paris vogue


can’t remember where i found these (probably tsf) – but they’re fantastico!

Bumper Fashion Special No. 12


bumper fashion special #12! i have to tell you, you’re in for a treat today. went a bit overboard with the bumper fashion special, as i discovered this Japanese site called Eruca. i really don’t know what the hell is going on there, but i managed to browse my way through hundreds of items, tons of designers (some international, some Japanese) – just… the most amazing selection ever. wowee! in my excitement i didn’t actually take note of who designed which pieces – so you’re just going to have to go on over there & have a looksee yourself.

Bumper Fashion Special No. 11

charlotte ronson

only a small bumper fashion special today (#11), no time!

red dress



now that’s how i like my long dresses

Bumper Fashion Special No. 10

abercrombie & fitch

bumper fashion special (#10)

Bumper Fashion Special No. 9

sally jane vintage

been skimping on my bumper fashion special (#9) – apologies.