Sinziana Velicescu

Sinziana Velicescu

i found myself in a very zen place after a stressful morning by browsing through the photography of Sinziana Velicescu. she is a LA based photographer & filmmaker, and her photography “explores human intervention with nature in landscapes that have undergone political, social, or environmental change”. you can follow her on instagram, tumblr, flickr & facebook.

Nicola Odemann

Nicola Odemann

i have posted about Nicola Odemann before, but somehow the images in the post have disappeared. mmm, i suppose if you have had a blog going for 7 off years there will be some digital casualties along the way (i imagine the internet to eat files like the dreaded sarlacc, to…

Naomi Harris EUSA

Naomi Harris: EUSA

Naomi Harris is a Canadian photographer who, since 2008, has travelled across Europe and the United States visiting themed-towns, amusement parks, and festivals. in her project EUSA she photographs the ways in which popularly received ideas about one culture get expressed in the other – Swedes dressed as fur trappers,…

Claudia Corrent: Insulae

The Islands

Claudia Corrent is an Italian photographer whose project Insulae (The Islands) offers a different perspective on Venice. i have been lucky enough to visit Venice twice – though never ventured beyond the main island. it’s interesting to see it like this, more from a local’s point of view (and minus…


Kate Funk

happy new year!! we are still away on holiday, but i am easing myself back into work in between reading and napping and eating too many of these guys. this time of year is always kind of bittersweet to me, i don’t want holidays to end but i am also excited…

Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis is a photographer from Greece whose relationship with photography began in 2000, after dedicating many years to painting. he developed his own style through constant personal exploration and his website shows a series of interesting themes that you can explore here. i’m most taken by his photographs of…

Janet Delaney: NYC 1984-1987

Janet Delany: NYC 1984-1987

this past weekend i was having a discussion with friends about how great our parents and grandparents family photos were, compared to the endless and often crappy iPhone photos we haphazardly churn out these days. when i look back at photos i took pre-digital days (i still used a film camera when i…

Luca Moretti

An Island

Luca Moretti is an Italian photographer who was born & lives in Tuscany. this past summer he took a series of photos on Elba, an Italian island close to where he lives. it took me straight back to holidays i have been lucky to have in Italy and elsewhere on…

Small Town Girl by Elize Strydom

Small Town Girl

i was lucky to discover Elize Strydom just as she was about to embark on the South African chapter of her ongoing photography project Small Town Girl – thanks to Jessica for tagging me in her first post. Elize is Australian, but has roots in SA (as you can probably tell by her name 😉)…

Heather Evans Smith: Seen Not Heard

Heather Evans Smith

Heather Evans Smith is a photographer whose conceptual series Seen Not Heard explores her multi-faceted relationship with her young daughter. the first image i featured above is just SO amazing! i think it’s so interesting to explore & interpret various stages of your life through such a creative medium. this is going to be…

Double Tap: Matthieu Venot

Double Tap: Matthieu Venot

there must be something so satisfying about cropping a photo into a symmetrical candy coloured composition. whatever the process of Matthieu Venot is, his compositions are clearly beautifully considered. Matthieu is a self-taught photographer from France who already has a huge following on Instagram. you can see his work there or on his…

William James Broadhurst

William James Broadhurst

when looking through the photography of William James Broadhurst all i could think was the light! THE LIGHT! they really are extraordinarily beautiful photos, even though the subject matter is seemingly pretty mundane (actually my favourite kind of photography, and the mark of a great photographer). William is Australian, and very…

Pass The Map

Double Tap: Pass The Map

Jeff & Kerryn are a South African couple who love travelling, and document said travels on their blog Pass The Map. at the beginning of their honeymoon – a clockwise road trip that would follow the circumference of South Africa, starting and finishing at in Skukuza in the Kruger National Park – Kerryn began documenting each day by overlaying a polaroid with the context in which it was taken.

Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks

i have featured images by photographer Gordon Parks many times on the blog, but have never done a post dedicated solely to his work. which is weird, considering he’s such a legend. he was the first African-American writer and staff photographer at Life, the first African-American photographer published in Vogue, and the…

Visits: Hoi P'loy | Miss Moss

Visits: Hoi P’loy

this is the second instalment of VISITS, a new series in collaboration with Monya Eastman. before visiting the Hoi P’loy studio i had no real idea what goes on behind the scenes of this inspiring company. i had, of course, seen their beautiful Vintage Edison lightbulbs all over Cape Town, and they hang…