wood & faulk

dear twitter, thanks for introducing me to matt who describes himself as a ‘builder, designer and tinkerer’ (i like that.) his blog wood & faulk is where he records his projects involving building, designing and tinkering. he also has a shop that’s stocked with all sorts of nice stuff. check out this cork wrapped french porteur handlebar he put together for his bike…

i mean really, go matt!


These Things No. 07

hmmm, my no internet for the rest of 2010 embargo has been shamelessly broken. oh well! to tell you the truth i didn’t expect i’d make it more than a few days without a bit of surfing (i managed 3 and a bit…)

only one more day till 2011, can you believe that? i was flipping tv channels today (man i haven’t watched tv in a long time, it is as crap as ever guys) and randomly came upon cher performing that comeback track of hers “believe”. i didn’t even think anything of it until the channel’s voice over reminded me that was 12 years ago now. what! it felt like just the other day that i was pretending i didn’t know the words to that song. then i felt as old as cher looks.

so i compiled another edition of these things to distract myself from the new years blues.

illustrations by brian cook (c. 1935)

this room in finn juhl‘s house, seen via destined to design (everything hangs in that painting)

i love it when vanessa jackman updates her blog (remember the girl on the right?)

these ladies. they look like they’re having fun, that dude in the background does not.

desperate to have a print of these rainbow skiers by rainbow mermaid (beware: lots of rainbows)

my idea of heaven in a single photograph by flourfight

speaking of heaven, this living room is spot on (circa 1961) – scan courtesy of mod dog

the study is pretty groovy, too

these effing shoes!

rose byrne looking simple and stylish

on set with the like by olivia kate jaffe

enjoying the remarkable drawings of daniel mendoza

this editorial photographed by martha boxley

these rings by carrie bilbo

this girl’s style seen at erin’s tumblr

salva lópez takes exquisite photographs

sad smiles due to drawings from the estate of a WWII soldier

school afternoons in spring by ellen rowles

magical snow captured by katie de bruycker

organic by john patrick ss 2011

grassy rooftops in, where else? iceland. photo by ruito

i have decided my next car will be a peugeot 404 (please) – scan from jan 1968

what is an edition of these things without me harping on about a shot from stockholm street style?

learn all about the 1956 movie giant courtesy of the selvedge yard (starring liz taylor & james dean)

you probably know how much i love this song, but have you seen them perform it live? goosebumps central.

and lastly, i’ve been hugging every dog i see – photo by jessie roth


lovelorn unicorn: things i like right now

things i like right now by kate of lovelorn unicorn

  1. Astronomy prints from Libris Lunaria.
  2. Summer berries with breakfast cereal.
  3. A beach holiday with friends, board games, beer and barbeques.
  4. Polka dots. Photo: My Vintage Vogue
  5. Iceland. I’m planning a visit for 2012, and also to Russia and the Arctic. Photo: Tim Gasperak
  6. Rachel Carley‘s sweet pastel ceramics
  7. Jenny and Johnny – I’m Having Fun Now. My husband and I listened to this many times on our recent American road trip and I still can’t get enough of it.
  8. Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine. Ebony’s one of my very favourite bloggers, everything she does is amazing, I can’t wait to get myself a copy of her new zine.
  9. Book club. I just went to my first book group meeting. Wine, snacks, books and laughter = heaven.
  10. Capes, always.

These Things No. 06

today has felt like a wrapping up the year kind of day. i’m recovering from an office party (last night) and am officially on holiday as of today. just over three weeks of no work, no plans awaits. so i slacked on posts today (sorry) and probably will do so for a little while as i take advantage of sleeping late and trying to get away from my computer. basically the aim is to not sit at a desk for 8 odd hours a day for the next few weeks.

you know what these things is all about, so without further ado.

this loft

these vintage book covers

this blouse i stumbled upon at etsy

this beautiful photograph by nicholas mcelroy

the simple + old school packaging of these sunglasses

this book

this photo = summer

this baboon pitcher (hehe)

this gift guide (too awesome)

shabd f10-silk collection found via shiny squirrel

very cool design work by sarah mick & christopher paul

such a magnificent collection

penelope + coco brogues

and i haven’t seen black swan yet (no spoilers please!) but i love that winona is making a ‘comeback’