Rose Dor Farm

Rose Dor Farm: They lose a pound a day the "Milk Farm" way!

so i have been trying to get back on the exercise bandwagon. it’s tough, really tough if you’ve been off it for long enough. but the soreness you experience the day after an intense session is pretty great and encouraging! by intense session i mean, 15 minutes of circuits and then lying on the floor feeling sorry for myself. don’t worry, i’ll get there.

Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks

i have featured images by photographer Gordon Parks many times on the blog, but have never done a post dedicated solely to his work. which is weird, considering he’s such a legend. he was the first African-American writer and staff photographer at Life, the first African-American photographer published in Vogue, and the first African-American to direct a major Hollywood film. in 1956, during his time at LIFE, he went to Alabama to shoot what would become one of the most important and influential photo essays of his career: Segregation Story.

Sophia’s Villa

Sophia's Villa

this set of photos of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti at their villa in Rome, taken in 1964 by Alfred Eisenstaedt, was one of the first stories i discovered in the Life Magazine archives way back when they first launched their digital collection in 2009. for some reason i never posted about it, and it has been sitting in a weird folder on one of my hard drives until i rediscovered recently.

Nuptial Nostalgia

Miss Moss: Vintage Weddings

you can probably tell by my extensive vintage archives that i love looking at old photos. if i visit someone’s home, even if they’re a complete stranger, and i find an old photo album lying around i can’t resist but page through it. i think it’s so sad that we can’t really do that now. i mean, i’m not going to go scroll through your Facebook albums – that’s just weird, and creepy. right?

Vintage National Geographic

Vintage National Geographic

not to be confused with National Geographic’s own tumblr, Vintage National Geographic instead features scanned in pages from vintage copies of National Geographic going back to the 1800’s. you’ll recognise that familiar halftone printing look that jumps off these old clippings, and it’s almost like you can smell the pile of old magazines that you used to page through at grandma’s house.

Balloon Party

Balloon Party

have no plans for tonight? here’s an idea. go out and buy a bunch of balloons and then invite your friends around. you are guaranteed to have the BEST TIME EVER as evidenced by this series i discovered in the LIFE archives, photographed in 1948 by Martha Holmes.

Global Pillage

Vintage photographs by Global Pillage on Miss Moss

i bet the people who took photos decades ago never thought their every day snaps would wind up on some “blog” being pored over by random strangers from the future. i wonder if our own photographs are heading in the same direction? our lives are so well documented now that at least no one will ever wonder who we were. but i do wonder what the stories behind the photographs on Global Pillage are, a blog compiled by Pete Mauney with an impressive collection of imagery by mostly unknown authors.