Things I Like Right Now

i haven’t done my own things i like right now in a long, long time! still enjoy this series. here goes…

1. deus ex machina motorbike posters

2. two tone jerseys by boy by band of outsiders

3. edible estates by fritz haeg

If we see that our neighbor’s typical lawn instead can be a beautiful food garden, perhaps we begin to look at the city around us with new eyes … No matter what has been handed to us, each of us should be given license to be an active part in the creation of the cities that we share, and in the process, our private land can be a public model for the world in which we would like to live.

4. portobello mushroom burger

5. kids breakdancing to classical music

6. crane cushion by klaus haapaniemi

7. mociun at totokaelo

8. ladies in menswear at the paris shows shot by streetfsn

9. fun – a new song by dent may


These Things No.15

these things issue no.15

was lucky to be featured in the july issue of  marie claire south africa along with some wonderful local bloggers. best part about it all though is that they included a picture of my mom – whose response was, “oh gosh!”

i did another little colour comparison colab with j.crewcheck it out it here

also loved picking my five favourites at spence for their first local bloggers feature

digging these beautiful leather etwas bags via jessica / shiny squirrel

enjoyed this tuscany editorial from a 1975 edition of vogue

these photos taken in paris, 1961 by loomis dean discovered by tara-lynn are magnificent

love the pattern design over at moniquilla via design work life

oh, green pants! now to find a nice pair…

credits left to right: stockholm streetstyle 1 & 2face hunter

speaking of street style – the sartorialis-twist amused me for way too long – refresh refresh refresh…

instantly fell in love with Always With Butter after seeing this Nutella + Banana cake

a 16 room mini Viennese castle on a 593-acre estate? i’ll take it!

this old photo discovered by martin petersen. on the back is written,

for mum. in the swiss dining wagon with swiss beer (big bottle = 0,10 dm) the food was good and very cheap. you could feel that you are in a land of peace. in the window frame: a bit of the swiss landscape, but very dull. who would not (according to bruno) fade out behind myself?

nature is rad. photograph taken by u*yam

first look at martin freeman as the hobbit (geek out!)

completely awestruck by artemis leatherware via mallory / where the lovely things are

these fashion illustrations by lotta nieminen

jen jones welsh quilts

mad men is officially on for 2012, by the way! here’s little sally draper’s closet over at the coveteur

this photo by tatjana radičević

really love the idea of this swing blade pencil sharpener by freetime industries

Work Place is a project by Carlie Armstrong detailing the work spaces of artists and craftspeople in Portland

menswear inspired accessories at W magazine

and finally, these flowery braids – a how-to over at 100 layer cake


These Things No.14

these things issue no.14 – perhaps if i add an “issue” it will sound more fancy.

i might have reached the height of internet loserdom when i created yet another tumblr. this time it’s in order to bookmark interior inspiration. i’ve realised that tumblr is basically my version of pinterest (a site i could never get into, weirdly enough). so, take a gander at home is where the couch is if you want to look at rad interiors.

speaking of tumblrs, my main inspiration tumblr was listed as one of the top 5 tumblrs by Rich Tong (their fashion director) in Net-A-Porter’s Blog Power List. my jaw dropped to the floor, guys. what an honour – thank you Rich! and thanks to everyone for their encouraging tweets and emails of congratulations.

next to garance doré… what’s that all about!

jen / honey kennedy finds the most amazing fashion stories, seriously. the f/w lookbook for keller = golden.

jess made a dark & wonderful ale & beef pie based on this post. it was DELICIOUS (and perfect for winter)

this vogue cover of sofia coppola via kate

matt’s northwesterner range of bags (he blogged about it here) – the grey or the olive? ack! can’t choose.

katrin’s gorgeous postcard painting of flamboyant trees in harare

this pooch! oooooh man. cuddles please. photo by luke beard. nice name, beard.

awesome people hanging out together:

the lumiere brothers

the internet seriously has to stop taunting me with perfect bangs. i shan’t cut my hair, i shan’t cut my hair. photo by Martijn Savenije (the same clever fellow behind cats in bars)

… and then the internet makes up for it by showing me perfect non-bangs hair – photo by katrin braga

i’m glad so many of you enjoyed the pools of colour post. well, i’ve discovered even more pools of radness

grand prismatic spring:

morning glory pool:

this lady holding a giant potato

really enjoyed ‘browsing through’ this 1975 edition of vogue

kristina’s brilliant “american apparel mermaid” made me chuckle

backyard bill photographed this cool amsterdam local (noticed the checked shirt)

this garden

the ALL knitwear range is too damn cute. via banana meet-cute

another vintage cowgirl for everyone’s collection

nancy straughan’s range via where the lovely things are (mallory also always finds the best things)

drunk ron swanson – hahahaaaaa. thanks mallix.

and, the absolute cherry on top, a video that gave me so much joy on friday that i practically danced into the weekend. discovered with much thanks to anna of doorsixteen


(play that video & then watch ron swanson also dancing to Vogue – haaahahahaaa)


Anabela: Things I Like Right Now

i’m so pleased to have a new Things I Like Right Now to share with everyone, and from one of my favourite bloggers – Anabela of Fieldguided. you probably know Anabela and her partner Geoff as the team behind the Fieldguided range (the latest Fluro Pink Tote has my heart). i always really look forward to her posts because of her great eye & a beautiful aesthetic that  runs all the way through her blog. oh, she also co-runs a tumblr called Dream Cats which is THE BEST.

Things I like Right Now by Anabela of Fieldguided

1. Round sunglasses

I don’t really need new sunglasses at the moment but that hasn’t stopped me from sighing over these round sunglasses on a near-daily basis. Top: Illesteva Frieda in Marmor & bottom: Karen Walker Rover in Deep Tortoise.

