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  • sam-beam-iron-wine

    belated promise ring

    oh, sam beam – stop enticing me with your bearded glory and silky voice. iron & wine – belated promise ring (from subpop) (from the album Around the Well - a compilation…

  • p-pit

    eyes as candles

    sorry guys, still not over my favourite band of the month passion pit – eyes as candles it’s sickly sweet, this song.…

  • Film, Music

    very good advice

    i have to admit this off the bat, alice in wonderland’s soundtrack has to be one of my favourites. i know the words to every single song, and almost nothing gives me…

  • pp

    passion pit

    passion pit – moth’s wings (wowowowowow)…

  • bfl
    Music, Stuff

    bat for lashes does kings of leon

    this is a very mellow & organ-ey cover of use somebody by bat for lashes. she has such a lovely, husky voice – suits the tune i think. i will never forget…

  • sam beam iron & wine

    boy with a coin

    probably my favourite iron & wine song (apart from perhaps the devil never sleeps and flightless bird, american mouth). it also has an extremely beautiful music video. note: sam beam also has…

  • Music

    it’s blitz!

    The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs is pretty much amazing. Soft Shock – get it!…