Minoux | Miss Moss

Minoux was one of my first sponsors way back when, a fun jewellery line that was all pops of colour. creator Kristen took a break from making jewellery for a while to pursue other passions, but now she’s relaunched Minoux with a new minimalist range.

Mokuyobi Threads

Mokuyobi Threads

i had a brief stint as a Brownie when i was a kid, and even though i was pretty useless at most all of the tasks we had to do i was still SUPER excited by the idea of getting a badge for being competent at something. i probably had a badge in firewood collecting, or something easy like that.


A A K S | Miss Moss

A A K S | Miss Moss

usually when i discover something that i love i want to write and blog about it immediately. i don’t have much patience for waiting – probably because i’m too excited to get the word out. but sometimes i come across a project that’s still in the making, and i watch it unfurl and develop before i can share it. that’s what it was like following Akosua Afriyie-Kumi on Instagram, the creator behind Ghanaian bag line A A K S. every day she would post beautiful behind-the-scenes images like this and this and this, and finally her website was launched.

The Varsity Jacket by Unis

The Varsity Jacket by Unis

Eunice Lee is the woman behind Unis, a menswear brand based in NYC with another store LA. they have an awesome selection of basics for men; like these perfectly cut tees, which my husband actually went looking for when we were in NYC last year. the kind of menswear that women enjoy borrowing because it’s understated enough for either gender to wear.


Miranda July for Objects Without Meaning

these are not new, but i’ve decided that i’m not just going to just blog about stuff that’s breaking news. if i find it, and i love it, then i’ll share it. and that’s how i felt when i saw this campaign for LA based clothing line Objects Without Meaning featuring Miranda July. there’s even a video! and it was shot by July’s husband Mike Mills. so – you know, it’s all good.

Lonely Lingerie


i really love independent lingeries labels because most of the time they showcase their wares on a variety of “normal” women. and by normal i mean any shape and size – not specifically thin, or specifically curvy, or specifically this or that. just any kind of woman, because there are a billion of us and we all look different. i appreciate this from any fashion line actually, not just lingerie. but when you see a model in her scivvies there is sometimes a certain feeling of, well, i don’t look like that in lingerie. you know? i know it’s an old discussion and i wish it wasn’t still such a THING. but i feel like things are progressing and it’s kind of cool!



when i first saw some of these images from the new campaign for the Metropolis collection by Levi’s Vintage Clothing i thought, wow these are some great vintage shots. then i looked more carefully. mmm, those construction workers are awfully good looking. and they are very sharply dressed while building those skyscrapers. nice one, Levis – you did a great job in almost tricking this vintage photo lover.

Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway!


Miss Moss Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway! Enter to win a piece of your choice from their entire collection.

i know every time i do a giveaway i’m all, “you guys i’m soooo excited for this giveaway!!” and it’s ALWAYS true but seriously i am… so, so, SO excited for this giveaway.

Tony Chestnut FW14


the rad thing about the blog is that often after i’ve discovered and posted about the work of talented people it allows us to connect and keep in touch – so i’m kept in the loop whenever something new is on the horizon (good for me, and good for you!) one such person is Jill Sawatzky of Tony Chestnut who i posted about earlier this year. she just released her FW14 collection, available at her online shop.



i first posted about Austin based shop Spartan waaaaaay back in 2010! that’s like a 100 years in internet time. so i’ve been excited to share their new lookbook, which i was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of before it launched. they stock items by designers that i love like Crescioni, Erin Considine, Dealtry and a whole host of others that are new-to-me.

Pichulik: Baraka

Pichulik: Baraka

the new Pichulik SS15 range Baraka has just launched, and i’m really into the limited colour palette Kat has gone for. she drew her inspiration from the architecture of North Africa and the Middle East (the name barakah means “blessing” in Arabic)

Dear Rae: Let’s get Tropsi

Dear Rae // Let's Get TROPSI

one of the weird highlights of my blogging ‘career’ has been getting emails from guys who want to propose to their girlfriends and need advice on an engagement ring. it’s a tough thing to give advice on, and such a personal choice too! my first piece of advice is always that you don’t need to buy a huge big diamond. in fact, you don’t need to buy a diamond at all.