Elizabeth Suzann $500 Giveaway!

it’s really amazing to see how Nashville based clothing label Elizabeth Suzann has grown since i first featured them way back in 2013. designer Elizabeth Pape is so passionate about her line, and the newly released Cold Weather Collection is a testament to that – a seasonal extension to their Signature Collection, which will be offered year round. you can read more about it here. the accompanying editorial was shot on the Imperial Stock Ranch near Shaniko, Oregon where they source their wool.

We wanted to capture these garments at their point of genesis – the beginning of the story and the end, all in one frame. The imagery is beyond anything I could have imagined, and the fact that we had the opportunity to photograph our wool coats next to the wool-providing sheep is still blowing my mind. The landscape here is unlike anything I’ve seen before. You can see forever, and the rolling mountains give way to open grassland, and the sky goes on infinitely.

We’re hosting a GIVEAWAY with Elizabeth Suzann, you could win a $500 voucher to spend any which way you please!

– To Enter –

1. Visit Elizabeth Suzann and leave a comment below telling me how you would spend your voucher!
2. Follow Elizabeth Suzann on Instagram
3. Include your Instagram handle in your comment, so i can check!

that’s it! my personal favourites? the Ida Trench and the Eva Dress. and of course all their shoes!

PLEASE NOTE. the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world. readers outside the USA must please note that you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival, which you are responsible for. the giveaway ends on Friday 28 October 2016. The winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw & notified via email. The winner will receive a $500 gift voucher to shop at Elizabeth Suzann’s online store. This prize is not refundable for cash.


  1. Could see myself LIVING in the Georgia dress (in navy obvs). My IG is @_darlingclaire_

    • Elizabeth Briggs

      That cacoon coat!!! So beautiful

  2. Clearly the Eva top, not only because it’s one letter different to my baby girl’s name, Ava, and being the mother of a nine month old I clearly deserve all the clothes. Plus I’d still have $250 odd to peruse the site and agonise over how to spend the remainder of the prize. PS my insta handle is: misseschloe

  3. What an amazing giveaway! I love her brand and have long dreamed of splurging on a few Georgia tops, in both linen and silk… They look so effortlessly elegant and comfy, such a timeless piece. Crossing my fingers in Paris!

  4. Lisa Mills

    Really wonderful, wearable, high quality style! It reminds me a little of COS – it has that slightly mannish yet feminine elegance, great attention to detail.

    It’s hard to narrow it down – but the Eva top in cotton canvas looks really versatile, I’m intrigued by the Astral vest, the Georgia dress looks effortless, I think I’d live in the Georgia tee (in ALL the fabrics!), and I really want to try on the Clyde work pants! But where, oh where, are those gorgeous little tan ankle boots? There are only cute mules, and I am rubbish at walking in mules!

    Finally – that knot bag!


  5. I’ve been saving up for a Georgia dress and the long sleeve Harper dress. Can’t decide between those two beauties! Been following ES for quite some time on Instagram (pretty sure I found her through you!) And love her garments but also their story of growth and ethics over the last year. IG: emilyskye_mcgregor

  6. I would have to get the Georgia dress which I have admired for a long time! I love the look of the Eva top too.

  7. Saskia Scott

    Aaaah I love Elizabeth Suzann so so much!! I’ve wanted a Cocoon Coat for the longest time so I’d splurge on one in black basketweave wool and then never take it off! X

    My insta is: @saskiascottsays

  8. The Maxine Crop (: Easy, breezy and versatile.

    I could also see myself wearing the Clyde Work Pant a lot – when buying clothing, I think about how many outfits it would work with and how the fabric will improve with wear.

  9. Hi Diana,

    So great to see this post. I have been shopping at Elizabeth Suzann for a little over a year now, following another one of your posts. I go through the extra effort of getting orders sent to me in Switzerland (despite having once lived relatively near in Texas!). Lydia, with customer service, has certainly helped me virtually “try on” pieces, and it is this memorable customer experience (in addition to their sustainable vision) that has me returning to their website again and again (though often to window shop).

    As you can imagine, I am still growing my own cold weather collection, having transitioned to a country of verrrryy different seasons than the one I called home before. With a $500 voucher, I would go for the Astral Crossover Dress in Moss. I would also like to try the crescent pant in Khaki to pair with the raw white silk Marlena tank I already own. While that would already put me over the amount, I would be very tempted to get another pair of the Cecilia pant, which has been my favorite pant for well over a year (and is thus worn in!). Finally, one day, I hope to get their shoes, and perhaps even burrow into that Cocoon coat :)

    Thank you for introducing me to this brand previously, and for supporting their business since! I have been following EZ for some time on Instagram – aseverm. I hope spring in South Africa stays beautiful (but cool enough to allow you to try some EZ pieces right away yourself!)

    Warmly, from cold weather,

  10. This whole line is stunning…..but definitely have my eye on the Ida Trench in Black….what a beautiful coat and so classic, could wear it forever.

    My Instagram is @apisatelier

  11. Winter is coming…I *need* a wool Harper dress (and mules!) margot_lyn

  12. I love Elizabeth Suzann! Such style! I especially love the Georgia Tee and Clyde work pant, and have serious love for the Georgia dress. I feel my casual elegance levels would increase 100% with a bit of ES in my life!

    my insta: @s1atkinson

  13. Madeleine

    Georgia midi? Harper sweater? the ida trench. And the mules. In every colour please

    I have been following Eliza Suzanne for a while now and love her pieces. Simple perfection

    My insta handle~~

  14. Omg obv the black Harper sweater dress. Oh wait. Mmmmm maybe the Eva top? Or the astral crossover dress. Good lord I need them all.
    I need to win this!!
    Love your posts @missmoss

  15. Joana Guedes

    IDA TRENCH and LONG SLEEVE HARPER DRESS! Been following Eliza Suzanne for a while.


  16. I would love a silk dress to wear to some upcoming weddings. Simple but beautifully elegant!

  17. Amy Uzzell

    Silk Crepe Tilda pants could take you anywhere! So chic! @amyuzzell

  18. Nikki Comninos

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway and what beautiful clothes. I have been ogling them all. Elegant and made up of such beautiful lines. Amazing. I am a video editor working in the South African TV industry which means I spend all day, everyday alone in the dark. I don’t have many nice clothes because no one sees me! So on weekends I always look like an unstylish fool! I would use my voucher to pimp my wardrobe to become the most stylish video editor out there. :) @nikkinoes

  19. Well – if I have to really choose, I’d have to cover my eyes and randomly point to something because it’s all beautiful! But I f I have to narrow it down – the Georgia Midi and Limestone Mules are on my list!

    Her shapes are effortless and fluid and natural. Beautiful. Really timeless and non-seasonal.

    I’d be in heaven to own a piece!

    Love Cheri x


  20. That cocoon coat! It’s really exceptional! @millinersdotter

  21. 1 x Eva top in Raw Silk (mmmmmm) and 1 x Clyde work pant in Cotton Twill so I can keep it functional at work and home, (oh so!) pretty please! And it’s just in time for my sister to bring them over here to SA when she visits in November, couldn’t be more perfect 😁 Thanks miss moss!

  22. I love Elizabeth Suzann, been following her for ages! It’ll have to be the CRESCENT PANT, the LINN TEE, and…. everything else on the site ;) My Insta is sim_plicity_

  23. All the Harper pieces! Loooove. (Insta handle: woollike)

  24. Oh it wouldn’t be easy but I have my eye on the Astral Crossover dress and Marlena Tank. Beautiful pieces!


  25. Valentina

    This designer is really amazing! I read the story about the cold weather collection: very impressive! I would love to buy the IDA Trench or their shoes! I am keeping my fingers crossed!
    My Instagram is valentinaromanzi

  26. What a dream giveaway Diana!
    I would go for the Harper sweater – I’m dying to see how their wool feels like to the touch.
    I’d probably add the Tilda pant and get both in black to have the perfect work outfit.
    I’d wear that everyday.
    My insta is @mylenemozas
    Thanks again! :)

  27. I’ve never rushed over to a blog so quickly

    I’m in love with almost all of her designs but right now I’m coveting her Harper sweater and sweater the dress the most. Or maybe the astral dress. Choices
    This would be a really great late 29 birthday present 😁 Ig is @judyrudy

  28. Oh man, Diana, what a tough decision – I’ve been following Elizabeth Suzann on Instagram for a while now and LOVE their pieces and approach to fashion. At first I thought I would be able to stick to the voucher budget and go for the Georgia Midi dress, Emma Kimono and Knot belt – all in black. But I think that the khaki Ida Trench has stolen my heart. So it would probably be the Ida Trench and the Georgia Midi dress (or Emma Kimono, depending on the kindness of the rand exchange…) – @skallakind

  29. Oh my gosh! What an AMAZING giveaway! I’d get the Linn Tee, Harper Tunic & then would have to choose btw the Florence Pant & Clyde Work Pants. Soooo amazing! @becsmadevisible

  30. Oh man! Love love love! Cocoon coat in camel- it will be winter again, Ida trench bit the limestone mules are just everything! @arlinestoffberg

  31. Danica Sims

    AH!! How could I choose?! I loved the artist smock and Lin tee. The colours, materials, philosophy – perfect.

  32. The Clyde Work Pants are the business. I’d spend the rest on a lovely Eva raw silk top. I’ve been following Elizabeth Suzann for a while now – their aesthetic is incredible. @kerithpret

  33. I would use it to get a shapeless, cozy, and comfortable wardrobe to offset the really intense vibe at my intimidatingly intense office! Insta: @abbyrand8

  34. The cocoon coat would be a dream. I am slowly but surely building out a collection of their pieces and each is better than the last.


  35. Minke Burden

    Wow what a competition to win!
    I will definitely buy a Cresent pant and Ava top. My Instagram @minkeburden

  36. Everything is so gorgeous! I adore the Marlena silk dress and the Maxine crop. This is the kind of stuff I imagine the put-together adult version of me would wear, haha. IG: nappity x

  37. Harper sweater and Marlena dress in silk crepe! Weeks from my due date so anxious for some new pieces or enjoy in the post-baby bliss to follow! Nothing compares to Elizabeth Suzann’s pieces!

  38. To be honest, I love everything! If I had to choose one, I would go with the Cocoon Coat because I’m in desperate need of a new coat this fall/winter! @mysimplysimple

  39. Astral vest and Eva dress. Done and done. <3 Love ES. @corabees

  40. What a great line! I would get the Tilda Pant in silk crepe and the Marlena Midi. @saraheleonore.

  41. I’ve been loving the Clyde Work pants, and would definitely go for a Harper tunic too! @leahbranam

  42. I LOVE Elizabeth Suzann! I’ve been dreaming of the Eva Dress in black and the Georgia Dress as well! The attention to detail and quality are simply unmatched! My insta handle is @inkandfolly and I’ve happily lusted over the ES feed for quite some time!

  43. It is honestly so hard to choose what to get, but I love the Florence pants and am dying for a Harper sweater! (Both in black.) I follow both of you already on Instagram: @kiaracolleen Thanks!

  44. Rebecca Scher

    My goodness, this collection (and every other Elizabeth Suzann collection) talks to me on so many levels. I religiously go onto their website and idealise owning some of their pieces (I already follow them on my Instagram @rebeccascher) and I am yet to just go all in and buy something. A $500 gift voucher would make all my Elizabeth Suzann dreams come true. Especially for the Astral Crossover dress and the Tilda pants, if I could afford it – the whole collection would be mine!

    Yay for amazing one of a kind give aways, and for bringing Elizabeth Suzann to South Africa for a moment!

  45. Courtney Chilton

    I love them! Followed them for years.
    I’d go for either the Florence pant or the Marlena dress. Or about 1 million other options. Such good stuff!

