Mid Week Distraction No. 26

Brigitte Bardot (Bed with Dog) by Terry O'Neill

Brigitte Bardot (Bed with Dog) by Terry O’Neill

there are exciting things happening at home these days. we are getting new parquet floors installed in our study, had a bed delivered (hello firm mattress, goodbye back ache!), measuring up to have our bedroom cupboards redone (goodbye cherry laminate veneer – i never liked you much anyway!) and i’m generally just scheming about how to make our apartment more homey. damn, it’s a process. even just painting a room is expensive, isn’t it?

Nice Things No. 24

Nice Things No. 24

hey! here are some Nice Things for your eyeballs or yourself or your home or your best friend or your frenemy… cause we all need to make amends, and even your frenemy likes nice things. you can just click on the images or description for the link – isn’t that cool? didn’t i just make it a thousand percent easier for you? yep.

Mid Week Distraction No. 25

Satchidananda Saraswati


i took a bit of a pause in the distractions department because i began feeling pressure to find interesting links every week. so, i am reverting to a more healthy distraction lifestyle – it will still be mid week, but not every week. i want to add up interesting links naturally and not just compile a random list because i simply have to.

These Things No. 63

Miss Moss | These Things No. 63

i cannot BELIEVE the last time i did a These Things was in October last year! that is crazy. i guess ever since i started the Mid Week Distractions i put These Things on the back burner, which is silly cause they’re not the same thing. These Things is like the fun cousin of Mid Week Distractions… they’re like eyebrows “They are sisters, not twins.”

Mid Week Distraction No. 22

Mid Week Distraction No. 22

so this coming weekend is a long weekend in SA, as well as next weekend. yes, this is the month of all the public holidays ever. i have a favour to ask you – can you recommend a GREAT book to get stuck into? i plan on putting away my devices and going old school on one of my days off. curling up on the couch and not getting up unless for tea and cookies. i like mystery, suspense, history, romance… anything gripping, anything that you just can’t. put. down.

Mid Week Distraction No. 21

Mid Week Distraction No. 21

this may seem ridiculous to all my US readers, but i only just started using Spotify (with a little, ahem, help to access it from outside the US). i even found an app to mute those annoying ads! well, enough about my nefarious activities – can you recommend any great users to follow / playlists to fave / stations to try? i’m kind of lost as to how to navigate the rabbit hole that is streaming music. help!

Mid Week Distraction No. 20

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No.20

i felt terrible about missing last week’s Mid Week Distraction. i think i actually couldn’t sleep that night, haha! but, you know, sometimes you drop the ball. sometimes there are too many balls to juggle. sometimes… okay, enough with the balls metaphors.