today is a sad day for us. Anton’s beloved grandmother passed away in the early hours of the morning. she was a true matriarch, who lived to 91 and left behind a legacy of 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and countless more loved ones. she handmade our wedding rings, even though her hands were crooked with arthritis. she had the best, loudest, naughtiest laugh; a dry sense of humour and a straight forward matter-of-fact manner that made everybody grin. she was the first person in Anton’s family that he introduced me to, a loving and creative woman who made a lasting impression on his life and so many others.

Pichulik A14

Pichulik AW14

ooh another of my favourite jewellery designers has just launched their new AW14 collection, and this time it’s local designer Pichulik. i have long been a cheerleader of Kat’s work (since her debut 2 years ago) and love seeing the label go from strength to strength. sporting a fancy new website, it looks like there is an online shop in the works too. in the meantime, you can get your hands on her pieces at plenty of shops locally.

This collection is inspired by the photography of Helmut Newton and his intimate portraits of powerful women in their own personal spaces.  Jewellery is worn close to a woman’s skin, brushes her neck, clasps her earlobe. AW 2014 invites our brave lady on some close up encounters. With jewel tones and wooden parts, suede and agate stones and tassels, this collection skirts the glamour of 70s disco, and the soul of psychedelia. Kick those platforms off and dance on those carpeted floors and wooden-clad lounges till the dawn meets your cat-lined eyes.

photos: Danielle Klopper // styling: Leonie von Hase // model: Mignonne van Eeden // hair + make up: Yolanda Viljoen // jewellery: Pichulik

Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14 Pichulik AW14


Miss Moss

hello my friends. sorry, that sounds like the beginning of a spam email – but i assure you it’s not. i haven’t posted since launching that amazing Rennes Giveaway earlier this week because i have unfortunately been sick. perhaps that is why this post sounds a bit barmy (it’s the painkillers, you see). anyway i wanted to assure you i am still here, and that posting shall be resuming with new vim and vigour. in the meantime, here’s what has been up… lately.

sunsets in Sea Point, and the last days of summer:

Miss Moss

my new office!! before:

Miss Moss

and after, sorta. watch this space.

Miss Moss

temporary wall hangings above my desk, thanks washi tape:

Miss Moss

the view :)

Miss Moss

we got a boat!!! well, Anton bought an old boat. what should we call it? we’re going to pretend we’re in a Peter Stuyvesant commercial while cruising around in it.

Miss Moss

easter came and went, and it was glorious. lots of buns were eaten:

Miss Moss

we spent a nice a morning at Groot Constantia:

Miss Moss Miss Moss cg-3 Miss Moss Miss Moss

getting ready for winter with two new pairs of Rasox:

Miss Moss

almost bought this exquisite Jamie Lee Curtis vinyl:

Miss Moss

and my week ended off paging through a copy of the lovely MOON Magazine (in bed):

Miss Moss Miss Moss Miss Moss

These Things No.60

Tova Kaye

These Things No.60! this feels like it should be momentous, or something. i actually calculated how long i have been blogging the other day, and it’s been 5 years (and 2 months) since i started this olde blog. so, that is kind of momentous i suppose.

but even more momentous is that it’s Friday, which means it’s time for a These Things.

i love this feature on fashion designer Stine Goya at FvF:

Stine Goya

i want these shoes by Le Yucca:

Le Yucca

the amazing bathroom in this sweet apartment:

Hearth Studio

new lookbook by The Loved One:

The Loved One

weavings by Maryanne Moodie:

Maryanne Moodie

this hanger:


i would literally eat this salad every day:

asian chicken salad

and this one, actually:

zucchini salad

ceramics by RIA:


Tova Kaye, an inspiring woman:

Tova Kaye

Kirsten Dunst in the new W magazine (i feel like i’m a teen again!)