  46. I’ve had my eye on the cocoon coat in black for quite a while, it’s such an Elizabeth Suzann classic and I could see myself living in it, almost year round. My instagram is @workovereasy!

    – Natalie

  47. Leah Chapman

    Oh god. The long sleeve Harper Dress and the knot belt. That’s basically my ideal uniform, right there….


  48. What an exciting giveaway! I adore the Ida Trench and Florence Pant! <3

  49. I am in love with this brand and how the company is run by Liz!!!! I would love the Georgia top, also the beautiful crop tops. My handle is @jrschoen

  50. Instagram: @kailierichards

    Dreaming of the perfect all day wear. Her attire is timeless could be worn every day to work (@blackberryfarm)

  51. It has to be the Georgia Midi dress in black. ::swoon::


  52. Kate Johnson

    Omg, I was just looking at her site yesterday. I would love a pair of mules for fall and the Maxine shirt is so lovely.
    Instagram: lipstk_traces

  53. Clyde billow skirt in black raw silk & Ida trench please! I visited the Elizabeth Suzann studio this summer and was blown away by their attention to detail and commitment to ethics. Beautiful people, beautiful garments. @perrinlathrop

  54. Fantastic giveaway, I’d wear nothing but ES if I could. I’d put my $500 towards the Florence pant in Flax, the Linn Tee in Olive, the Artist Dress in Navy and the Limestone Mule. Yes, a tad over budget but the prize would make a great dent in it.


  55. It would be so hard to resist that Cocoon coat! But I think you could hardly go wrong with anything in her line—it’s lovely! @graystudy

  56. Courtney Blum

    I’ve loved this company for so long! I would treasure the Artist Smock, the Georgia tee, and the Florence pant. Thank you!! <3 @court_blum

  57. fransien schoeman

    Deary me – the black Astral Crossover Dress in silk crepe is just beautiful! And paired with a large Knot Bag, I struggle to think of a more perfect ensemble.


  58. I’d get the Eva top and the Tulsa pant! @jenmgriffiths

  59. Ooh, I love this brand! I think I would spend it on the Tilda pants, a kimono, and a Linn tee. Thank you!

  60. $500 is so much money! Except, unfortunately not in dollars!
    Given this amount, I would for sure purchase the Clyde work pant (all day err’ day) and the Marlena dress.
    Love the aesthetic!
    Instagram: @kellyhook_ct

  61. How does she combine sophisticated and comfort so seamlessly?! I loved everything in her site. My favorites however, were the long sleeve harper tunic and the Cecilia cotton pant… wait, I love the Georgia dress, the Emma Kimono, and the Eva top. Oh, so hard to choose, so I’m crossing my fingers. Thank you for sharing her designs. Xs, Carolina

  62. Cady Rookey

    Oh the layering! I love it all! My favorites have to be the Florence pants and the Harper tunic. Handle is @cadyannn. Best!

  63. The Eva top and Florence pant- all in silk so I can slink around all summer long.
    Side note- the sizing guide underneath the clothes is so good!

    instragram: @inthatsense


  64. I absolutely love the Cocoon Coat, I’ve been watching the style of it evolve over the years of ES and now that it’s made out of high-quality, sustainable wool it’s even more appealing! I also ardour the whimsical shape of the Crescent Pant (love them in khaki) and the Eva top in raw silk in eggshell – what a perfect outfit these are together! Thank you for this opportunity. 🙏 My IG handle is @itsahashtaglife

  65. If I could create my ideal Elizabeth Suzann outfit:

    the Georgia tee in black
    the Tilda pant in black
    the graphite mule

    and for a warm day – The astral crossover dress (in black, you guessed it)


  66. Oh dear Miss Moss, your style is just the ultimate. I adore this collection by Elizabeth Suzann! It’s exactly the look that I’ve been digging these days, effortless elegance with class colours and shapes, and textures from beautifully natural fabrics that I’d love to live in. Thank you for offering your loyal readers the chance to do so! I agree on the Ida Trench and also think the Marlena dress (short or midi!) is so fun and flirty. @oliveit2

  67. The cocoon coat in camel! I’ve been eyeing it for the last few years and the gift card could help make it mine!

  68. Sarah Bonaparte

    Of course everything ES is stunning but I’m dying for a pair of the CWC Florence pants!!
    Thank you!

  69. Beautiful pieces!!! If I won I would choose the Ida trench and the small knot bag! Both in black. Love love love it all!


  70. love and follow you both on instagram (molliebogle). just purchased the ida trench and am drooling over the haper wool dress.

  71. Julia Perriello

    ahh the ida trench and clyde skirt are both perfect! love, @juliaperriello

  72. Hien Tran

    Everything is a favorite! If I must choose and because I am not able to choose just one, it will have to be the Ida trench in khaki and the Harper sweater dress in camel wool. Heart eyes for days. That’s my dream wardrobe right there! Of course I am already a mad follower of ES!

  73. Uh this is tough one to chose. I like Eva top, and Tilda pants, and Artist dress as well as Georgia dress.
    I really like silhouettes in their clothes and primary colors that I can combine with clothes I all ready own.
    MY insta name is @_s.u.p.a_

  74. Harper sweater in camel and black Clyde pants no question!! I’ve been eyeing those pants for months, and now that sweater!! 😻 It’s destined to fulfill all my foggy fall dreams, I can just feel it. I will wear this combo every day until spring, at that point moving hemispheres to find fall again so I can keep wearing it. 😍🍃💨🍂🌎✨

    @megradywood on insta 😊

  75. Love Elizabeth Suzann’s thoughtful ethos and aesthetic! Every detail is carefully considered and it shows. I think that’s what makes people feel so connected to her work. I’m big on pants and would choose the Clyde Pant in olive, and Linn Tee. That would be my ideal uniform.

  76. I’ve had my eye on the Cecilia pants forever, and am just trying to save up to buy them! Also, I think she’s going to release boots really soon, and if they are in the same colorway as the mules, then I’m a goner. My insta name is @debbedowner

  77. Elizabeth Suzann is my favorite clothing line hands down. With the gift card I’d purchase the Harper Sweater or Eva dress. If I wanted to splurge I’d totally get the cacoon coat. 😍 I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe as I have a hard time with disposable fashion. Thank you Miss Moss for putting this on! Ig handle @alycialovell

  78. Kaeli Justus

    I’ve followed ES’s Instagram for years and am obsessed with her quality and simple style.
    I love the Tilda Pant and cocoon coat – both in black of course!

    Insta @kaeli_justus

    Fingers crossed!

  79. Katherine

    Oh please please please! I’ve been dying to buy two pair of the Tilda pants – one linen, one silk. I just got my dream job, and have been daydreaming about the perfect wardrobe that can live up to the job. @kmonterrific

  80. Leigh-Ann Matthews

    Oooh would love that Ida trench….. going to live in France for a year and that would be a key item @leighann.matthews

  81. I’ve been eyeing the cocoon coat since you featured ES a while ago. @qphisto

  82. Robyn Paterson

    @robyn.paterson The Georgia Midi in black! and the Ida Trench in khaki! such beautiful beautiful clothes! <3

  83. Andrea Morris

    I would get the Clyde work pant, the knot belt, and the small knot bag, chip in the extra money and wear/use all three every day until they blow away in the wind. Any old shirt will do because ain’t nobody going to be looking at the shirt.


  84. @jennettef love! Probably the artist smock and a Georgia dress.

  85. completely in love with the new collection but still dying to get some of the signature pieces. would love to have the clyde pants and the graphite mules !!

    my instagram is @clementired

  86. Uhh, everything!? Definitely the cocoon coat, but also the Elise dress and the graphite mules! IG: nora_june_beck

  87. I have been searching for some simple staple dresses and tops in silk, linen and navy – ES ticks all the boxes. Georgia Tee in silk crepe navy = tick, Linn Tee in mid-weight linen ivory = tick, Marlena Midi in silk crepe navy = tick.

    I’m genuinely surprised I haven’t seen ES before, so thank you for what will now be a life-long introduction.

    instagram – madelineodonoghue

  88. Absolutely in love with the Maxine Crop, elise dress and clyde work pant. Perfect work essentials! @riette_coetzee

  89. Oh man .. everything? The Harper sweater, Astral crossover top – all the coats! Beautiful clothes! – @rebeccampdx

  90. @grandifloratextiles

    I’m in love with the Harper Sweater in Camel, the Graphite Mules, and the Tilda Pant in Silk. Fingers are crossed, Elizabeth Suzann makes some stunning pieces!

  91. Definitely a pair of their mules, the Marlena tank in raw silk broadcloth, and the Cecilia pant! A whole outfit :) my Instagram is @sara.judy.

  92. I really love the graphite mules! Definitely would get them! IG: elleylle

  93. I love all of their dresses and am currently trying to decide which Harper tunic I like the most (maybe all?).

  94. So hard to choose, all of her pieces are so beautiful…I’d probably go for a Marlena Tank and the Clyde Billow Skirt! @alicroft on Instagram

  95. The tilda pant in silk and the cocoon coat are the stuff of dreams! @rharkai

  96. I would get the Georgia dress in silk in moss, and the knot belt to go with it. I love that she has such diverse models! Beautiful. Insta: @harperlindsay

  97. The Ida trench in Khaki!! with blue jeans, crisp white T :)


  98. I would have to get the IDA trench which I have admired for a long time!

  99. Ella Robson

    The clyde work pant because they are classic and would work no matter what stage in life you are in. Or the Harper sweater dress as it looks super sleek and cozy with winter coming here in Minnesota! IG: @ellacherrey

  100. Ugh, I gush over the Cocoon Coat. Everyday outfit that i’d love to have on non-stop rotation, Emma Kimono with the Tilda Pant + Georgia Tee. also, my insta is @_secretcodes!

  101. So so so hard to choose, buuut I would go for the small knot bag, the emma kimono in black linen, and the linn tee (can’t decide the color yet) <3


  102. A camel Astral vest would be a killer addition to my winter farmers market job wardrobe!

  103. Hi, love this contest!
    Knot belt, LG Knot purse, and Elise Dress
    IG: buuchkoo

  104. oh wow such a great collection the ASTRAL CROSSOVER DRESS is lovely as well as the eva dress. Any of the mules are amazing too! hope it get lucky :) @fitchski

  105. Mallory Fletchall

    What a dream giveaway! I would love the Florence Pant in black, and a pair of the Sandstone mules!

  106. I would looooove the black Raw Silk Harper Dress. Another pair of Tilda pants would also be a treat, probably in khaki. I think it would round out my winter wardrobe. @femina.ex.astris

  107. jacquelyn

    Been following this brand for some time on Insta! Would def. use this credit toward the Cocoon Coat. My Cancer Moon loves coats that can be wrapped around the body like a blanket. :)


  108. Katie ann

    That Harper sweater dress in camel is to die for! That pocket! Following on IG: my handle is katieannfpb

  109. I had my first baby 2 weeks ago and *literally* nothing fits! I would love a transitional wardrobe for Winter, especially from a brand that I have so admired, and that works on all sorts of body types [since this body can not stop changing]!!! On a side note: I have been loving watching your little one and your adventures in motherhood – so nice to see slightly around the corner and observe what is ahead! Thank you for continuing to share <3


  110. Oh man! I would absolutely get some of their new winter collection – the cocoon coat for sure would be at the top of my list and maybe a wonderful dress. I already wear their clothing nearly everyday and want to add to my closet.

  111. Hey!

    I love the Clyde work pants and the Astral crossover top!

