annette: things i like right now

i know annette better as aydekay, possibly the funniest gal on twitter. she makes me laugh all the time (no pressure, annette.) she has a tumblr too. AND she made the collage below herself (why didn’t i think of hearts?)

things i like right now by annette

  1. Gold Watches. I’ve been in the market for a watch for quite some time, and at the moment I’m leaning towards something like this, as soon as I can find one that is.
  2. 70 Juta. Dubbed “Jo’burg’s hip new cultural precinct”. Whatever that means.
  3. Jewellery by Eric Loubser. I Love Eric’s unusual pieces, so far Father xxxmas has said no, but maybe if I’m really good this year.
  4. Hyperboleandahalf. Too funny!
  5. Arrested Development. Only really got into this recently, two thumbs way up.
  6. Animals. I probably spend most of my time on the information superhighway looking at animal pictures. I can’t help it, look at that face!
  7. Lace-up boots. These are from Ann Demeulemeester.
  8. Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus. A slow, ponderous roadtrip documentary about the (deep) South, a ‘portrait of rural America as beautiful as it is bizarre’ with great, great music that’s really stuck.
  9. Jhb Skyline from Love Jozi. Super handy for hanging stuff (from Love Jozi).
  10. Richard Avedon. According to his The New York Times obituary, “his fashion and portrait photographs helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century.” I also think they’re nice.
  11. The Decemberists – The King is Dead. The band’s sixth album, “The King is Dead,” is only due Jan. 18, but you can stream it here in the meantime.
  12. Jack Passion. I really, really like red hair, and I really like beards, and Mr. Jack Passion here has both. The beardiest man in the world, author of the bible of facial hair and the MC at the first ever National Beard and Moustache Championships.
  13. Good grammar. Please.
  14. Fruit. Not the most exciting of foodstuffs, but man, a good peach is worth its weight in gold.

friday goodies

another edition of these things . . .

pre fall 2011 collections. man! there are some great ones this year. these are are from pucci

the nineties.

xenia hausner’s art studio.

this cat. photo by friendlystranger. i miss my cat :(

this photo of james dean

a springy wooden chair

michelle williams looking cool lately

a public loo in norway. photo by lisa kehoe

this cute kid eating watermelon. aaaah. photo by yu-zu

a bunch of young republican studs, 1958

this bear.

… and probably my favourite pic of the week.


chris: things i like right now

the first things i like right now of 2011! yep, still continuing the series as it is rad. i’ll be introducing the participants with a little bit of background info from now on. chris is a cool guy i know from twitter, one of the many capetonians / south africans i talk to on a regular basis but have never met in real life. we share an appreciation for wes anderson, jason schwartzman & zach galifianakis. come to think of it, why hasn’t galifianakis been in a wes anderson film yet?

things i like right now by chris de villiers

  1. My Booky Wook 2 by Russell Brand.
  2. My old “Donnie Darko” Adidas
  3. Great Showdowns by Scott C.
  4. Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.
  5. An early morning jog.
  6. Castle Lite.
  7. Dexter (I only started watching it recently)
  8. Rachel from Glee.
  9. Skrillex (Especially his new EP “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites“)
  10. Collecting old frames*

* it was totally Chris’ idea to put all the pictures from his list in frames. i imagine his walls to look like so.


These Things No. 08

really love the stepped floating shelf in this house, seen via desire to inspire

mr. newton’s latest post the english roses shows snaps from london’s colombia road flower market

clare owen does it again – love love love this illustration

this shaded garden is awesome

this guy has a collection of over 2,500 vintage photos that are all tagged gay. not sure what’s going on there, but there are some serious gems to be found. like this one:

really like these looks from primark’s spring 2011 lookbook, as seen via calivintage. i wonder if they’ve jacked up the quality of their clothes since i last shopped there.

a bespectacled brigitte bardot – quality!

i’m slightly confused by this image (has it been fiddled with in photoshop?) – but i like it a lot.

aaah, snowy + dreamy.

lazing about in central park by sid black

spotted this dapper dude – then immediately noticed the bench he was sitting on. as a south african i still get a feeling of unease when i see images like this… wish there were more clues as to where it was taken.

beautifully moody landscapes by eric hu

this library! photo by gert mittelberg

to resolve project: new years resolutions on iphone wallpapers – seen at design work life

do you have any new years resolutions? i have some in the back of my mind, but they’re more like life resolutions than new years resolutions. perhaps they’re more like to stick that way.



you know those rich people who live in one part of the world for 6 months and then scoot over to another hemisphere so they can sweat and simmer in summer all year round? yeah. i’m the opposite of those people. i would take my billions and travel to where it’s always autumny and cool – all the time.

illustration: jen collins / hellojenuine

i have to admit that this post is mostly due to the fact that we’re experiencing 40°C / 104°F degree heat right now (and it’s not even february yet, groan.) i’m not a habitual complainer, promise – i’m lucky enough to live in a country that has the kind of weather everyone wants: mostly sunny, mostly all the time and mostly devoid of extreme weather conditions – unless you count the south easter in cape town as extreme.

photo: nich hance mcelroy

perhaps that’s why i yearn for cold weather as much as i do.

photo: emerson merrick

a lot of my readers are from overseas, and you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now! but when i was in europe for a time and experienced the kind of cold people in the northern hemisphere are used to, i totally reveled in it.

