishing you the best from now on!! He is so cute (even when crying) :-)

  19. Baie geluk met julle pragtige seuntjie. Wens vir julle net die beste.

  20. Congrats, he is gorgeous! After years of experience I can confidently say that 10 May is the BEST birthday!

  21. Congratulations! Birthing a baby is such an intense experience. This period of time between one huge time in your life (pregnancy) and the culmination of that bringing about a monumental change! Must have been so hard to be separated from him but I’m so glad he’s healthy and home!!

  22. Aah congratulations on your sweet, precious little boy! What a little treasure you have there. Hugs to you all and enjoy the haze.

  23. Sharon Sorour-Morris Reply

    Goodness! What a dramatic arrival. Warmest wishes and sending all of you blessings. He is a little Taurean, a little fighter (I share his birthday). Go, Axel, little chap!

  24. I have been checking in for updates! Congratulations from Canada!!! He is so sweet!

  25. Hello!

    Congratulations to you and to your baby!!! <3
    I am a really fan of your blog anyway :)

  26. biggest congrats! he’s darling… gald he’s finally home with mama and papa. i’m waiting on #2 and counting down these last 15 weeks! pray i get through this nyc summer.

  27. Congratulations on this most adorable addition to your family, Diana and Anton!

  28. OH MY WORD!!!! what a joy! Happy for you and your human.

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