light leak

i like light leaks. man, i need to start shooting with film again. click on images for sources.


cape town & suburbs

family friends found this book in a vintage market in geneva, switzerland – of all places. now it has returned to sunny south african shores. i think it was printed in the fourties / fifties (no date unfortunately), though the postcards inside are all probably from the turn of the century. i love the cover. […]



remember these pics i took at neuschwanstein castle in bavaria? well luiz pires kicked my sweet little photo set’s ass.



at work (1910?) – nikolay bogdanov-belsky birch trees are my favourite. {click image for source}


joey lawrence

when i first saw joey lawrence‘s photography of holy men, tribes and people in ethiopia, india & indonesia, i thought that he must be a veteran photographer… possibly over 40, probably more like over 50 – with years of experience and travelling under his belt. turns out he was born in 1987 (which makes him […]


the selby for cole haan

the selby always impresses, and i really really love this project he did for cole haan. wow.


sunlit valley

sunlit valley (1920) – charles courtney curran this is what i want to do today.