    My instagram handle is @xanele

  112. so hard to choose! but my faves are the ida trench, marlena tank (long-time admirer) and florence pant in silk crepe – gorgeous! instagram is @noreally

  113. Beryl Alexander

    The long sleeve Harper dress would be my pick. I can just imagine how that silk will feel! My Instagram is @berylalex

  114. Seriously been stalking Elizabeth Suzann online for the last year. So many of her clothes are out of my budget, but I love checking out her amazing designs. If I had $500 I know EXACTLY what I would get :)
    *Tilda Pant in Silk Crepe
    *Georgia Midi in Raw Silk
    I also love the cocoon coat, and the mules are all amazing.

    My instagram is @katieredwards

  115. Nicola Meyer

    Love the Astral Crossover Dress @run_on_coffee

  116. Love Georgia dress and Harper top! Would love to have one of her pieces in my forever wardrobe someday. Mackenziesasser

  117. Emily Ord

    The Large Knot Bag and Harper Tunic combo would be so cute (not to mention functional and comfortable) for my new job!

    • Jessica paulson

      Probably help if I provide the item! Eva dress to wear over my Florence pants

  118. Wonderful to be introduced to a brand with consciousness and craftsmanship. I find it impossible to find bags I like, but I love the knot bag! And the new boots that are on their way soon are also very tempting indeed. Thank you Miss Moss. Love your blog.

    My instagram handle is entered the website box.

  119. Catherine Paterson

    This is very difficult. I love the Florence pant and the Georgia midi and the Clyde Billow skirt is so so good. —And the Astral crossover dress. This would be a treat worth a whole year of treats. @patherinecaterson

  120. I am obsessed with this brand, and have been saving for the Georgia Midi! I dream about its texture, it’s movement, how I would style it, how often I would wear it and what color would be the most versitle for me. I have mostly decided on the Navy, but each time I visit the site I can’t help but lust over the Bronze. If I were to win the giveaway it would be a tough decision to choose between a Navy or Bronze in the Georgia Midi, because I would have to add the Ida Trench and a Maxine Crop! Thank you for introducing me to Elizabeth Suzann! @Yo_V

  121. @veryerytiny here: I love the Tilda pant and Harper sweater. And everything in silk of course.

  122. 😭 need the clyde pants and ida trench. love her stuff


  123. I would love to revamp my wardrobe starting with the Tilda or Florence pants. Add in the beautiful Emma kimono and you have a beautiful Saturday outfit to wear to the city! IG is @morganjrich

  124. Such elegant apparel! Swooning for the Ida Trench in black followed closely by the Eva Top and Dress! Thanks for the introduction to this super classy company!
    @designconfections :)

  125. I loved the Astral Crossover dress
    The Maxine crop and the Florence pant are so beautiful
    The Small Knot Bag is cute and so elegant :)

    IG: @noeliam__

    From Ecuador

  126. Elizabeth

    I’m completely in love with the Florence Pants and Eva Top. I have loved this brand’s style and ethics for the longest time!

  127. I’ve been following Elizabeth Suzann for sometime now and she just keeps getting better and better.
    It would be a tough toss up between the Harper Sweater Dress or the TIlda Pants and Artist Smock!

  128. I would love to spend my days cozied up in the crescent pant and harper sweater dress in black. If I was able to get three items, I would also get an Eva Top as well so I have a little more variety to wear these items. @sarahkernohan

  129. How to choose! I’ve been eyeing the Cocoon coat obsessively. But also have heard great things about the Clyde pant, and it would be hard to resist anything in that flowy silk crepe goodness. (@squishcrinkle)

  130. Meghan Caudill

    Love Elizabeth Suzann! I’ve had my eye on the Tilda pant and Georgia midi. @meghancaudill

  131. Shanna Sanders

    Everything is so beautiful! I would definitely use the giveaway to go towards the purchase of that amazing cocoon coat.

    Instagram: @shannashanders

  132. Lauren Adelman

    I would use my $500 voucher to buy both myself and my roommate one of the to-die-for silk dresses. We both love minimalist clothing and we both accidentally end up #twinning with each other often, and always get a laugh when we do. Her birthday’s coming up and I’d love to make it happen on purpose this time :-). @l_o_l_a_lolaa

  133. Love those power neutrals! I’d spend $500 on a few sale pieces that can carry me over from season to season. <3

  134. My wishlist grows by the day! I would love to use a voucher for the long sleeve, raw silk Harper tunic and dress, plus a pair of the new Tilda pants. Thank you for the giveaway! (@mythologiemythologie)

  135. Elli Siedner

    The harper sweater dress really caught my eye, absolutely lovely.
    Instagram: weinyael

  136. My wishlist grows by the day! I would love to use a voucher for the new cotton Tilda pant, and a raw silk Harper tunic to layer up this winter. Thanks for the giveaway! [@mythologiemythologie]

  137. Robyn Schanzlin

    Clyde pants forever!! IG @robynschanzlin

  138. Yonit Amitai Cohen

    So hard to chose! I can imagine living in the Georgia or Marlena dresses, and I’ve had my eye on the Harper Tunic for a while…. I’m @yonit.amitai on IG.

  139. joanna kam

    I would love the cocoon coat in camel! I love their colour palette.
    Instagram: @joanna_kam

  140. I love the Florence linen pants 😻

  141. Anna Potter

    Have always adored & insta – stalked this brand but never been able to afford it! I also love the Ida trench (so classic) and also the Florence pant in the cream (silk is divine but i have a toddler and a newborn, so… stains… in fact I should probably go black!!) @banana_rama

  142. Julie Lacourciere

    Linen Florence pants 😻

  143. Anna Potter

    Whoops, typo with insta handle ^^… its 3am and feeding newborn, sorry!!

    It’s @ban_ana_rama


  144. Alyssa Devantier

    Love this company! This giveaway is a dream… I’d buy the Florence pant right away and then be left to choose between the artist dress or a pair of the shoes.

    Instagram: alyssa_devantier

  145. Estee Waller

    Would love to wear the Harper dress and tilda and crescent pants.

    Instagram: littlerodstewart

  146. I’d call my mom and pick out matching dresses. This year I am exactly half her age and love the thought of something that we can both wear. @burritothedog

  147. I would love to have every piece, but I especially adore the Harper Tunic and the Graphite mules.


  148. Hi! I’ve been dreaming of and saving up for a couple of Elizabeth Suzann pieces for some time now! Thanks to both of you for offering this giveaway! I’d choose the maxine crop in black silk, the clyde work pant (for days in the studio… I’m a floral designer), and the astral crossover dress in moss silk crepe. I might have to go overboard and throw in a sturdy linen tunic as well (again, for the studio!).


  149. I’d have to go with the Clyde Work Pant in black. I love the silhouette.


  150. Andrea E.

    Gorgeous, love the pics. Love the simplicity of the items yet they speak loudly! I love the Eva dress… and everything…..

  151. Eeeck! How unbelievably exciting. If I won, I’d splurge it all on the wool Harper dress, something I’d never be able to afford on my own. I’m an ethical lifestyle blogger, so for the last three years I’ve only purchased items if I know where and how they are made. I love that Elizabeth Suzann holds those same values dear. I love that she makes her clothes in Nashville and I really love where she’s sourcing the wool for this dress. If chosen, I’d be so honored to wear this dress all winter long. Love, @johannatropiano #consciousclosets

  152. The Ida Trench and the Eva Dress are my picks too. And the Astral vest! It’s all so beautiful and the editorial is a dream.

    Instagram: @othercreatures

  153. Very much into the long sleeve Harper dress.


  154. katharine

    clyde pants + harper tunic = perfect outfit

    i’m @kthrnshlds

  155. Hi! I am loving the Ida trench, the harper sweater, and the eva dress – swoon! My instagram handle is @animalnecklaces

  156. I think I NEED a Cocoon Coat in Black – and the Harper tunic turned dress is amazing! I am @spiritboxinsocal on instagram – and have been following @elizsuzann for a while

  157. I love the Georgia dress in linen and the Emma kimono in linen! My instagram is @automazica

  158. I would choose a pair of graphite mules and the Clyde work pant in black. Also maybe the small knot bag? Love EVERYTHING!


  159. I love EVERYTHING, but if I had to choose, I’d say the Ida Trench, the Cocoon Coat or the Emma Kimono.

    My IG is @teenangster!

  160. Caitlin Marr

    beautiful! im feeling those pants and the skirts the most!


  161. WOW, would this be AMAZING!! Having just had our third child, I would love some of these pieces to fit my new body, look put together, feel comfortable, AND feel like myself! The Florence pants, longsleeve Harper tunic in silk, and Georgia midi are all speaking to me. Fingers extra crossed! Thanks so much for the opportunity! instagram: @awwilson

  162. Charmaine

    Probably the Elise Dress (because fitted is more my thing) and the Astral Crossover Top (would look great with tucked into a pencil skirt)

    Instagram @ginger_sailor

  163. I would spend my gift toward a cocoon coat! I already follow ES on instagram (@birdyleefinnegan_) Thanks for the opportunity!

  164. I would snatch up the Clyde work pant.
    Been looking for a comfortable pair of pants as a work wear staple!

    All their pieces are so lovely, thanks for the introduction xx


  165. Clyde Work Pant and Astral Crossover Top!!! @sashahelinski :)

  166. Clyde, Eva, and Ida, oh my!

    Long time follower of Elizabeth Suzann. Love her work!


  167. Astral Crossover Top and Clyde Work Pants! @sashahelinski :)

  168. Mia danieli

    Emma kimono, artist dress, linn tee!


  169. Loveeeee this collection- lusting for a cocoon coat 😍

    Ig: @hannahemile

  170. Katey Ruddick

    Pants pants pants!!!! @aquariantendencies

  171. i absolutely ADORE elizabeth suzann, so i already have a very long wish list… so i´d definitely get the IDA TRENCH and a CLYDE WORK PANT – in my dreams i wear only and all of her cloths ;)

    insta: @annawsake

  172. Courtenay

    @courtenayrc I love Elizabeth Suzann, sadly do not own anything yet but would love to have multiple pieces, though my first selection would be the sandstone mules I have been eyeing since they were first introduced. They look so comfortable and perfect for me as a walker of San Francisco hills.

  173. i have long loved and admired Elizabeth Suzann’s collections and aesthetic…. and if i could stock my entire wardrobe for summer ( or any season for that matter ) with her gorgeous pieces i absolutely would… for now i would get the GEORGIA MIDI in flax, the HARPER TUNIC in flax and/or the CLYDE BILLOW SKIRT in natural…

    here’s to hoping ; )


  174. instagram is mollie_sees. i love everything but would pick the mules, the boots, and some of the raw silk and wool pieces!!!

  175. I’ve been eyeing the Graphite Mules and the Clyde work pants for ages, so I’d definitely scoop them up! Basically love everything ES creates, though.


  176. Neave Griffin

    I would get so much wear out of the Crescent pant and the Harper sweater!!
    My Insta handle is @neavegriffin

  177. Brooke Oseland

    I’ve visited Shaniko more than once (we stay in Terrebonne at this magical Lookout cabin that overlooks the Deschutes River). The setting was an wise choice for such beautiful clothes. Stunning. I would live in the Artist Smock!

  178. Madeline Taskier

    Elizabeth Suzann has the most beautiful clothes! From the new collection I would definitely get the Long sleeve Harper Tunic, the Eva Top in Raw Silk Broadcloth, and the Tilda Pant in that beautiful khaki color. Seriously, one of my absolute favorites!
    My insta handle is @mtask66

  179. The cocoon coat is an absolute dream! @vidalarubbio

  180. Kristina M

    I’m super obsessed with the astral crossover dress and the clyde billow skirt!

