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  • Miss Moss Music Mix: This Is My Jam

    This Is My Jam

    okay okay, i give in. here’s a new music mix for you! yesterday was a public holiday in south africa, which means a lot of people round here are taking a bit…

  • Music

    London Grammar

    well i promised that i would be sharing more music on this here blog (still contemplating those music mixes…) so let me introduce you to London Grammar, if you haven’t heard of…

  • albaiire

    Al Bairre

    it seems fitting that my first music post of the year is about a newish South African band called Al Bairre. these guys are based in Cape Town too, so I suppose that makes…

  • Art, Music

    Playlist / Painting

    Rose Blake is a brilliant illustrator whose new portfolio website i was perusing when i noticed a link inviting you to buy her paintings, leading me to a little project she calls…

  • Music

    Devil Fool

    simply LOVE the music video for Devil Fool by Be Brave Benjamin directed by Pablo Maestres. so beautifully shot, and an awesome concept… it’s strangely fun to watch people teetering on the…

  • Sydney Wayser

    Sydney Wayser

    a wonderful reader, Heather, put me onto to Brooklyn based songstress Sydney Wayser, whose new album Bell Choir Coast is, simply put, track after track of RAD. have a listen to Potions…

  • The Parlour Suite

    The Parlour Suite

    The Parlour Suite sent me an email to tell me about their new album Everyone’s Looking which is dropping this coming weekend. i can’t tell you how flattered i am to be approached…

  • 31 feel it all around

    Feel It All Around

    first of all i have to say a huge THANK YOU to my blogger pals who were so generous in helping out with their wonderful guest posts while i was moving. i…

  • Music

    A Sleep & A Forgetting

    Islands has long been one of my favourite bands (Nick Thorburn’s side project Human Highway is also one of my very favourite things to listen to) – so i was very excited…

  • Music


    couldn’t find a great pic of them so i just made this up continuing with my music sharing, i thought i’d introduce you to Beatenberg – a band from good ol’ Cape…

  • Music

    First Aid Kit

    i thought i’d try to talk about music more regularly on here, instead of just resorting to the music mixes every month. here’s someone you need to listen to – First Aid Kit.…

  • 30 this will be our year

    This Will Be Our Year

    hey, it’s a music mix. happy friday! this will be our year. playlist: the shins – simple song miniature tigers – boomerang summer camp – down citizens! – true romance (gigamesh remix)…

  • 29 butter your popcorn

    Butter Your Popcorn

    i have a special treat for you. truth is it’s a special treat for me too. i have been nagging my boyfriend to make an extra special funk music mix for the…

  • 28 six months in a leaky boat

    Six Months In A Leaky Boat

    i’ve been wanting to make the guest music mixes a more regular thing, and couldn’t think of a better way to kick that off than this playlist from my new friend Nick. he…