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    smith’s rosebud salve

    have you tried smith's rosebud salve? i got a tin for my birthday - it smells like roses and flying dreams and puppies and baby powder…

  • Design, Living

    cardboard office

    nothing amsterdam‘s cardboard office. i would probably spill coffee all over that place.…

  • Living

    21 bathrooms

    the ballroom has a round chandelier of 13,000 custom-designed undulating petals of unglazed cast porcelain biscuit.…

  • shelves

    DIY shelves

    this is an awesome DIY shelving project from the brick house.…

  • kitchen


    i love these kitchen cupboards - so simple!…

  • couch

    dream couch

    i would sleep / lie / roll around on it all day – that is all.…

  • ribbon coat rack
    Design, Living

    ribbon coat rack

    when i lived in the uk i noticed coat racks were a necessity (not something you see in SA very often, yay for warm weather). anyhoos, how nice are these? very nice.…

  • crazy-cool-house
    Design, Living


    i do feel like 99% of the structures on these archi blogs are pretty samey (wood, glass, sharp edges – give me a victorian anyday, right?) – but this is pretty coooool…