Frida Kahlo in her garden in 1952:


Be Brave by Christopher Delorenzo:

Be Brave


These Things No.59

These Things No.59

this week we moved into our new office (during an unseasonable heat wave, ain’t nobody got time for that). and i was feeling so happy and sprightly and excited, that i moved desks and picked up furniture and ran up and down the 3 flights of stairs too many times to count… feeling GREAT! and then the next day, my back. OH! my back. i could kick myself for overdoing it after suffering from bad back problems these past few months. well, i can’t actually physically kick myself – it hurts too much.

so, here i am lying on my couch again. feeling like a dummy, and just trying to recuperate. which of course calls for a these things. lesson: look after your backs, people. get up from your desk. walk more. work your core. and don’t be a dummy, like me.

new pieces by Scout & Catalogue:

These Things No.59

loved this peek into Kate’s home:

These Things No.59

sleeping on a cloud:

These Things No.59

Telar, a textile collection by Nido:

These Things No.59

love these bright banners:

These Things No.59

funny thing is, i would have bought the issue with this cover, by Georgia Perry:


a watermelon dress!

These Things No.59

interesting art & photography by Vittorio Ciccarelli:

These Things No.59

love this bag:

These Things No.59

Seven Sisters Style and the beginnings of preppy style:

These Things No.59

these shoes by Reality Studio:

These Things No.59

sweet pieces by Martina Thornhill:


new collection by Lauren Winter:

These Things No.59

awesome street style snapped by Vanessa Jackman:

Vanessa Jackman

Samuji’s new lookbook:

These Things No.59

jewellery and rad things by Academy:


Shape Field Chair

Shape Field Chair

in keeping with some of my recent outdoorsy posts, i wanted to share a really cool project by husband and wife team Karson and Mary Shadley. Karson is an industrial designer who designed an outdoor folding chair that will last a lifetime, and look good doing it. the Shape Field Chair is a pared down, minimal design made from extremely durable materials, the kind of product your grandparents used to hand down to you… the kind they really just don’t make anymore. they are running a Kickstarter to get these puppies into production. you can read more about it here, and if you’re a nature lover i think you’d love to support them! i think these would be super handy for the beach. also dig their sweet little logo.

Nature is our sanctuary. Life is simpler when you’re spending your days in the great outdoors. You should spend that precious time comfortably and with objects you’re proud to own and use. Most outdoor folding chairs are built on the cheap and without elegance. Our most loved outdoor gear is the stuff our parents and grandparents handed down to us. We cherish the durability, functional beauty and patina of these items. We designed the Field Chair to meet these same criteria.

Shape Field Chair
Shape Field Chair
Shape Field Chair
Shape Field Chair
Shape Field Chair
Shape Field Chair

watch their Kickstarter video for more info:

These Things No.58

These Things No.58

it’s been quiet around here since the weekend, reason being i threw my back out on saturday and have been lying horizontal ever since. it’s not easy blogging from this position. it’s actually not easy doing anything besides sleeping and watching tv (you ARE watching True Detective aren’t you?) besides bed rest, and the occasional hobbled walk around the apartment, i have also been doing some catch up internet browsing on my iPad. so here’s a These Things! normal posting to resume soon.

photographer Laurence Aëgerter appropriates & revitalises iconic paintings:

These Things No.58

Traveling Forms, a new jewellery collection by Debbie Carlos:

These Things No.58

interesting “balloon” sculptures by Gemma Tickle. photo by Catherine Losing:

These Things No.58

aerial fashion + landscapes by photographer Joseph Ford:

These Things No.58

lady planters by The Sill:

These Things No.58

illustrator Anna Kovecses made 10 portraits of pop culture love icons for Milk Magazine:

These Things No.58

The Row FW14 x Balthus by Aoife Leonard:

These Things No.58

First Rite Fall 2014 collection:

These Things No.58

Senza Titole by Salvatore Fiume:

These Things No.58

work done for Good Forks by Marion Luttennerger:

These Things No.58

Tropical rooftop with satellite dish by James Colman:

These Things No.58

feature on Carolina L. Iriarte at Freunde von Freunden:

These Things No.58

Egon Schiele typeface by Nathalie Hallman:

These Things No.58

a beautiful indoor planter by Hedge House:

These Things No.58

The Beautiful Ones by Njideka Akunyili:

These Things No.58

Tortoise shell tumblers by Workaday Handmade for Of A Kind:

These Things No.58

The Merchant of Venice by Kiluanji Kia Henda:

These Things No.58

exquisite work by artist Annie Lapin:

These Things No.58

love this Cape Town street style shot by Jillionaire:

These Things No.58

a favourite new tumblr, Black History Album:

These Things No.58

Paul and Linda in 1971:

These Things No.58

and, still following National Geographic Found religiously:

These Things No.58

A wealthy group of young people relax by a pool in California, 1940. Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts

Morning Calm

Morning Calm

i’m sitting here, early morning in cape town, with my cup of coffee… and a face mask on. i love this time of day. most people are still sleeping and i feel like i have a secret few hours to just sit in the quiet and do whatever i want. hence the face mask, everyone does their weird personal rituals when they find themselves alone, right? think secret single behaviour.

so i came upon natural skincare range Morning Calm on just such a morning, and in light of my recent skin post i thought i’d continue sharing sweet beauty finds like this. handmade by creator Hwasoon Kim, who is from Korea but now based in Florida, the range was born from the need to care for her own sensitive skin.

I have struggled for a long time to find the right skin care products for myself and for my mom. Because we both have very sensitive combination skin, and are allergic to many synthetic ingredients. After going through many different natural cosmetic books, aromatherapy books, and Asian traditional herbal care books, I started experimenting with lotions, toners, cleansing oils, lip balms, nourishing creams and so many other things alone. One year self-taught, researching and experimenting, then I finished several expert courses in cosmetic and soap making in Korea.

she makes soaps, cleansing oils, lip balms, natural deodorant – all with homegrown herbs, Korean clays, and local organic products. you can buy online at her website or etsy store. i love her sweet, simple packaging.

Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm


Miss Moss // Skin

i have a bit of an obsession with beauty products. not make-up – i just use concealer, mascara, this stuff and maybe some lipstick  if i’m feeling fancy. make-up actually just intimidates me, and mostly i’m too lazy to figure out what to do (even though watching tutorials is totally mesmerizing). but stuff that cleans the skin, stuff that makes you smell nice and that you’d like to think give you a glow-ey & dewy complexion are like crack to me. beauty crack!

face washes and anything that involves lots of foam and water tend to dry my skin out and just irritate it, really. so these days i have really been getting into oils, serums & cleansing balms and anything that is full of natural ingredients.  if you’re interested in what oil cleansing is then read this (hilarious) blog post about it by Merl Kinzie. this one by Alex Raye is also very informative. i made myself some DIY cleansing oil and it works wonderfully, but still i can’t resist the temptation of trying new products. i’m also blaming the chicks at All Dolled Up, which is a great beauty blog if you’re a South African looking for beauty product tips.

so, here are some things that i have used, would like to use or have heard are great. maybe you’ve tried some – or have some tips for me? please hit me up with some beauty blogs that you love to read, too!

Miss Moss // Skin


i must admit that i have become a little bit obsessed with Aesop ever since Loading Bay in Cape Town started stocking their products. i LOVE Breathless, it is probably my favourite product ever. while not a cleansing oil, you can use it all over your body and also in the bath. similarly, ginger flight therapy is just a treat more than anything – it’s a roll-on oil that i used it on the plane on the way to and from NYC last year and then also every day in lieu of perfume, now that smell will always remind me of our honeymoon. Remove is a great basic oil make-up remover.


i know that this is an obvious one for the list, and i actually ended up buying their Midnight Recovery Concentrate solely because i’d  heard it mentioned on blogs and by people i follow on twitter. i am yet to see the miracles it apparently works, but i do love the smell. it’s really expensive, so will have to see if it’s a buy again item.


i haven’t actually tried Ultrabland, but every time i go into Lush i am tempted to buy it (and not just because the salespeople are SO helpful and chirpy). when all the rest of the stuff in my bathroom runs out i will certainly give it a try, mostly because i like the idea of a product being “bland”. it’s bland, and it works. well, it’s made with honey, essential oils and beeswax so i doubt it’s actually bland at all. you can buy locally at the South African online store as well.