2. Constellation clutch from Scout & Catalogue

I’m a huge fan of Bre’s aesthetic (and a huge fan of Bre in general!), and like the idea of carrying a clutch out to parties when all I need to bring with me is some cash, lipstick, phone, and keys. I’m particularly drawn to this one.

3. Anja’s photos

Anja from Clever Nettle is basically the coolest girl, and her photography just keeps getting better and better. I’m such a sucker for the pictures she’s been taking using the white floors of her studio as a backdrop.

4. Apartamento

I don’t really care for interior design magazines much but I really like Apartamento. It has a really laid-back vibe to it, which I appreciate. No props, no staging — or if they do use props and staging, I wouldn’t know it. Image by Katie.

5. Bensimon

When I was in London recently I made the mistake of wearing a pair of wedges (beautiful shoes, just not appropriate for hours of walking, really). When we stopped in at Aubin & Wills, I made one of my few purchases of the trip: a pair of white Bensimon sneakers, which I put on immediately. Now that summer has arrived on this side of the world, I’m happy to have them. Image from Shopbop

6. NARS Schiap

I’ve written about this on my blog, but NARS Schiap is my favourite lipstick at the moment. I get loads of compliments when I wear it, and it lasts for hours! It’s a nice way for me to incorporate a little hot pink into my outfit, so to speak.

7. Ice cream photos

I love photos of ice cream. At the risk of sounding pretentious, it has such a lovely sculptural quality that I find pleasing, especially in soft serve form. Image by Annabel Ly

8. Acne pants

I love these snake pants by Acne! I love pants with elasticized bottoms — they look like really fancy sweatpants.

9. Game of Thrones

I was so excited when I first heard that HBO was going to make George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones into a miniseries. I have read the books, so I find the series easy enough to follow. My boyfriend Geoff hasn’t read the books, so while we’re watching the show he asks a lot of questions about the plot (there are so many characters and naturally, details are omitted from the series), and I actually relish talking about it with him. I’ve always loved the fantasy genre, although I’m also weirdly picky about it. It has to be just right, and this is just right.

10. Austra

It seems to be getting more difficult for me to feel excited about music (in all honesty, so much of it sounds straight-to-Starbucks-MOR to me, sorry!), but I have fallen hard for Austra. Maybe it appeals to that part of me that was semi-goth for a few months in high school. Katie Stelmanis’ voice has reduced me to tears a few times, for real.

11. Byredo

I’m not even sure what they smell like, but the packaging on these perfumes is so good. And “Blanche” sounds as though it was made especially for me.

12. Cute hair & brows

I’ve been trying to grow out my fringe for a few months now. For a long time, a blunt fringe was something I relied on to give me an instant hairstyle: if I had the bangs, I didn’t have to worry about the rest of my hair. I think it’s time for a change, but the process has been tedious and frustrating! Luckily there are plenty of images like this one that inspire me to keep growing them out. If only I had her brows and eyes too. Image of Bambi Northwood-Blyth by Tim Barber for Muse Magazine.


These Things No.13

you may have noticed that it’s the beginning of the month and there is still no new music mix. i’ve decided to put them on the back burner for a little while. mostly because i’ve had no real inspiration for a new one lately and don’t want to just pull something out of thin air, but also because i am feeling kind of conflicted about sharing them to be honest*. i don’t know if this is the end of the music mixes… it probably isn’t because i enjoy making the cover art way too much and i also love sharing good music with everyone. you can still download all the old ones if you haven’t already.

ANYWAY – here’s a these things which might take the sting out of that piece of news.

i finally got my hands on the latest The Gentlewoman and it is so, so good. honestly the best magazine i have seen in a while. i particularly LOVED the editorial about dancing – couldn’t take my eyes off it. the piece about sarah of colette was a really interesting read, too. ah man… can’t pick a favourite. just go out and get it if you haven’t already.

have you guys been watching game of thrones? seriously… watch game of thrones. peter dinklage is my favourite.

i went fantasy home shopping in what i like to call the black hole of Bukowski’s auction house. it’s pretty tough for me to exit said black hole after i go down it. holy man, it is fun though.

above: chairframechandeliersofa

above: david hockney – gregory / carpet

above: bookcase / chest of drawers / dishsideboard

above: carpet / david hockney – black tulips

these infrared photographs of eastern congo by richard mosse made my jaw drop – via les yeux sans visage

erdem resort 2012 collection

very much in favour of this big wooden wall in this rad apartment in brooklyn. i don’t know why people paint over wood or want to cover it up, especially in houses from the seventies. more wood, i say!

speaking of wood, can’t believe these clogs haven’t been snapped up yet. lauren finds the best things.

completely enamoured by these maxi skirts (actually the entire collection) by J J.S Lee via style bubble

this photo of jack nicholson from life magazine

the wedding party by aron wiesenfeld (instantly made me think of the road, which haunts me to this day)

check out these blade runner polaroids at wolf eyebrows

i liked thakoon’s bag for this vogue weekend getaway feature captured by the coveteur

i would wear the shit out of this spider scarf by klaus haapaniemi

a swing on the pavement? genius! captured by chloe louise mayne

i’ve been thinking about my room / house / living area a lot lately. i’d love a dark corner like this.

here’s a really nice collection of classic hollywood photos – many of which i hadn’t seen before (thanks katie)

oh to be here right now

* a reader asked me recently whether the music mixes were “legal” (…..) ← that’s the sound of me mulling that question over. i’d like to think that sharing musics from amazing artists would encourage people to go out, buy their albums, see their shows and wear their t-shirts. but that question still has me mulling, though.