  181. Oh I just found out about this brand yesterday and swooned hard! What good timing. I would take the Eva top and the Georgia dress in a second…

    Instagram is mar_moset. Fingers crossed!

  182. OOOOH, I would combine the Limestone Mules with the supercool Astral Crossover dress!


  183. Elizabeth Suzann makes such gorgeous pieces, but I have yet to have the pleasure of owning any! I’m loving the Astral Vest from the CWC, and the Cecilia Pant from the Signature Collection has always looked divine.


  184. All of her things are beautiful! I would choose the long sleeve harper dress and of course those gorgeous mules. My instagram is @arianasarar

  185. Far too many to choose! But… Would definitely go for the Clyde pants in olive an Emma kimono in natural and Eva top in natural cotton twill. @sounds.like.candy

  186. Umm, I would obviously have put it toward that STUNNING cocoon coat! @katembarrett

  187. Currently coveting the long sleeve harper dress and those tilda pants! @lalalaleslou

  188. I would buy the absolutely perfect Cocoon Coat to cocoon in it…the extra-stylish way! I love everything about Elizabeth Suzann, those minimalistic lines and colours! PICK ME!



  189. Jaime Brassil

    Oh man. The heart wants every colour of the Harper tunic. I can just picture throughing it over my jeans in the morning and working away all day, effortless cool. Surely I would be more creative in such magic robes? And as the night came; time for g&t’s with the girls… artist smock dress – no need to brush your hair.

  190. i love the ida trench so so so much. a needed purchase! @d_vanderende

  191. Thank you for the introduction to this beautiful brand! I would live in the Astral Crossover dress and love it to death. @rachelandtroy

  192. I was literally just swooning over this collection over on Calivintage, and here you are! These clothes are like the materialization of things I consciously (Cocoon Coat) or unconsciously (Astral Vest) wished for. I’d have to go with that vest, though—what an incredibly smart, beautiful, and unique piece.


  193. Libby Peterson

    The Clyde Work Pant in every color, please and thank you! ES is so brilliant — thank you for the chance! IG @libbyosity

  194. Oh, the lovely Eva Dress in Cotton Canvas and Artist Dress! x @sarahryan99

  195. I would definitely put the $500 towards the oh so beautiful COCOON COAT for the New York winter that is well on its way! @laurenva

  196. Elani Joubert

    Wow! Moss coloured Tilda pant and nude Marlena midi dress, perfect for our African summer safari we have been looking forward to all year! Love the fact that some items show how the clothes fit on all body types! I would buy one of everything in every colour if I had the money. Beautiful! Insta: elani_

  197. If I won the $500, the Marlena dress and the Astral crossover dress would be mine! :) Been following Elizabeth Suzan (and Miss Moss) for a while now, my IG handle is jasmijnlianne.

  198. I would purchase the Eva Dress and Florence Pant, both in cotton canvas. They are beautiful individually, and I love the way that they work together. @mcremington

  199. Laura Merton

    OMG…such an amazing giveaway! The simple, chic elegance of the Astral Crossover dress cannot be understated! Would love to own this magical piece. I follow ES on IG :)

  200. Hai Yen Nguyen

    I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Suzann for a long time and would love to own some of her dreamy creations. The Artist Dress and Elise Dress are calling my name. @swiftlet

  201. without a doubt… FLORENCE PANT + THE SANDSTONE MULE.. so many good these, her and her team are such a talent. @anntorian

  202. gosh their clothes are beautiful, its hard to master but when loose and comfortable is also beautiful and feminine (and flattering!) its such a perfect combo

    it would stretch the voucher but this coat looks like the most beautiful thing to wear https://elizabethsuzann.com/collections/cold-weather-collection/products/cocoon-coat-heavy-basketweave-wool?variant=29861944332

    or the artist dress is beautiful


  203. Adi Luria

    The Georgia dress is just perfect! And all accessories are so elegant! Love to win this! @adiluria

  204. need to add the Elise dress and Tilda pant to my wardrobe please! @caseybotta

  205. love the georgia midi dress in silk crepe, the linen emma kimono, and the harper tunic. really everything is so good — her use of pockets is beautiful. @mirkat239

  206. Melanie Ting

    Thank you for introducing me to the PERFECT brand. Elizabeth Suzann clothes are so DREAMY! Love everything in there but especially the Cocoon coat and Mule shoes. SO OBSESSED! Thanks Miss Moss!


  207. Melanie T

    Thank you for introducing me to the PERFECT brand. Elizabeth Suzann clothes are so DREAMY! Love everything in there but especially the Cocoon coat and Mule shoes. SO OBSESSED! Thanks Miss Moss!


  208. I’ve had an imaginary cart filled with ES goods for yonks, and now that I’m pregnant I figure I’m inevitably going to end up checking out at some stage (thank you, generous silhouettes! Also, how freaking great is her diversity campaign? Love it). I’m into the Georgia tees & dresses and I’d probably end up with a pair of pants – the Clyde or the Florence or the Tilda, it’s hard to choose – they look so comfy and practical for postpartum wear. But also, the drape of the new Harper dress is stunning… tough call! @nuclearlark

  209. Victoria Way

    Thank you for offering this! I’ve been saving up for something of hers…
    The Astral Vest, the Cecilia pant and any of the silk tops are perfect!

  210. I’d be working in style with the Tilda or Clyde work pants, but the Georgia dress wouldn’t go astray either! xx

  211. I love everything so much, but if I had to narrow it down I’d go with the linen Harper tunic and the cocoon coat. IG @tegsmchugh

  212. My favorites are the Florence pants, the Harper tunic and the new Harper sweater dress is amazing. I would also love any of the silk crepe dresses! @inside_my_pocket.

  213. Such a hard choice! I would have to go for the Clyde Work Pant in Natural and the cotton twill Harper Tunic in Natural. I’ve been dreaming of adding some of these stunning pieces to my wardrobe!

  214. Wow those photos are stunning!!

    I would definitely get the marlena dress in silk crepe and the georgia dress in the linen. They are such beautiful pieces.
    I want to commend Elizabeth Suzann for including pictures of her clothes styled on models who are different ages, ethnicities and body types. It really helps when you can look at one of the ladies and picture how the clothes would look on you! Well done, it is definitely something i’d love to see more brands doing!!!!

    Thanks miss moss for supporting such awesome (and gorgeous) brands and designers.


  215. Whitney Johnson

    I’ve been pining over so many pieces on the Elizabeth Suzann site! If I win I would choose: the Cecilia pant, the Tilda pant in mid weight linen, Harper tunic in cotton twill and the Linn tee in mid weight linen. I’d probably spend more…@whitneyhahn

  216. carol fagan


    I too love the shoes and the Eva dress, the Cocoon coat (!), and the Harper felted wool sweater!

  217. Elizabeth Suzann is my absolute favorite; so this is very exciting. My eyes are on the cold weather Harper styles, the Georgia midi, and the cocooon coat 😍
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  218. Robyn Hunter

    The Eva dress and the Elise dress would be my picks! Very difficult to choose – everything is gorgeous. @llama_llama_studio

  219. laura kroll

    Harper Sweater Dress or pretty much anything else she designs. I’m a big fan!

  220. Oh my goodness! Everything is so beautiful! The Georgia Midi and Astral Crossover dresses could easily become staples in my closet! :D

    Insta: @kphiggs

  221. The Elise Dress! oh and those accessories! That belt!
    *fingers crossed*

  222. It’d be impossible to go wrong with anything, but I would make the Cecilia pant and Georgia top my uniform if I could.


  223. I would so love to win the voucher to be able to revitalise my winter wardrobe for the cold and grey Melbourne winters and to be able to feel the soft Oregon wool against my skin. I am a student with a teeny tiny budget so this would mean the world to me! Love from @janie_

  224. Leana Engelbrecht

    Lovel love love the cocoon coat! @lonzie_lonz

  225. Astral top, Marlene tank, Georgia tee..
    All in silk..

  226. Elizabeth Suzann clothes, the marriage of perfect fabric and design.
    My top choices:
    Clyde work pant & Georgia tea: to wear on dates, fancy events, and while I work in my garden, to clean out the chicken coop, and while I check on my honey bees, because the best clothes can go everywhere.
    And the Marlena tank, silk perfection.

  227. What a fantastic giveaway!!

    Elizabeth Susann pieces are all stunning but the Harper Dress and the Georgia in every shape and fabric are just too good!!


  228. Elizabeth

    Cecilia pants and Eva top in cotton and then I’d wear them every day! @elizabethalley

  229. Jennifer Hellum

    Oh man. Everything is so beautiful!! I’d invest in a long-sleeved Eva dress in black, with an Eva shirt in tan. I love the silhouette. It has a marvellous, timeless elegance. Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been looking for this simplicity in clothing for ages. @weret61

  230. Gorgeous! I love the Emma Kimono and Harper Tunic – so many beautiful items! my IG is jbuttolp

  231. I love the Harper dress and the cocoon coat. But every piece she designs is so functional and beautiful! @tingefloral on Instagram.

  232. Amanda Musser

    All of her wool jackets would be perfect for my commute to downtown Seattle! Love her style
    Insta: amandajm_

  233. The whole collection is absolutely amazing, but if I had to pick just a few…the Eva dress in raw silk is lovely and who wouldn’t want that cocoon coat in their closet!! I love that’s Liz is going local and using Oregon sheep for her wool! My insta id is paigely13…thanks for the giveaway!!

  234. This whole collection is absolutely amazing!! Liz has done it again! If I had to pick just a few things it would probably be the Eva dress in raw silk, and who wouldn’t want that cocoon coat in their closet?! Love the use of local Oregon sheep for the wool this time around! My insta id is paigely13…thanks for the giveaway!

  235. Oh I love Elizabeth Suzann! I would get the Astral crossover dress from the new collection. @chloeskyede

  236. Definitely invest in outerwear: the trench and the kimono are awesome! Insta: @allisonluisa

  237. Yehsong Kim

    the Linn tee is amazing. The harper sweater too! <3 @yehsong

  238. Aimee Glisson

    Love love all of her classic staples, especially the Artist dress, what a timeless beauty!

  239. I really like the graphite mule. Thanks for the giveaway!

    instagram: blairbarone

  240. Got to have those crescent pants! and the eva top to go with it! @yulieu

  241. Holly houston

    Oh my gaaaaahd, I love it all so much. I would choose the Florence pant and the Georgia midi dress… I would have a tough time choosing the fabric and colour! All so special xx @houstondesignco

  242. The Black Clyde Work Pant + Moss Georgia Tee + Black Georgia Midi Dress + Ok, can I just have it all? @mariz_

  243. Jane Paterson

    instagram @janepaterson

    I would spend my $500 on a black Georgia Midi dress in raw silk and a black pair of Clyde work pants.

  244. I think it would take me HOURS to choose what to buy with a voucher, because I love everything what Elizabeth Suzann creates! I’m now following her on Instagram since at least one year and I love the materials, the colors and the shapes she uses and most of all I appreciate the love she puts in everything she creates.
    If I’s won the voucher I’d try to choose a new Elizabeth Suzann outfit for me. As a top I’d choose the new Astral Crossover Top in black raw silk. As a bottom the Tilda Pant in black or khaki cotton…these pants seem so damn comfortable! To complete my outfit for the colder days I’d love to combine the pants with the Harper Sweater in wool.
    On instagram I’m @pet.ale

  245. The Eva dress has me swooning! As does the stunning trench!

    Insta is @quinndoyle
    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway, Diana!

