These Things No. 09

another edition of these things.

‘alles’ means ‘everything’ in afrikaans (and in german & dutch too.) i’m not sure what it is about this illustration that i love so much, but i want to frame it or photocopy it or make it my wallpaper or tattoo it on me. perhaps if i were a professional hairdresser that would make sense, but alas. i love that there is a tooth missing from the comb.

chris: things i like right now

the first things i like right now of 2011! yep, still continuing the series as it is rad. i’ll be introducing the participants with a little bit of background info from now on. chris is a cool guy i know from twitter, one of the many capetonians / south africans i talk to on a regular basis but have never met in real life. we share an appreciation for wes anderson, jason schwartzman & zach galifianakis. come to think of it, why hasn’t galifianakis been in a wes anderson film yet?