Mamma’s Day

it’s mother’s day here on sunday. my mom is on a photography trip on the other side of the world where she will be gallivanting through the english countryside, so there will be no chance for me to lavish her with flowers and cups of tea. my mom doesn’t like eating sweet things – so no cake for mother’s day (i did not inherit that trait unfortunately.) we’ve recently had to overcome some difficulties as a family so mother’s day feels very significant to me this year. i feel that way more and more each day with my family.

so if there’s any chance she checks my blog while she’s away – love you mamma, dearest.

how fucking cool is my mom.


These Things No.11

another edition of these things.  i have yet to catch up with 1000+ unread posts in my reader. sigh, holidays get in the way of precious blog time. will be on top of everything soon enough, just you wait!

this dog (willy) by anamalousNYC

this cabin. by chris k.

“man cave with a view” – a house in majorca via the new york times t-magazine (that’s an R2-D2 ashtray!)

these gals. just lazing about in undies, looking pretty. by masha demianova

the identity design for coworth park by &smith seen via design work life

this girl by maya / turned out

this place. which made me go urrrgghhhnnn i want to go to there. by diego dos santos

rainbow gathering by benoit paillé via wolf eyebrows

imaginary art installations by david dimichele via i need a guide

the colour palette of this house via solid frog

lover at australian fashion week via studfarm & lovelorn unicorn

books online

this photo shoot by vanessa jackman (there’s that haircut again)

liv tyler in givenchy couture spring 2011 at the costume institute gala

this outdoor area (actually her entire house and everything she owns). by the selby.

this photo of former GI Ernest Kreiling looking over a cemetery with his bride.

this quote.

the mid-century modern showroom in salt river, cape town seen via visi

everything that’s been happening at tomboy style lately (there’s a book coming!)

these incredible prints by karl maughun for stolen girlfriends club via i’m revolting.

this converted church. via the contemporist

and lastly, wearing the pants hit 1000 followers! thanks to kate, siri & avalonne for all their amazing help.

image courtesy of streetstyle aesthetic


Nice Magazine: Ten Things

i was asked by catherine aka wolf eyebrows to contribute a Ten Things feature to Joburg based design & communications company nicework’s monthly nice magazine. “Each issue we pick the brain of an interesting person to list ten things that they like, enjoy, appreciate or get inspired by.” the latest issue has just been released and it looks GREAT! be sure to read it here (it’s also available for download.) my friend jessica’s list is also in there.

i had way too much fun making this collage by the way. it’s also pretty funny looking at all my things together because this is basically how my life looks to me… a lot of rainbow colours, in hindsight. mmm.

  1. South AfricaThis poster was designed by Daddy Buy Me A Pony (now The President), a company that had a huge influence on my entire graphic design class in university. It has been hanging on my wall ever since, and is a constant reminder of how much I love our country & local design.
  2. Fashion. As frivolous as it is, I can’t deny that fashion makes me happy. My sister-in-law has a collection of old Vogues that I intend on stealing some day. Some of them are in German… but who reads the articles anyway?
  3. Music. There are many things in life that confuse me. How a telephone works, for example. Music fits into that category. Or rather – the talent that goes into making a piece of music. It’s basically magic as far as I’m concerned. Magic that fills my ear drums every single day, because I can’t imagine working without it or driving in my car without it or dancing without it (that would be weird.)
  4. Drawing. Drawing was my main activity from the minute I could pick up a crayon. After school was spent drawing, not doing homework. Or drawing on my homework. I have been neglecting it lately though, so I have all my art stuff laid out on my desk to encourage me to pick those pens up again.
  5. Craft. One of my best friends used to hand make these bangles in her free time, and people loved them so much that she started selling them and couldn’t keep up with demand. They really represent how a small idea & a bit of ingenuity can take off – as long as you are willing to put the work in. I admire people that make things with their hands.
  6. The Past. I’m a sentimental kinda gal and find myself consistently rifling through old photo archives online. The Life magazine archives hosted by Google is an endless source of joy in this regard. I don’t own many issues myself, so the fact that I can browse the magazine as far back as 1936 really gets me.
  7. Film Photography. My parents bought me this sixties era Nikkormat FTn camera with a complete set of Nikon lenses when I was in my first year of university. The most beautiful photographs I have taken have been with this baby. The fact that I learned how to develop my own images in a dark room really boosted my appreciation for the art of film. The light meter broke on a trip to Italy, so I bought this hand held one from an old Italian dude in an even older camera shop.
  8. Colour. Trying to explain why colour inspires me would be like trying to explain why my body needs oxygen. Actually no, it’s a pretty simple explanation why my body needs oxygen… this is terrible analogy. I can’t live without colour, much like my body can’t survive without oxygen? There it is.
  9. Period dramas. I shouldn’t call them period dramas, because for the most part they aren’t dramas to me. If anything they are bundles of pleasure and delight in celluloid format. If I had to pick one genre to watch for the rest of my life it would have to be period films. I’m also grateful for the fact that brilliant filmmakers keep churning out these gems, because re-reading Pride & Prejudice isn’t as fun as re-watching it over and over.
  10. Pictures. 99% of my time on the Internet is spent looking at pictures, which is the only reason why my blog exists.