photo: diana catherine

photo: kirill kuletski

if i wake up in the morning and it’s raining? that makes me happy.

photo: natalie kucken

photo: george eastman house

if i get to wear boots all day long? double happy.

all boots: totokaelo

if i have to put an extra blanket on my bed at night? that’s me basically dying of happiness.

photo: tess holley

quilts from kim eichler-messmer

… and if it starts SNOWING? i’d probably pass out from joy.

photo: daniel gebhart de koekkoek

photo: vladimir kostromitsky


things i like right now: a new year

1. reliving hip hop from days gone by – de la soul (pictured), the fugees, lauryn hill, a tribe called quest, notorious b.i.g, beastie boys, jungle brothers, dead prez … will smith and dj jazzy jeff (!) hell, even black eyed peas before fergie & elephunk. the stuff i jammed to in high school / uni. i have to admit i am not a hip hop aficionado, something that perhaps should be remedied.

2. tucking in your shirt – do it, you’ll feel instantly snappier. image source.

3. road trips – seeing more beyond your front door. image source.

4. wearable heels – i have many pairs of black & fancy heels – that i only bought for and wear on special occasions. i kind of hate them all. so i would like to purchase a nice pair that i won’t be scared of wearing during the day, and will also gussy things up at night. perhaps something by rachel comey? it’s nice to dream.

5. drawing & painting – went out the other day and dropped some cash on new inks, quills, brushes and nice paper. want to start drawing and creating again. might even show you the results if they’re good enough. image source.

6. live shows – if you’re from south africa you’ll understand that international bands don’t come here all too often, so when they do grace our shores people get mega excited. in the next 3 months i’ll be seeing U2 (hate on U2 as much as you want – but they were the first band i ever saw live, when i was 14 years old and i LOVED it); rammstein (till lindemann in leather / shirtless playing with fire, do i need another reason?) – and kings of leon (another case of haters gonna hate.) my biggest dream is to see arcade fire & daft punk perform in my area code. image source.

7. watching old movies – received the original sabrina on dvd for christmas & also have a few classics lined up such as some like it hot, the sting (pictured), roman holiday, the italian job etc. what are your favourites? suggestions welcome…

8. tomato & basil – i could eat plump tomatoes + fresh basil with olive oil, salt & pepper every day of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and have done.) throw in a couple of perfectly cooked boiled eggies and i’m yours. image source.

9. more hamm please – not only is mad men coming back for another season (number 5 already! can you believe it) but my beloved jon hamm is also in 3 films coming out this year. okay okay, he’s everyone’s beloved jon hamm. also just have to quote this great write up from celebitchy’s top ten men of 2010 (give me a break, i read gossip sites)

The Hamm has to be Number One. You know why? Because The Hamm goes commando, just for the hell of it. Because The Hamm got the shaft when People Magazine named Douchey McGerbil Ryan Reynolds as their Sexiest Man Alive. Because The Hamm continues to bring the shiz on Mad Men, four season and counting. Because The Hamm needs to win more awards, NOW. Because one of the greatest moments of television history was seeing Don Draper in a suit and sunglasses standing on the New York street while Mick Jagger belts out “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. Because The Hamm also rocked in The Town, proving that he can play a steely, hard-ass law-enforcement type. Because The Hamm is a gentleman and a feminist who talks about women and relationships and gender equality like a fully-functioning adult. Because The Hamm doesn’t screw around on his girlfriend of more than a decade. And mostly because of the commando thing.


remembering 2010

so it’s the eve of a new year, which means a run down of the past 12 months is appropriate. i cannot believe how much this little blog has grown in that time – all thanks to you guys with your wonderful comments, link love, retweets and the like. miss moss even appeared in a real life printed magazine, like some kind of grown up.

so, according to the stats these were the standout posts of 2010…

most popular post: stuff

not only in this category but the most popular post overall was wood & leather gifts. crazy, right? a close second was black + brown gifts. collages ftw.

most popular post: photography

the photography of mariam sitchinava

most popular post: vintage

teen fashions won this by a mile. got to love the life magazine archive

most popular post: fashion

this is my favourite too – art on the streets, pairing street style images with paintings

most popular post: design

not surprisingly since the movie is so hyped right now, black swan posters

most popular post: art

i love the fact that outsider art was so popular (just an absolute favourite of mine)

most popular post: illustration

the sweet fashion illustrations of derek cardigan

most popular post: living

small is cool – where i rambled on about how clever people decorate their studio apartments

most popular post: food

homemade nutella made by my friend jessica and photographed by myself

most popular post: amusing

i actually ended up deleting this category, though cat fashion show obviously won & still amuses me.


most popular music mix

according to the download stats, your favourite music mix was you called me after midnight – probably the most unexpected one as it took the least time to put together & is the most chilled of them all. go figure.

2010 was also the year i got to visit paris again – i enjoyed sharing my photos with you

i especially loved learning more about you with things i like right now – a series i hope to continue in 2011

(this was mariah’s list)

the posts i enjoyed doing the most (besides music mixes) were those involving image comparisons – especially vintage / sartorialist and atonement / morris

i hope your 2011 is most enjoyable, and thanks as always for visiting. xo