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    Last of the country gentlemen

    Josh T. Pearson promised himself he wouldn’t shave until he put out a second record. Now he hasn’t seen his face in “over ten fucking years” and doesn’t know what he’ll do…

  • r:mx


    perhaps you have noticed a common thread that pulls together most of the mixes so far… there is usually always a remix in there somewhere. i simply love them, and experience a…

  • Music

    I’d rather dance with you

    thanks to lance for reminding me of this brilliant video. i was just reliving this song the other day, particularly these lyrics: Even if I could hear what you said I doubt…

  • 17 ships in the night

    Ships In The Night

    hello again. you may have noticed things look pretty different around here… a redesign is almost as good as a holiday. almost. thanks for all those link recommendations, i have been making my way…

  • Music

    Formative Years

    i have always been a music lover. i would often sit in the living room on my parents’ brown corduroy couches (yeah) listening to their old records and cds. when my older…

  • 15 get into it

    get into it

    the mid-month music mix is coming to you courtesy of a reader request, I get up quite early and start at the office well before anybody else arrives. Nothing better than having coffee and…

  • 14 there's something about us

    there’s something about us

    february music mix is here! as much as i kind of despise valentines day/month i have to admit i was thinking about it when putting this mix together. it’s not 100% love…

  • 13 follow the sun

    follow the sun

    follow the sun. tracklist: james vincent mcmorrow – sparrow & the wolf girls – thee oh so protective one the go! team – buy nothing day ducktails – killin the vibe kurt vile…

  • 12 january hymn

    january hymn

    i’m signing off for the year with a little music mix.  season’s greetings and all that – be safe on the roads, hang out with your family & friends and try to…

  • 11 10 of 2010

    10 of 2010

    i was pretty damn thrilled when i received a mail from steph who hosts a radio show at american university in washington dc. she kindly asked me to contribute a playlist to…

  • 10 golden years

    golden years

    it’s december. wow. 2010 went by so quickly, yet i can barely remember january. this was my first post of 2010 where i declared that i would ‘go out and see more stuff’.…

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    got something for you

    it's almost a month till christmas. and if your supermarkets are anything like ours, you've been bombarded with christmas music since october. if only they'd play this holiday album from…

  • Music

    Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

    i wasn't really thinking of a theme at all when putting the mid-november mix together, just smashing together a bunch of songs i've been playing…