hunting high & low

i have precious little time to do anything today, so i’m resorting to a shameless what i found on flickr recently post. [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]


august’s humid decline

August’s Humid Decline (2009) – Caroline Wright something a bit different today (the colours!)


signs & wonders

oh how i do love discovering a quality vintage photo collection. these are all from signs & wonders


lulu letty

cute hair bows & other nautical things at lulu letty


prospect street

Prospect Street, Gloucester (1928) – Edward Hopper


small is cool

if you choose to live on your own as a young person (and i say this assuming that you don’t earn major bucks or perhaps you live in an expensive city – or both) you will probably be faced with the reality of renting a studio apartment. unless you’re an investment banker, or you won […]


happy pancake day

i woke up this morning and it was raining. yay, said me. i love the rain, mostly because it’s the anti-heat (and i loathe heat) plus it also brings that lovely aaah smell in the air. it’s also pancake weather. that was our family tradition (is it yours, too?) – when it rained, mom made […]


frances may

frances may is a shop in portland, oregon that sells womenswear (and some menswear too) from designers such as vena cava, rachel comey, mociun, alexander wang and more.