today is a sad day for us. Anton’s beloved grandmother passed away in the early hours of the morning. she was a true matriarch, who lived to 91 and left behind a legacy of 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and countless more loved ones. she handmade our wedding rings, even though her hands were crooked with arthritis. she had the best, loudest, naughtiest laugh; a dry sense of humour and a straight forward matter-of-fact manner that made everybody grin. she was the first person in Anton’s family that he introduced me to, a loving and creative woman who made a lasting impression on his life and so many others.

goodbye Marie Jeanne Neilson, Oums, you will be missed.


Nice Things No.20

Nice Things No.20! just click through to be taken to the sweet stuff.

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

everything by Mara Hoffman for Anthro

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

tassel earrings by EPPUU

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

bell earrings by Pichulik

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

fiber wall art by Soñadora

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

moon coasters by Karen Kimmel

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

moon bag by nomadik

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

brush print shift dress

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

kaftan by naftul

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

gold signet ring by Artemer

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

aureus bangle by Tiro Tiro

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

Light Bean by Katerina Kopytina

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

pillow by Cotton and Flax

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

cards by Hooray Today

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

ceramic cat by Barruntando

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

everything by Eric Trine

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

Magical Thinking kilim storage bin

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

luke sandal by Charlotte Stone

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

felt bag by Lefrac

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

hand printed scarf by Dikla Levsky

Nice Things No.20 by #missmoss

Reality Studio print dress



yesterday i listened to an amazing story on The Moth by critically acclaimed author Andrew Solomon about his journey to becoming a father. Andrew is gay, and he got married to his partner John after initial hesitation as he wasn’t sure if he believed in the idea of marriage. they wed in a civil partnership ceremony in the UK (at Althorp, Princess Diana’s childhood home – love that) and what he said in the podcast* about the act of getting married is lovely:

I found that though our commitment had seemed to me to be permanent and declared and established before that, that the experience of having all of these hundreds of friends gathered together witnessing our love shored it up and strengthened it and gave it a new depth, and gave it a new resonance that I had never imagined or anticipated. And I found the fact that we were celebrating that love in a ceremony that echoed in some sense the one my parents had had, and the ones my grandparents had had, and the ones that presumedly went back generation upon generation exalted the feeling between us. And it was very joyful.

on a related note, Capetonian illustrator Lauren Fowler shared her beautiful wedding to Gene on her blog, and the reading given by her brother Russell is now up there with my favourites:

The best description of marriage I ever heard was made in reference to architectural structure, that its strength is the result of a delicate balance between stress and support. I like that description because it implies that active forces are required to make it work, a kind of dynamic tension between the mundane and the sublime that makes the act of marriage one of purposeful intention, of daring, courage and high adventure.

i wish i had had similarly eloquent words to express myself on the day we got married, but i couldn’t pull myself together in my rambling thank you speech (emotions, guys!) even now it’s hard to find the words. i’ve always been a more visual person, which is why these help:

Miss Moss Wedding

Miss Moss Wedding

wedding video shot & edited by Jonathan Sidego. photos by Love Made Visible.

* PS: what podcasts are you guys listening to? i have my firm favourites – This American Life, The Moth, Nerdist… but i am always looking for new recommendations. Death, Sex & Money is a new favourite, too. let me in on your podcast secrets!


Pichulik A14

ooh another of my favourite jewellery designers has just launched their new AW14 collection, and this time it’s local designer Pichulik. i have long been a cheerleader of Kat’s work (since her debut 2 years ago) and love seeing the label go from strength to strength. sporting a fancy new website, it looks like there is an online shop in the works too. in the meantime, you can get your hands on her pieces at plenty of shops locally.

This collection is inspired by the photography of Helmut Newton and his intimate portraits of powerful women in their own personal spaces.  Jewellery is worn close to a woman’s skin, brushes her neck, clasps her earlobe. AW 2014 invites our brave lady on some close up encounters. With jewel tones and wooden parts, suede and agate stones and tassels, this collection skirts the glamour of 70s disco, and the soul of psychedelia. Kick those platforms off and dance on those carpeted floors and wooden-clad lounges till the dawn meets your cat-lined eyes.

photos: Danielle Klopper // styling: Leonie von Hase // model: Mignonne van Eeden // hair + make up: Yolanda Viljoen // jewellery: Pichulik

Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14



hello my friends. sorry, that sounds like the beginning of a spam email – but i assure you it’s not. i haven’t posted since launching that amazing Rennes Giveaway earlier this week because i have unfortunately been sick. perhaps that is why this post sounds a bit barmy (it’s the painkillers, you see). anyway i wanted to assure you i am still here, and that posting shall be resuming with new vim and vigour. in the meantime, here’s what has been up… lately.

sunsets in Sea Point, and the last days of summer:

Miss Moss

my new office!! before:

Miss Moss

and after, sorta. watch this space.

Miss Moss

temporary wall hangings above my desk, thanks washi tape:

Miss Moss

the view :)

Miss Moss

we got a boat!!! well, Anton bought an old boat. what should we call it? we’re going to pretend we’re in a Peter Stuyvesant commercial while cruising around in it.

Miss Moss

easter came and went, and it was glorious. lots of buns were eaten:

Miss Moss

we spent a nice a morning at Groot Constantia:

Miss Moss Miss Moss cg-3 Miss Moss Miss Moss

getting ready for winter with two new pairs of Rasox:

Miss Moss

almost bought this exquisite Jamie Lee Curtis vinyl:

Miss Moss

and my week ended off paging through a copy of the lovely MOON Magazine (in bed):

Miss Moss Miss Moss Miss Moss


These Things No.60

These Things No.60! this feels like it should be momentous, or something. i actually calculated how long i have been blogging the other day, and it’s been 5 years (and 2 months) since i started this olde blog. so, that is kind of momentous i suppose.

but even more momentous is that it’s Friday, which means it’s time for a These Things.

i love this feature on fashion designer Stine Goya at FvF:

Stine Goya

i want these shoes by Le Yucca:

Le Yucca

the amazing bathroom in this sweet apartment:

Hearth Studio

new lookbook by The Loved One:

The Loved One

weavings by Maryanne Moodie:

Maryanne Moodie

this hanger:


i would literally eat this salad every day:

asian chicken salad

and this one, actually:

zucchini salad

ceramics by RIA:


Tova Kaye, an inspiring woman:

Tova Kaye

Kirsten Dunst in the new W magazine (i feel like i’m a teen again!)


Frida Kahlo in her garden in 1952:


Be Brave by Christopher Delorenzo:

Be Brave