Oh, Paris!

Oh Paris, I like to see you in the rain, pretty girls in black berets, reading books in in sad cafes… - Dent May

what! did we just go back in time to nine months ago? no, i’m just reminiscing about paris … as per usual. i think i still have about 1000+ unedited photos from my trip. it’s almost too sad to look at them now.

all photos by me.


Bread & Wine & Exotic plants

i went to bread & wine this past weekend, the beautiful restaurant at moreson wine farm in franschhoek. this place is heaven for me –  99% due to their homemade charcuterie. i am a sucker for some cured meat. but i’m not going to talk about the delicious mozzarella & tomato salad (with crystalized basil leaf, mind you) or the amazing setting that makes this place such a winner. no, indeed. they are also home to the exotic plant company which tempted me with so many different kinds of awesomely alien looking orchids i almost couldn’t stand it. my flatmate jessica, whose birthday we were celebrating, says that they are actually pretty easy to take care of – if you know what you’re doing… i distinctly don’t know what i’m doing, so i didn’t end up walking home with an orchid. but i took a lot of photos.

which reminds me, my new succulents are doing okay and have made the flat look so much more appealing. i had a mini freakout a while ago because the little beasts looked like they were dying on me, but then a ton of helpful people on twitter advised that they should be ignored and basically not watered. well, if you say so!


The Comparisons Project: Bright Star

you’ll remember hila from her things i like right now a while back. we’ve teamed up for a cool little project where we pick a film, i create some colour comparison mash ups (be it with art, fashion, vintage…) and hila writes a short piece of fiction based on the results. i was immediately intrigued when hila suggested the idea, as it combines creative strengths from both sides  – and i am in awe of anyone who can write creatively.

the first film is bright star directed by jane campion, which tells the story of the romance between fanny brawne and john keats. i paired stills from the film with paintings by edmund c. tarbell, an american impressionist who often painted portraits and scenes of his wife and children. hila’s piece of fiction follows.

fanny brawne sits in a corner and watches an ailing man duplicate words. her needle tears and reforms incisively.

she imagines a tweed suit that can be gilded with unutterable sentences. she would sew this suit as armour, lain against a rapt chest that beats irregularly with illness.

she knows her woman’s work is really a form of enlivening. an act of creation and generosity.

fanny’s watching becomes a topic of fascination for someone who reads letters meant only for her. after her mother’s death, a young girl likes to sit in the enclosed space of a torn armchair, examining the cover, the pages, the smell of a book of letters with fanny’s name. this too is an act of evasive generosity, parcelled out through distance.

she mirrors what fanny creates. in her bed at night, she lays fabric before her and rips neat squares. they cover one another like a palimpsest. what clever fingers can do is bind the trauma of experience with love.

her mother liked the quiet contemplation of needlepoint. like praying, she would say. and so her prayers come as a form of domestic reconstitution, not sublime poetry. the revenant residue of someone who will be forgotten, while words remain.

fanny feels his straining beneath clothes as she sits in corners, wrapped in chairs like a cocoon. this evasion, this bodily separation, comes together through her sharp needle, moving in, moving out.

words by hila schachar.

paintings from top to bottom: the blue veilacross the roomgirl readingmother and marymy daughter josephinenew england interiorthe sistersmary reading