  246. Katherine

    Oooo, those crescent pants and the mule shoe. Maybe also the clyde billow skirt! Such a great collection. IG @katieccarroll

  247. Fernanda Cannalonga

    Georgia dress is he absolute must have! I would choose some tops too. They are just amazing, comfortable and very well made. My instagram is @fecanna. ;)

  248. ClaireMay

    I love all the Navy! Eva and Georgia and tough decisions for the rst

  249. Could easily drop the voucher + more. The Clyde work pants look perfect for studio life, especially ith a Georgia or Linn top, in linen of course. However, the Cocoon coat has to be a favourite for the amazing shape.

    Instagram is @georgiecummingsdesign

    Thank you!

  250. This collection is beyond words. I would love the white canvas Ida trench, it would look so chic with a little black dress!
    My Instagram tag is @lwolfwolf :)

  251. Tatiana Nemirovskaya

    I love the new long sleeve Harper tunics and dresses in all new fabrics but I have to say I’m intrigued by the structural shape of cotton canvas in this new collection. I love the Eva dress and the Ida coat in a new wonderful cold tone white “eggshel” color.

    My Instagram is @ilovebittersweets

  252. I’m fascinated by the materials, colors and shapes of Elizabeth Suzann Clothes! With the voucher, I would definitely purchase the Cecilia Pant for my upcoming internship and the Maxine Crop for weekends :)
    I’m @aggndaggn on instagram

  253. I’ve been following this label since your last giveaway and have been loving the sneak peeks of this shoot.
    I love the Florence pants, silk or linen. The mules in charcoal too.

  254. Elizabeth Mackenzie

    I would love to get my hands on the long-sleeve harper dress and a Georgia Tee. so beautiful!
    Instagram handle: @traxxhound

  255. Imelda Vargas

    I love and need absolutely everything from this collection but my favorites are the Cocoon coat and the Harper sweater. Both are super practical and cozy and I can’t wait to wear them all winter.

    Instagram: @lamonjagitana

  256. It is a tough decision between the Ida Top, the Tilda Pant or the cold weather Harper dress (the neckline😍). It is fun to dream!

  257. Elizabeth Suzann has nailed it yet again… perfect design meets perfect fabrics. Oh how I would LOVE to win this voucher!

  258. I would love the harper dress for the winter. Eveningg on ig

  259. I’ve been a huge fan of her mules in sandstone for a while! I also love the Georgia dress in navy. My IG is _kristinebiggs

  260. Astral Crossover Dress is the ultimate dress for all kindsa adventures! Work to drinks, farewelling my dude, greeting my dude, smoochin and dancing – yes please!

  261. Hellooo! Greetings from Romania. Well if I were to win I would probably buy: Clyde work pant (cotton twill) alongside that Emma Kimono ooor I would buy that Ida Trench. My favorite product though is the Cocoon coat.

  262. Mridula Koshy

    I love all the pants but especially the clyde work pant and the crescent pants. Love the Eva dress in silk and the cocoon coat and clyde billow skirt. I’m mridulasusan on IG

  263. Ita Darling

    Oh I hope I’m not too late to this party!

    I love the Marlena tank so much with its deep v option! The graphite mule is a winner and I think that Clyde billow skirt would see a lot of summer wear!

    Additional loves- the Ida trench, the artist dress and the Emma Kimono!!

    I love Elizabeth Suzann and her commitment to inclusive bodies, employment in her area, and sustainable production! I hope I win!

    Instagram: tsuzikew

  264. I’m in love with the silk Clyde skirt! My IG is jaejaebee1.

  265. Nina Griffiths

    Would start with the Ida Trench and the Eva top…probably wouldn’t stop there though! @ninsgriffiths

  266. Her designs are so clean and lovely, and her materials create wonderful silhouettes. I would kill for the silk crepe Artist Dress, in blue or black, or the Tilda pant in silk. Absolutely gorgeous!

    My instagram is gnightsweetprince

  267. Katherine

    It’s actually pretty easy! For me (because I’m terribly selfish) I would get either the Cecilia Pant (they’re so beautiful) or the Long Sleeve Harper Tunic….it’s a bitter fight between the two, I love them both so much!

    But, most importantly, I’d get the Large Knot Bag for my mom. She recently became a US citizen, Christmas is slowly approaching…and she really should retire the canvas tote bag she’s being using (for the last ten years!) I know she’d love it. =]


  268. I daydream about ES constantly… specifically about living in matching sets of silk and linen Tilda pants and Georgia tees.


  269. I’d love to buy the eva dress!
    I’m in search of a “simple” but beautiful wedding dress and I think I found it. And the black harper sweater. I love the shop, did not know it before
    Instagram: leanoot

  270. hmmm, this is difficult :)

    The ultimate favorite is the Ida Trench in khaki (I just loooove the form and pockets)! Then the Georgia dress in eggshell. I’d love to take it on the Mediterranean tour! And of course the Linn tee <3 (so versatile!)

    instagram – @macausvemiru

  271. Ive had my eye on the Clyde pants and Marlena dresses. So beautiful!! Love that she makes clothes for all body types. I’ve followed on Instagram @revolutionary_nick !! I share account with husband :)

  272. Amazing, amazing line of clothing! I love the silk tops, particularly the tanks and I’m enamored with their Clyde Work Pant! @jeannie.pham

  273. I would totally get the Emma Kimono with the Cecilia Pant– a classic go-to outfit for work. I would also want the Georgia Dress in silk crepe to wear when we have openings at the museum. Elizabeth Suzann’s line captures the minimalist, but still interesting, aesthetic that I absolutely love. I hope to have at least one of her pieces in my wardrobe someday!

  274. I would totally get the Emma Kimono with the Cecilia Pant– a classic go-to outfit for work. I would also want the Georgia Dress in silk crepe to wear when we have openings at the museum. Elizabeth Suzann’s line captures the minimalist, but still interesting, aesthetic that I absolutely love. I hope to have at least one of her pieces in my wardrobe someday! @haystack_charm

  275. I have been eyeing the Clyde Work Pants for years now! I also love the ease of the Georgia Tee, but I might put it towards the Cocoon Coat! So many beautiful designs and silhouettes! IG: @_elisa_pizza_

  276. My absolute favorite piece is the Cocoon coat, it’s gorgeous! Realistically I’d probably go for the Ida trench or silk Eva dress and Florence pant.

  277. Oh wow! The Eva Dress is my fav too. Thank you so much for the generous giveaway! Instagram handle is @lomo_lynn

  278. The Eva top is so lovely. So many no to so basic basics in this beautiful collection-a lot of pondering over what to choose!

    le_fuhs (instagram)

  279. I adore the cocoon coat, the Florence pants, and the trench from the cold weather collection! I just love what she designs, and her clothes (and shoes!) are so so comfortable and versatile. Instagram is @simply.bohemian

  280. I’m Italian and I looooove:
    – LINN TEE

  281. I’m Italian and I looooove:
    – LINN TEE
    fantastic!!! @serehan

  282. Marilet Daniel

    The limestone mule, Clyde workpant and large knot-bag! 😍

  283. I love the LONG SLEEVE HARPER DRESS in raw silk broadcloth, the EVA TOP in raw silk broadcloth and the cocoon coat! Would live in these! my instagram is @jmyint.

  284. Love this! I’ve been following ES for a while, and I’ve been trying to wrack up the nerve to pull the trigger on the Georgia Midi. But the new collection is also so brilliant – in particular I’ve been eyeing the long-sleeve Harper Dress and the Ida Trench. @callyhardy

  285. I discovered Elizabeth Suzann through your blog and have been coveting her designs ever since. The Cocoon Coat is the coat of my dreams, a perfect drape and blend of contemporary and 1920s silhouette. @velveteye

  286. This is amazing; I have dreamed for the last while of being able to wear ES clothing, but living the #universitylife means I can’t quite afford it at the moment. I would use the voucher to invest in some key pieces, like the Artist dress and Georgia top, that I can wear for many years to come. Or perhaps a warm coat to face the Canadian winter! My instagram: @shionskye

  287. Gosh Elizabeth Suzann’s pieces are lovely. I think I would go for the Ida Trench and the Florence Pant.


  288. Giedre Kersiene

    beautiful pieces! I am saving for clyde work pants and cocoon coat is a dream…
    My insta: @giedreker

  289. First off, thank you for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway! Elizabeth Suzann’s collection is nothing short of extraordinary, and it would be an honor to be able to own some of her pieces. I seem to have an endless struggle with the clothes I purchase for my professional career and personal life. I really try to avoid buying things that are too far to the right or left of the spectrum, because then I’m barely getting any proper use out of them! Elizabeth Suzann’s collection however, is the perfect balance for my professional and personal life! For me a dress like the Georgia Midi and any of her shoes would really be my “go-to’s” for every day! Not to mention the Emma Kimono is the perfect piece of outerwear to throw on and look effortlessly chic in a meeting or for a coffee date. Writing about these clothes are getting me too excited for the chance this may become my reality! Thank you again and congratulations on your new baby!

    I am following Elizabeth Suzann on Instagram via @momollika.

  290. matilda sakamoto

    these clothes are so beautiful. I am a fresh college graduate dancer who has the funds of an artist struggling in the city. I love buying sustained;e things but can not do it very often. I would love to get the tilda pants, they are a style I’ve always wanted, also its the nickname my mom calls me, and a georgia top. I would save some of the money for my mom to get something as well, cause she deserves it and needs something nice :) thanks!
    instagram is @tilderz_s

  291. Almost impossible to pick, but it’s between the Long Sleeve Harper Dress, the Georgia Midi (all the dresses look so easy to wear!!) and the Cocoon Coat, because I used to have an amazing vintage wool coat, and my husband accidentally took it to the thrift store (probably the worst thing he’s ever done). And no matter what I think I need that Emma Kimono. Also those mules. And the Large Knot Bag. Everything all of it.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

    IG >>> @hellolaurelhill

  292. I’d love to have the Harper sweater, it would keep me warm for the cold London weather! And the Clyde Billow skirt because I am a sucker for midi skirts.

    Instagram handle is @dotdaria :)

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway! x

  293. the maxine crop!!

    ig is nora_barnacles

    love ur site :)

  294. I’d love the Georgia midi in silk crepe for holiday parties; the cocoon coat; and the clyde pant in cotton canvas! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Every lady deserves a piece from Elizabeth Suzann. My handle is @shaebl

  295. All stunning pieces, but if I’m narrowing down:

    GEORGIA MIDI in mid-weight linen (flax) and in the raw silk broadcloth (black). The cut of that dress is timeless and to die for!

    Following under the IG handle: thesleepypeach :)

    x Stacy

  296. The Ida Trench is beautiful! All of the collection is sublime.

  297. Love ES! I live in her clothes in the summer, but don’t have good winter get-up :) I’d get the harper sweater with a pocket for my lens caps and the astral crossover dress!

  298. Mercedes Bezaury

    The Maxine crop and Clyde work pant have long been pinned to my wishlist. I’d want my mom to have something from Elizabeth Susan, so she would get first pick and I would put the rest of the voucher toward my Maxine/Clyde outfit which I plan to wear for many many years. Thanks for this exciting giveaway!
    Instagram: @merbezaury

  299. Love the Marlena Midi in moss and the Georgia Dress in black silk. I’m pretty sure I could have all dress needs covered by these two pieces! Thanks for offering this great giveaway! @smokedgouda

  300. Holy Cannoli! This is so exciting. It would be a real tough toss up between the Graphite Mule, The Cecilia Pant, and the Georgia Midi in Moss.
    P.S. Thanks for feature such sweet, well intentioned designers!
    Much Love, @aubreighkay

  301. Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway! Long time reader, first time commenter. If I could choose anything from Elizabeth Suzann’s collection to build my wardrobe, it would be the following:
    – EVA TOP


  302. I love the Elizabeth Suzann Cold weather Collection! So many beautiful pieces. My favourites are the Ida Trench and the wool Harper Sweater… they are dreamy! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! IG: @kaeleeclair

  303. Haley O'Connor

    I’m a lady gardener and I feel like I could retire/extend the life of my tilda pants and get a pair for my boss because my god they are the most comfortable and work worthy pair I own.