Herbivore Botanicals

if i lived in the states i would have ordered plenty of their products by now, just going on their lovely packaging. i like the sound of their  Nourish Facial Serum which contains all organic vegan ingredients including rosehip, argan, jojoba oil & carrot seed. a lovely cheaper alternative to Kiehl’s i think.

Pollen & Wax

also selling on etsy, Pollen & Wax makes some rad natural & organic beauty products. the luxe Calliope Serum is filled with antibacterial essentials, astringent oils and restorative lipids and their Peridot cleansing oil is a nice alternative for those who don’t feel like DIY’ing their own. lots of other tempting serums & things in this shop.


this cleansing balm smells amazing and it really works amazingly well. i actually prefer this to the home-made oil cleanser that i made, a balm is just firmer and almost easier to smoosh around on your face. PRICEY though. will see how long it lasts.


i have only read about Goe Oil, what people like to call a “miracle balm”. similar to Elizabeth Arden’s famous 8 hour cream (which i DON’T like at all) you can use it to soothe anything and everything – plus it’s all natural. it really does sound amazing; containing  rosehip, jojoba butter, jojoba oil, avocado butter, beeswax, shea butter, rosemary extract, vitamin E, chamomile oil etc etc etc.

Lulu & Marula

this is a local brand that i am eager to try, everything is handcrafted in small batches by founder Jesslyn Schlamm. a great option for South Africans looking to get into cleansing balms and the like without spending hundreds of bucks on imported stuff. they have cleansing balms and treatment oils and other cool things at their online shop.


if there’s one product on this list that i want most of all, it’s Olio Lusso by Linda Rodin. there’s a cool interview with her here. Oilio Lusso is all kinds of expensive, so will have to see about this one. you can also buy it at Need Supply Co.

The Body Shop

i haven’t tried their Camomile Cleansing Oil yet, but i have heard it’s good – basic – and also a very affordable option.

French Girl

another etsy shop with lovely affordable oils & things that are 100% vegan & organic and doesn’t contain any shit like parabens and sulfates etc. they also carry other treat-yo-self kinda things like solid perfume and products for men.


Yardbird in Hong Kong

city guides are one of my favourite things to discover online (i even created my own one for Cape Town, and also a guide of sorts to places i like in NYC). i bookmark them all the time, even though i probably have no intention to travel to some of the places – it’s always handy to have in your virtual back pocket. one of the places i always wished i had a great insider’s guide to was Paris, i have been there 4 times but i always feel like DAMN there must be some cool shit that i don’t know about!

fret no more, Cereal Magazine (who i mentioned before over here) has launched an awesome series of online travel guides called Guided that i have been fortunate enough to preview. their first installment covers ten cities, and they are always updated – so if something closes or something new opens, Guided will tell you.

The digital city guides feature bespoke content and photography exploring ten cities, with ten more to follow. Taking in a concise edit of recommended hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums and beautiful, outdoor spaces and landmarks that are all hand selected, by the GUIDED curators. Hosted online, the definitive guides are updated regularly and accessible from both smart phones and tablets with a downloadable version to view use when you are offline.

you can currently preview their guide to London, and if you are also interested in NYC, Paris, Hong Kong, LA, Bath, Bristol, Austin, Charleston & Vancouver then you can subscribe for an annual fee of £20, which gives you full access to all of the travel guides. looking through all the cities has me wanting to visit places i never considered even travelling to (Vancouver looks especially amazing!) here are some of the places i’d like to see some day. just realised that most of them are restaurants because… i like to eat. all images courtesy of Guided.

The Ethicurean in Bristol from Guided

The Ethicurean in Bristol

LA Country Museum of Art by Guided

LA Country Museum of Art

Bestie in Vancouver by Guided

Bestie in Vancouver

Steven Alan Home in NYC by Guided

Steven Alan Home in NYC

Two Boroughs in Charleston by Guided

Two Boroughs in Charleston

Margaret Howell in London by Guided

Margaret Howell in London

Septime in Paris by Guided

Septime in Paris

Spartan in Austin by Guided

Spartan in Austin

Yardbird in Hong Kong by Guided

Yardbird in Hong Kong

The Marlborough Tavern in Bath by Guided

The Marlborough Tavern in Bath