persephone classics

persephone books reprints neglected classics 20th century women writers. the titles are chosen to appeal to busy women who rarely have time to spend in ever-larger bookshops and who would like to have access to a list of books designed to be neither too literary nor too commercial. i would buy these books by the […]



wonderful collection of old favourites right here


deer me

deer in a snowy forest (1906) – charles marion russell &…



monki has a cute & slightly odd website and even cuter & sometimes odd clothes, check it.


the woods

woman walking in an exotic forest (1905) – henri rousseau (i think this is how alice must have felt)


alice, finally.

GUYS i’m going to go watch alice in wonderland tomorrow. not just tomorrow, tomorrow morning. yes, that’s how eager i am. there’s always something strange about sitting in a dark cinema when it’s light outside, but there you have it. anyway, in honour of this momentous occassion, i thought i’d share some alice in wonderland […]


valhalla brooklyn

there was a point in my life where bags were to me what shoes are to some women – i usually couldn’t pass up buying one. but i’ve been using the same leather bag for the past 3 years (quality over quantity, eh?) and don’t really plan on trading it in until it falls apart […]


the waterfall

The Waterfall (1910) – Addison Thomas Millar this painting & …