  304. I’d get the georgia midi and the tilda pant the best.. I already follow Elizabeth Suzann and would be thrilled to win. @thehungryfox is my handle.

  305. I’ve loved ES since you first posted about them!
    I’d go for all of the pants, the cecilia pant + the clyde work pant (those pockets !!) + the florence pants in navy.
    Instagram is @emmarosssy

  306. The Clyde and Tilda pants look AMAZING!! Instagram is @plantsare4ever

  307. Definitely the Eva top and Florence pant! Maybe the Emma kimono too—gah! So hard to choose. Insta: @emfrei

  308. The IDA trench is my dream. Elizabeth Suzann is a dream in general, though! IG – @tanyyaf

  309. Mmmmmmm too lovely. I’d have to blow the budget and go with the Ida Trench in khaki or black and the Georgia Midi in Midweight Linen in navy. Fingers and toes are crossed! @some.small.things

  310. I will spend it on the limestone mule and florence pants!

  311. This clothes are art in their simplicity… I am absolutely in love with each piece. I would definitely go for MARLENA MIDI because it is classic and FLORENCE PANT.

  312. Love the Ida trench and the Maxine Crop top in white. Beautiful Collection.

  313. Over the last few years I have been building up a wardrobe of clothes I either love, need and preferably both. No quantity, no more bad quality, and no more impulsive buying.
    The Artist Dress (in nude) and the Georgia dress (in eggshell) would be great key garments and would be worn by me for as long as they last, and can be dressed up and down for all sorts of occasions. Just beautiful!

    I never won the lottery before, but keeping my optimistic fingers crossed;) @ ingrid.brandth

  314. Wow, what a beautiful collection! I love the Marlena dress in navy – it is stunning! @jlknol

  315. Been madly in love with ES for ages! Would die for a Cocoon Coat from the Winter Collection and a pair of mules. IG: @bonjourjanine

  316. Sophia Kier-Byfield

    Everything’s so beautiful. Clyde Work Pant in navy and/or one of those perfect knot bags! @annasophianadya

  317. Love the Harper sweater and maybe the moss Georgia silk tee <3

  318. Jacqueline

    I read this nearly a year ago on Elizabeth’s instagram: “I look to clothing frequently as a source of comfort, power, and inspiration. I mean that in an intellectual way, but also in a very practical, literal sense. If I wake up in the morning feeling unsure of myself, nervous or anxious, I very consciously choose clothing that makes me feel more confident or secure. These warm hues and cozy textures in our latest editorial are doing just that for me right now. See the full story on the site.” Deeply resonates. I’d wear everything, but especially the silk dresses and tops.


  319. Would love to try the Harper sweater in camel!! My IG is edmondshr :)

  320. McKristie

    Astral Dress and Tilda pants!! Instagram is vintagemck

  321. I absolutely love the color palette of the collection. Camel, white, and black. I really love the Harper sweater dress, the cocoon coat, and the Georgia tee. My handle on IG is “Kryystaa” – thanks!

  322. Emma swift

    Either half of a cocoon coat in black or the new trench. Both so good. Following in both places – @msemmasue

  323. Would be so happy to own any of the dreamy pieces from ES, but love the Georgia dress/tee, the Clyde pant, or any pair of shoes!
    IG: @katylynnp

  324. Megan Hart

    I’m torn between the Georgia Tee in Moss and the Long Sleeve Harper Tunic in Black. But a pair of Mules are a *must have*.


  325. I love everything woven by the Tennessee Textile company. It’s such a meaningful and inspiring relationship to watch unfold between the two companies over the years. @smallandlocal

  326. I would use it to cover a part of the cocoon coat! I’m already following Elizabeth Suzann on Instagram (@immumaqui). Fingers crossed!

  327. Awesome giveaway, thank you! My IG is @m.a.kemp I love the Ida trench and the Harper sweater!

  328. Mandy Lancia

    I’m giddy about the Harper long sleeve dress in black. It’s the perfect piece for any occasion.


  329. Sara Arens

    I would love Clyde work pants or Tulsa pants. I’d also love a linn tee.

    IG @better_chosen_closet

  330. I have such a hard time finding flattering pants – I’d get the tilda pant in black and the florence in tan (and the Georgia Midi dress in Navy if my budget allowed!!)

    insta: @kiratatat.

    thanks for running this giveaway and introducing the brand!

  331. I am saving to buy a pair of clyde pants next year (I am a wardrobe planner), so that would be at the top of my list. I’m also loving all the new variations on the Harper tunic.

    My insta is mlb405

  332. Eva Dress and Eva top are both equally sensational! I think I would have a hard time choosing :)

    Instagram handle | @rita.hello

  333. Morgan Ward

    This is fabulous! Thank you for hosting:) I would love the Artist Smock, Florence Pant, and the Emma Kimono:) Instagram handle is morgan_eve

  334. Elizabeth Briggs

    The cacoon coat in black !!!

  335. The whole CWC is fantastic! I love all the new Harper silhouettes. The Harper Sweater would be top of my list, the wool Liz and her team sourced looks fantastic, I would be swaddled in that cozy goodness every day of this freezing winter!! IG @simplicitleigh

  336. With $500 I would get the TILDA PANT Cotton Canvas in Natural, LONG SLEEVE HARPER TUNIC
    Raw Silk Broadcloth in Eggshell and give the rest of the giveaway to a close friend to enjoy your brand too :) – Instagram handle: zayaan_t


  337. AH! My Mom and I are always exchanging links to things we dream of having from Elizabeth Suzann! If I won the voucher I would definitely have to have the Ida Trench (in black or if I’m convincing myself to be more bold maybe Khaki?) and then gift my mom the mule shoes (I think she would be a limestone lady)

    instagram- katshannon

  338. Swoon, the Marlena tank and Georgia tee are perfection….

  339. Absolutely love the Natural Ida Trench, paired with the Eva Dress or the Cresent Pant, so hard to choose! Absolutely love everything!! @alyssathorp

  340. Debra Bouwer

    Ah now a girl can dream. The hypothetical and victorious Debra would spend her $500 on the Maxine Crop in black raw silk broadcloth, a Linn Tee in white cotton twill, a the Tilda Pant in black silk crepe. Here’s hoping!

    Have been following ES on Instagram for some time and I love how honestly she shares her journey as founder. @debrabouwer

  341. Sarah Oeste

    The ida trench and Harper long sleeve dress are to die for!! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

    Instagram handle: @sarahoeste

  342. the famous cocoon coat and the every season versatility of that Harper tunic, ES is a dream 💛


  343. I’m thinking the Florence pant in navy silk crepe, and the Clyde work pant in black. ES pants are perfection – I have the Cecilias and they look so sharp but couldn’t be more comfortable. @rewardscube

  344. absolutely stunning. Harper Pants and Ida trench
    my insta @guodakersyte

  345. The cocoon coat and ida trench are currently at the tip top of my list! They are both such beautiful evolutions of previous designs. – @jennytrygg

  346. Hello! My instagram is : marmatt1218

    I’d love to have a Harper sweater or a Georgia dress in raw silk. So difficult to choose! It’s all beautiful!

  347. Liz Lopez

    Hi there! I love Elizabeth Suzann’s clothes and have been wanting to buy something for ages!

    I would spend the winnings on:
    -Clyde Work Pant
    -Marlena Tank
    -Georgia Tee


  348. The Crescent pants are my ideal shape, got them in white and would love to get more colors! They remind me of my karate suit from when I was a teenager, still think that was the most flattering outfit I ever had :) handle knobbly_studio

  349. A closet of Elizabeth Suzann is what dreams are made of! Although it is so hard to choose just a couple, I lust after the Eva trench in khaki and some Clyde work pants!

    @miriwishart xo

  350. The Clyde twill work pants and the Sandstone mules are at the top of my very long wishlist!

    IG: naomi__elliott

  351. I love the Linn Tee and Emma Kimono. In any color honestly, the color schemes here are my favorite! @moon__yl

  352. Georgia tee in every fabric and color! IG @sheemsinbk.

  353. Xiang Yu Yeung

    My gratitude goes out to you and ES for hosting such a generous give-away! I’ve been pining after the Georgia Tee and Florence pant for a very long time now and it would be a dream come true to own these timelessly elegant pieces, especially love how the two pair up together in the same colour! IG: Xiangyuyeung

  354. Oh my. I would love love love to win this. I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Suzann for sometime now. I love the trench and the harper sweater dress.


  355. Jaclyn Nicole

    I’ve been saving up to buy Elizabeth Suzann for SO long. I’ve been going through my closet to get rid of what I don’t absolutely love and am starting to replace those items with pieces that are high quality, forever pieces.

    My absolute favorites are the Artist Dress, Emma Kimono, Cocoon Coat and the Mules! Her entire collection is a dream, and would be perfect for my forever wardrobe!

    @laluceblog // @jackirtn

  356. I love her items so much! As much as I’d love to spring for the Cocoon coat, I’d probably invest in the sandstone mule and the Florence pant.


  357. eleanore frank-cisneros

    OH gosh this is a tough choice— I am immediately drawn to the Georgia midi (linen) in Navy *or* the Harper tunic in Navy and the sandstone mule. I am an artist and a doula, and these would both be perfect for client meetings– soft, polished, professional, natural materials, comfortable– all things I want to put out into the world via my appearance. Perfect. Thank you. (my instagram is @eleanorefrank) :)

  358. Janette Leipnitz

    I love the Artist Smock and all of the shoes….if I really had to narrow it down. Everything is gorgeous!


  359. draping

    oh but I pine after her art in the clothing realm!

    the artist smock + georgia tee


  360. After having a peruse through her incredible collections of clothing there is no way I could spend my winnings on anything other than the long sleeve Harper dress and the Harper tunic. The Harper shape is so versaile and I L O V E the pocket, shape, size, everything. Elizabeth knows what a girl wants.


  361. Charmaine

    I’m going to wait for the Sandstone boots to be available. They are so beautiful.

  362. It’s a tough one and it’s a toss up between the cocoon coat and the Georgia Midi dress. Probably the coat because it’s getting cold out here in the Netherlands ;)


  363. Oh, I would go for the ASTRAL VEST. Absolutely lovely! And nice and warm for the cold winters here in Holland.

  364. Philippa W

    Daydreaming of all the ways I would style and love the Clyde Billow Skirt (eggshell raw silk) and the Elise dress – something for work, something to play!

  365. Limestone Mule shoes + any of their dresses. So many beautiful things to choose from!!

    IG: @petrovivier

  366. Okay, so here goes, I would get myself that beautiful Clyde Billow Skirt in black and wear it with a white Eva Top and if there is anything left on my voucher a pair of Limestone mules. Love Elizabeth’s creations! @kimvanrensburg

  367. Wow, beautiful pieces. I’d go for the Marlena midi dress, leather belt and knot bag. A perfect outfit! @tamsinranger

  368. Those graphite mules would never leave my feet !! Also love the Georgia Midi to pair with the mules!



  369. I’ve been loving their clothes for years now but never bought something, mostly because it comes from USA and I would have to pay lots of taxes… but I loooove so many things such as the CLYDE WORK PANT in black or their beautiful silk crepe stuff like the MARLENA MIDI or DRESS.
    SO I hope to win ;)


  370. I love the hollow skirts, work pants & the bags are awesome.
    X t.
    insta: @tara_henthorn

  371. Kerry Richardson


    My beloved 5 year old winter coat doesn’t have many more winters in it so I would replace it with the IDA TRENCH Black. It’s perfect.

