ye olde satirical maps

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jane birkin

she’s one of those swinging sixties, between london & paris, don’t really know what she did / does (acting? singing? modelling?), gets naked a lot (but in that sixties way) vintage babes – with a handbag named after her. herewith follows some photos, just because she’s cool. some are slightly nsfw (as she enjoys the […]

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lark rise to candleford

do you like costume dramas? yes. do you like BBC productions? yes. do you like character driven stories set in the English countryside pre-20th century? yes. then you must get this series! i rented the first season and watched it in 2 days. that’s 590 glorious minutes, friends. note: one of the characters name’s is […]

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john singer sargent

not called the most successful portrait painter of his era for nothing

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“old fashion, but good!”

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someone needs to do a south african version, stat. more photos on flickr, or buy the book

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thank you come again

people collect the strangest things. and i love them for it!

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noisy alphabet

if you haven’t met tom gauld yet, allow me to introduce you

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i would seriously trek around with one of these airstream trailers

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christine berrie

she also does cars & other rad objects, over at her etsy, or check our her official site.

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