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  • Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No.8

    Mid Week Distraction No.8

    aaaand we’re back! things aren’t any less busy round here. tell me, is this time of year as mad for everyone else as i think it is? we leave for Kei on…

  • Mid Week Distraction No.7

    Mid Week Distraction No. 7

    i don’t know why i thought about this scene from You’ve Got Mail while i was compiling this week’s Mid Week Distraction, maybe because i feel like i’m sending a list of…

  • miss-moss-distractions-6

    Mid Week Distraction No. 6

    jees guys i’ve gotta tell you, Mid Week Distraction has pushed my internet combing to another level. i have a whole new respect for people who work for BuzzFeed and other mega online…

  • Miss Moss: Nice Things No.22

    Nice Things No. 22

    if you check in around here on your browser you might have noticed a Shop link in the top menu. since i can’t do a million Nice Things posts i thought i would…

  • zz-mid-week-distraction-no-5

    Mid Week Distraction No. 5

    some days, nay, weeks are hard to get through - and i feel like this one is a particular slog. i think it might be because it dawned on me this morning…

  • mid-week-distraction-4

    Mid Week Distraction No.4

    guys. this feels weird to admit, but, i’ve been listening to 1989 a LOT. this coming from someone who never really knew what Taylor Swift was all about until this year – when i…

  • Miss Moss // Lately


    so if you’re checking into the site itself and not reading via bloglovin or rss (or some other fancy way i don’t know about!) then you’ll notice things look a bit different…

  • distractions-3

    Mid Week Distraction No.3

    QUESTION * how do you guys consume your online content these days? i’m still a faithful RSS subscriber, even after Google Reader crashed and burned into the internet blackhole last year (i’ve…

  • Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

    Mid Week Distraction No.2

    now that we’re at issue 2 of Mid Week Distractions it already feels like a regular thing! i enjoyed bookmarking all the interesting things i came across in the last week, and it…

  • lesley

    Mid Week Distraction No.1

    i come across a lot of things during my week that don’t necessarily fit into the category of These Things or Nice Things, but that i usually tweet about or just email to my…

  • Beauty by Emoji // Miss Moss

    Beauty by Emoji

    i’ve done a beauty type post before, but never really delved into what i actually use in my daily routine. confession: i am a beauty product hoarder. the other day i discovered a…

  • Miss Moss // These Things No.62
    Living, Stuff

    These Things No.62

    this is a home edition of These Things – a Home Things, if you will. at the moment my mind is quite preoccupied with making our place look nice. we live in…

  • miss-moss-clouds-01


    yesterday we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and as a serious treat we spent a night at Clouds Estate outside Stellenbosch. we stayed here just after our wedding, so it was special for…