    I would also purchase CRESENT PANT Natural for my Honeymoon next summer. Beautiful range and beautiful fabrics

  372. The entire collection is sublime, I am so torn! Her clothes have always been a dream for me; unattainable and etheral all at once. Forced to choose, I would probably spend the voucher on a Clyde Billow Skirt (in any colour!) – and a Marlena dress for my sister.


  373. Love almost everything ES produces. So dreamy. Currently, I have my eyes set on the Cocoon coat in black and the Limestone mule. Fingers crossed!! Thanks for the opportunity Xx

    Instagram: @sarahthornton

  374. Harper sweater and crescent pants… yes please! All of her clothes are gorgeous! @csuher

  375. Absolutely love everything, but the i’m in love with Tila pant and Georgia dress

  376. Clyde pants and the Linn shirt, both in black canvas. Perfect for Texas winter.

  377. Love ES! Would definitely use the opportunity to pick up a wool Harper dress and tunic, and a pair of shoe :) IG: @hwardell

  378. Absolutely love everything, but the i’m in love with Tila pant and Georgia dress
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. @nailakb

  379. Lucy Wileman

    Owning a pair of the graphic mules would cause my eyeballs to shoot joyful sunbeams every time I laid eyes on them. Which might be uncomfortable, but It’d be worth it.

    I’m over @lucymareewileman

  380. Shannon Buckley

    The release of ES cold weather collections is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of year! I’d be lying if I didn’t say my absolute favorites that I’m chomping at the bit about are the Cocoon Coat and the Ida Trench, but I’m also super curious about the uniqueness of the Astral Vest. Thank you for generously hosting this giveaway! My IG handle is @shannydoots. :)

  381. I’d love the Georgia Tee, the Marlena Tank and the Tilda Pant! @windwardmade

  382. the eva top and the clyde work pant (still a favorite after all this time)! i love all of her pieces so much. thanks for this giveaway!
    IG: unclesweaters

  383. Bridgid Finn

    Harper sweater dress in black. Gorgeous!

    IG bridgidfinn

  384. misstooky

    The Georgia dress in Linen and the Large Knot bag are fantastic pieces. IG: misstooky

  385. Shawdie Hazegh

    So many lovely things! The Georgina dress and Clyde pants probably would be at the top of the list :)
    IG: shazegh

  386. I’m smitten with the Harper dress and Ida Trench. They pick the loveliest names for their garments! I follow Elizabeth Suzann on Instagram @taigapress.

  387. I need the Georgia dress in linen, Tilda silk crepe pants, and the raw silk Cycle billow skirt in my life! Following on Instagram as Aletalin (private account)

  388. With a little one on the way, I am looking for clothes that I can wear during and after pregnancy. It’s hard to find clothes that still feel like my personal style and don’t look too “maternal”. I would spend the money on the Artist Dress in Navy and the Georgia Dress in White! Or…. I may just cozy up in the Harper Sweater dress all winter long and call it good. You can’t go wrong!
    IG: kimmorski

  389. Awesome dresses!!! I love tilda pants and harper dress
    Insta: @godimira

  390. Signature collection please!
    Artist dress in Navy silk crepe & the Clyde work pant in black.
    IG: laurenburnstoast

  391. i would love the Cresent Pant!

    insta – @camelaguevara

  392. All of the raw silk I could get my hands on!

    IG tillikum

  393. I love the Georgia dress in black raw silk and the Eva top in ivory raw silk!
    IG: klschluets

  394. Oh man. As impossible as it is to pick a favorite, I think I’d go with the Astral top/dress. And really anything Georgia. Oh, and the shoes. I’m dying over the shoes.

    I follow you both on Instagram: @utleyar


  395. I’m absolutely obsessed with the camel-colored Cocoon Coat!!!
    Reminds me of something my grandmother wore, but with the perfect modern twist.

    Insta handle listed with email address

  396. i want/need the harper dress or harper sweater dress… or both!!
    instagram: julieamalone

  397. Daniella Menashe

    The artist dress is a dream!

  398. Daniella Menashe

    The artist dress would be a dream!

  399. Whitney R.

    I would go for the Clyde Work Pant in olive! Thanks for sharing! Instagram handle: @wcreyes

  400. Oh the things i would do with $500. The Ida Trench has been on my wishlist all season… along with the limestone mules, and the long sleeve harper tunic. The florence pant in black are quite possibly the perfect holiday pants.. I think i need all of the above!

    ig @kirbyemerson

  401. I would buy pants! Mine are all too tight after spending time in Italy. Nom nom. Insta handle phoebe_von

  402. Jennifer Cole

    Wow! Such a generous giveaway! I have so many favorites — the Clyde work pant, the Georgia tee, the Marlena dress are my top three for the moment. I am jennifer_cole_ on Instagram

  403. I’m gearing up for winter in New England now– the Harper sweater and Eva too would be perfect for layering and my quest to stay warm this year. @annahohos

  404. the astral crossover dress and marlena dress are both beautiful!! @amsnow92

  405. Amazing collection!

    I would like a pair of shoes (the limestone mule). But it’s difficult to make a choice, everything is beautiful!

  406. cara mcshane

    mules mules mules! maybe a crop top. thanks for the giveaway! @caramcshane

  407. Tessa Ranish-ODonnell

    I love the Georgia Midi Dress and Clyde pants! Im saving money for these pieces and more…..
    I think the whole line is so wonderful and versatile though, and I love the philosophy behind the brand that its very hard to choose!

    IG: @tessrodo

  408. Ashley Deitz

    I love the long sleeve Harper dress and the Georgina dress. So many pretty things in lovely neutrals! ahdeitz

  409. so many perfect pieces! and really incredible photography!
    i love the cocoon coat and the could see myself wearing the harper sweater every day. the georgia midi dress is great too! @sneeee

  410. The Elise Dress combined with the Linn Tee – uhh, Yes Please! Well done Elizabeth on making such wonderful garments! @modernhearts

    • Every Elizabeth Suzann look is an outfit I only dream of wearing. The Olive Kimono and Tilda pants would solve all my problems, though mainly something to interview in, and also karaoke in. If only…


  411. Hi! I’m obsessing over the Florence pant in black cotton canvas! I’d get a pair, as well as the Eva Top in raw silk broadcloth in eggshell. What a perfect outfit! xx @una_floral

  412. April Chase

    I’ve had my eye on the Tilda pants for a while now, so definitely those… not sure what else, it is so hard to pick! Instagram april.chase

  413. This stuff is beautiful! I would absolutely adore a pair of the Tilda Pant in Silk Crepe in Navy and a Knot Bag!!

    ig: @inniemeenie

  414. Katherine Moes

    I would love the Georgia Tee and the Marlena Midi <3 @katherinemoes

  415. The Emma Kimono would be the clear winner for me. So easy and so fresh! My instagram handle is @kateealbee

  416. The Artist Smock and Florence Pants are next on my (very long!) wishlist of Elizabeth Suzann pieces. Seriously the most beautiful clothing I have seen in a long time <3

  417. the black ava dress and the ida trench! beautiful! @janetti25

  418. As a ceramicist I require a lot of comfort without looking like a stoner collage student. Basically something that I can work, eat and nap in without needing to put on something fancy. I think anything in her range would cover those basis. Absolutely beautiful, effortless elegance in each piece.


  419. Lauren Greve

    Wow, such beautiful pieces to choose from! I adore the Crescent and Cecilia pants in black. The Georgia Tee is also sublime. The linen looks so comfy! @lollygreve

  420. Fabiana Patriarca


    My name is Fabiana I’m a shoes designer based in Venice.
    I love all your mood and your pieces. I feel all your fabric and textile really femminin and newer.
    i like so much the Ida trech.

    Please have a look to my instagram @fabianasophiacecilia

  421. Wow! Thanks for this chance!!
    I love the EMMA KIMONO and the IDA TRENCH so so much!
    My Ig: @seripiavani

  422. I would absolutely love the Marlena Dress in navy blue, as well as the neutral Emma Kimono. That would use up a good portion of the gift voucher – the rest I would have to save for next time!


  423. Vanya du Toit

    Without a doubt I’d add in the balance and get the COCOON COAT, it’s pretty perfect!


  424. Benita De Vincentiis

    I just love her stuff, her philosophy, her work space, everything! I’d love an Eva dress and Astral Crossover dress in my wardrobe for sure… In the raw silk broadcloth. My Insta @beesorella
    Love your blog Diana. ❤️

  425. I would love the Marlena dress and the limestone mules!


  426. I love the look of these clothes – the cocoon coat is beautiful, but I think I would get a lot of wear out of the georgia tee (cropped tees are so good for nursing!) and other pieces from the signature collection! @polaropposite

  427. Ronnie Button

    THE KNOT BAG!!! That bag has been on my wish list for 6 months, along with those handmade shoes. All of her stuff is TO.DIE.FOR.

  428. I absolutely love the Florence pants and Harper tunic! All of their designs are too gorgeous to choose favourites but they would be my first picks! <3

    My instagram handle is @serenaharker :)

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  429. Carolyn Augustus

    I’d get the large Knot Bag and the Georgia Midi @lynnie187

  430. Oh man, I LOOOOOVE Elizabeth Suzann! What she’s done with her brand to stand behind her philosophies is so beautiful and refreshing. My favorites are the Georgia tee and dress, so timeless. @brylo_studio

  431. Claire Baker

    I absolutely love the silk Georgia Midi dress, the Linn tee in cotton twill, and the Maxine Crop shirt! I own the Marlena tank and have been dying to add more to my collection. Have been a huge fan of your work for a while now!

  432. The Cocoon Coat, everything harper, and clyde work pants! I’m such a huge fan of all the pieces – gorgeous!!!!


  433. This collection is absolutely stunning. I have been looking desperately for well made, neutral, minimalist clothing for winter and this fits the bill.
    I would have to go for the Cocoon coat in the camel color. It would be perfect for work and my 1/2 mile walk in the cold to the building. So glad this place is on my radar now.


  434. love her layered linen looks + diversity campaign, and the textiles in the cold weather collection are dreamy. very into the florence pant + eva top. :) @maddynye

  435. Kelsey Perry

    I would spend the $500 on items that I know are missing from my capsule wardrobe: damn good pants.

    I’ve yet to be able to purchase from her site due to my current financial situation (student loans, yippee!). My ethical wardrobe means that I typically shop secondhand.

    My purchase would include the Tilda pant and the Crescent pant!

    On Instagram, I am @kelseyjoanneperry

  436. hooooeeeee…the Harper sweater dress and the cocoon coat are gorgeous. wow. my IG is joyOdowntown. : )

  437. I just want to LIVE in those Clyde Work Pants foreverrrr!! <3


  438. I would love anything of hers–it’s all so so beautiful. Feeling super drawn to the harper sweater dress and the tilda pant at the moment though.

  439. Rachel O'Reilly

    Incredible giveaway! I have been swooning over her pieces. Adore the Marlena dress in silk crepe in black, and the Georgia dress! Everything is gorgeous. @racheloreilly

  440. Shirin Khosravi

    Definitely need an Emma kimono, the Tilda pants and a pair of those mules – swoon! @shirinkhosravi

  441. I LOVE Elisabeth Suzann’s line and frequently “window shop” her site with hearts in my eyes. Spending the voucher would be easy – I’d purchase the Clyde Pant in black, the Tilda pant in silk/moss, and use the rest to splurge on the Eva top in black!

    I’m also loving the large Knot bag, the Clyde skirt in silk/black, the Eva dress in all colors, the Emma kimono in linen, the Knot belt…and well, just simply everything!

