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    parisienne is a the latest perfume by YSL, and they have enlisted some well known stylish people (joanna goddard amongst them) to blog for them: YSL is sending five renowned bloggers on…

  • Fashion

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 17

    bumper fashion special #20 (yoh!) it’s a very wintery weekend here, so i am appreciating some ofthe fall/winter stuff happening north of the border… still some great summery stuff making an appearance,…

  • Fashion

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 16

    bumper fashion special #19 – i’m interested to see what direction things are going to go next, feel that the rock / studded look is getting played a lot (even though… i…

  • Fashion, Film

    mélanie laurent

    mélanie laurent is a parisian born french actress - as i suspected, chic all the way…

  • Fashion

    carine + yasmin by garance

    there are these new photo stories over at french vogue by garance doré profiling well known fashion people…

  • glamour

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 15

    bumper fashion special #18 – it’s late! i know! and even though i promised no more spring shows, i had to add a few from paris fashion week because they are pretty,…

  • Fashion

    laura lombardi

    pretty necklaces by jewellery designer laura lombardi…

  • eva fontanelli

    oh, eva

    eva fontanelli as seen at milan fashion week, by the sartorialist (left) & style sightings (right) see more pictures of eva here…

  • moschino-cheap-chic-01

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 14

    bumper fashion special #17 – all the spring shows are starting to blur into one, will pick up with more ‘normal’ fashion specials next week! moschino cheap & chic luisa beccaria gianfranco…

  • darling dexter

    darling dexter

    i've been a long time follower of darling dexter's blog - she has an etsy shop now.…