  442. I LOVE Elisabeth Suzann’s line and frequently “window shop” her site with big hearts in my eyes. Spending the voucher would be easy – I’d purchase the Clyde Pant in black, the Tilda pant in silk/moss, and use the rest to splurge on the Eva top in black!

    I’m also loving the large Knot bag, the Clyde skirt in silk/black, the Eva dress in all colors, the Emma kimono in linen, the Knot belt, the Ida trench…and well, just simply everything!

    Instagram = @emgood

  443. Gina van see Ploeg

    I am absolutely in love with the Tilda pant and the Clyde Billow Skirt or the Georgia Tee. However any one of those beautiful pieces would make my heart sing!
    – @gina.vanderploeg

    • Gina van der Ploeg

      (Oh no! My name is never usually autocorrected :( – Gina van der Ploeg)

  444. So tough to choose but I’d go with the Clive work pant in black and the Marlene silk crepe tank in nude – beauteous!
    Insta: koffles

  445. Clyde work pants in black and Marlene silk tank in nude are the stuff if dreams!
    Insta: koffles

  446. I’ve been lusting after the Clyde work pants forever! The Eva dress has a beautiful neckline too

  447. Victoria Batten

    It would have to be the beautiful shoes. You always need more shoes. Always

  448. If I were the lucky one to win an Elizabeth Suzann voucher I would put it towards my dream order of the Marlena Midi Dress in black silk crepe, the Eva top in eggshell raw silk cotton broadcloth, and the Artist Smock in navy silk crepe, to take me through Spring & Summer here in changeable Melbourne. My Instagram is @clemencycadence

  449. Hi Diana! My $500 would go pretty quickly on the Marlena Midi in Silk Crepe (probably in Nude or Moss…) and the Clyde Work Pant in Natural Cotton Twill. I’d also probably splurge on the Marlena Tank in Raw Silk or Silk Crepe, and the Georgia Tee in Midweight Linen.

    I have been dying to get my very first Elizabeth Suzann piece but haven’t been able to make the financial commitment yet. This opportunity and voucher would get me hooked, I’m sure! I’m based in Boston, MA right now and my Instagram is @annaspaller. Thanks so much for running this contest =)

  450. Brigitte fondeur

    Oh my, anything in linen or cotton. Love the pants also and the georgia dress and tee.
    My instagram: @brigittona

  451. Would have to be the incredible cocoon coat in black. Also Harper tunic and maybe the Clyde pant and a Georgia tee… I love it all and the whole vibe and ‘realness’ of ES. Instagram is @wingandkeel

  452. I want all of the linen Georgia Tee’s. Perfect pieces to add to my work uniform! @jenfuentes

  453. Natalie M

    I love that Cocoon Coat, been needing a black coat for this winter! Love the Harper Tunic and Sweater too! My IG is @natatouiie

  454. I would get the artist smock in every color except for moss. I already have that one and am in love with it!!! I love all the colors and I love the shape. My handle is @laurahooperdoughty.

  455. Valérie Collette

    Oh my god, so many pretty things !
    The Ida Trench is amazing and the Mule are so (so) perfect – hard choice.

    Instagram @la_collette

  456. I love ES’ business philosophy and the thoughtful nature of their brand. In terms of clothing, I love, the florence plant, the long sleeve harper tunic, and the tilda pants


  457. Barbarajean

    The Ida trench and Marlena dress!

    My Instagram name is bjeans

  458. So glad to know about this brand! Been looking for minimal work attire and this more than fits the bill.. hmm w/ $500 I’d have to go with the Florence pant and maybe a pair of those amazing mules!! IG: @mollzzmc

    p.s. I love the way they model their clothes! Real women, real sizes.

  459. i would buy some clyde pants and some crescent pants…even though i would LOVE to get so much more.


  460. The shoes, Eva dress, and the astral crossover (been pining over this for awhile). @kczyskowski (instagram)

  461. Love the Sandstone Mule shoes and the LONG SLEEVE HARPER TUNIC in black. Love the Ida trench coat also!

    instagram: @rusthawk1

  462. Lynnith Andreou

    Wow, I just love the style of all the clothing and especially dresses, perfect for our summer. I would definitely buy a summer wadrobe! Inst @andreouolives

  463. kineret gruber

    cocoon coat is my dream, i can get closer to it, thanks to you.
    also, the eva dress will make me very happy too.
    kineret g

  464. Love everything Elizabeth Suzann stands for; a team worthy of infinite respect and support. @lingyi.lee

  465. Jeanne Odendaal

    Well, hello there pretty Artist Dress. Fancy being part of my summer closet?

  466. Susanna Merrick

    I would use the gift cert on my self. I know this sounds terribly selfish, growing up with a 6 kids you come to really appreciate a well made garment that will stand the text of time since you get hand me downs. I’ve been looking at your wedding collection, and would put towards a dress. were having a vowel renewal this April. We got married in Dec. at my mother’s nursing home bc she wasn’t going to be able to traveling with her ventilator. We canceled our wedding and had with her. Now are planning something for his family since they couldn’t come. we are paying for everything on our own and this would make a huge difference. Your dresses are wearable art work and yes still classic I follow you with both my sites. @susannamerrick @fitgirlmoto

  467. Ahhh amazing competition! I LOVE the Tilda pants and the Harper tunic, but I also love the Clyde Billow Skirt.

    My instagram is jennyfermitchell

  468. Ester Levinrad

    Absolutely love browsing through Elizabeth Suzann (who you introduced me to, Miss Moss!), but with our exchange rate, browsing is as far as it goes! Given the chance to spend some $$$, I’d use them on the large knot bag (just gorgeous) and as a short girl, I’d love either the Georgia or Marlena dresses – in silk :) @esterchel

  469. The Maxine Crop top is just perfect! Have had my eye on it for a while. @juliahulbert

  470. Annelise Smith

    Loving this collection! I would stock up on a pair of mules and a kimono for winter days in the office. Thanks for sharing!

    Instagram: annelisesmith_

  471. Thanks for this give away, I have been eyeing a few pieces for a while :). The breezy style and artist feel are perfect for island living. My favorite items are the Artist Dress in Nude or Navy and the Eva Top in Black.
    Many thanks, Val
    My instagram is i_am_a_dreamer_but/

  472. Oh my, what a give-away!
    I’m in love with the coziness of the harper sweater dress and the clyde workpant. Would wear it in my ceramics studio all day every day!

  473. I think the black Clyde Billow skirt and the Maxine Crop top would make a great combo!

  474. Sadie Culberson

    I would invest in the long sleeve Harper dress in raw silk and put the rest towards the stunning handwoven cocoon coat in camel. I can’t get enough of these beautiful pieces! I love thinking about how they can be passed down to grandchildren, the quality is THAT perfect. @sadieculb

  475. Zoe Nguyen

    The Clyde work pant + Maxine crop is an awesome duo!!! OR I’ll chip in and get the gorg Cocoon Coat :P @ntt_ntt

  476. Looking at Liz’s site, makes me wish that Wonkavision were real… you know, where you could just reach into the screen and the piece would be suddenly in your hand? Since that’s not possible yet, thank you for this giveaway!

    While picking among the items is like Sophie’s Choice, I’d probably go with the following: Since I live in my black Clyde Work pants, so I’d give them a break by rotating in the Florence Pant in blue silk crepe.
    The artist smock would be a terrific basic for the office, cocktails with the girls, and rolling on the floor with my niece.

    To me the best thing about ES is that I feel like me. The clothes aren’t fussy or uncomfortable or impractical for all the weird stuff that ends up in my day. Just simple, elegant, timeless, and flexible.


  477. I have been a huge fan of elizabeth suzann forever. unfortunately, being a graduate student, it’s all a bit out of my budget. the clyde work pants have been on my list for years (those pockets!!!) and the super simple marlena midi for sure. simple but so elegant! loungewear to fancy dinner and back without breaking a sweat. my kind of clothes.

  478. juliana Gadanyi

    I adore the Eva dress in Natural – what an elegant shape! They’re all stunning though…

    My instagram handle is @juliana.bermingham

  479. Sydney Hobson

    elizabeth suzann is one of my favourite brands! everything is so effortlessly chic and minimalistic (exactly my style). ALWAYS looking at her clothes and dreaming about owning them. insta: syd_h_

  480. I would definitely put my voucher towards the Cocoon Coat. Such a beautiful shape. Long time follower of ES on Insta – my handle is @emmaremond. X

  481. Definitely the Georgia dress – perfect for hot weather coming up in Nairobi! And the Emma kimono! @ddddiane

  482. Oh, hard to choose! I think I would pick Clyde work pants and the Marlena Midi dress. But everything is beautiful and I could just pick at random as well and stilm be super happy! IG: @nejmu

  483. Such a good giveaway! I love this line so much. I wear my Florence pants and Artist dress constantly. I would go for the Ida trench in a heartbeat, those pockets are a dream! @northwestmoon

  484. I’d absolutely love to put it towards a Georgia dress for my beautiful mum as a gift! And perhaps one for me too, given I’ve been lusting after it for ages.

    Already following – such an inspiration! @jenna_rowe

  485. Kristin McKellar



  486. Kristin McKellar



  487. Ah hard to choose! I would get the Emma Kimono in navy and the Linn tee -had a baby (a week before you!) and my wardrobe needs some serious attention. Instagram is: suzanne__robinson

  488. Alexandra

    Hi! I love the elegance of these clothes (I will be graduating and entering the big scary real world soon, so I feel the need to upgrade my wardrobe from student to take-me-seriously).

    Elizabeth Suzann would be perfect for this, especially the Clyde Billow Skirt and Emma Kimono!


  489. Diana Potakh

    I would get the cocoon coat! I love this brand and anything I’ve ever bought from them I have worn daily!


  490. I first learned of Elizabeth Suzanne from you! I now have the maxine crop in black and the boiled wool sleeveless coat that they no longer seem to carry. They’re two of my favorite pieces. I’m dying to try their pants–I’d get the Clyde work pants and probably the harper tunic. ig: @alexronan

  491. Amanda Davis

    I love the Emma Kimono. And the shoes!

  492. Jessica Brodin

    The Emma kimono in olive and a large knot bag please. :-) @jessicamariebrodin

  493. The new Astral Vest from the Cold Weather Collection is on point. I love the versatility of the piece, it would be easy to layer, or wear on its own. On Elizabeth Suzann’s instagram there was more information about the wool they are sourcing, I love that they are choosing to invest back into American companies. @emjewelrydesign

  494. christina Dimos

    Ahhhh I would definitely invest in the cocoon coat. It would be liberating to own such a beautiful heavy duty garment in which I had 100% assurance of the ethics in every step of its production c:


  495. Sara Atnikov

    Coats, coats, coats! The cocoon coat in the darker than mustard or the black. Oh, and a pair of mules! @saraatnikov

  496. Alice McElhinney

    I’d put it toward the cocoon coat for the new england winter!

    (username: alicegroznyi)

  497. Sierra Feldner-Shaw

    The Graphite Mule and the Astral Crossover Dress in Raw Silk (love raw silk). My 3 year old saw me looking at the dress and said “that’s like mama.” Ha, yes, I hope so.

    • Sierra Feldner-Shaw

      The Graphite Mule and the Astral Crossover Dress in Raw Silk (love raw silk). My 3 year old saw me looking at the dress and said “that’s like mama.” Ha, yes, I hope so.

      Oops! Forgot IG: @sierrafeldnershaw

  498. Libby Garon

    How to choose?!?! I’ve been lucky to be following Elizabeth Suzann for sometime; what incredible work! I would choose the navy Florence pant and the artist dress in silk crepe.