Clare Elsaesser

artist Clare Elsaesser has a very popular Etsy shop where she sells prints (and originals) of her paintings. she just released some new works, including these sweet studies which i really love. she’s been documenting them on Instagram too. My paintings are inspired by daydreams, retreat and the formidable nature outside my window. I live and […]



yesterday we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and as a serious treat we spent a night at Clouds Estate outside Stellenbosch. we stayed here just after our wedding, so it was special for us to return, and of course just amazing to get to spend time at this exquisite location. if you ever make a trip to […]


Marsi van de Heuvel: Dark Matter

can we all just take a moment for people who work on one thing for 2 whole months? that is exactly what Cape Town based artist Marsi van de Heuvel does. in her series Dark Matter Marsi explores space. not literally, but with her pen – at seven strokes per second. I’ve had an interest […]



beautiful new styles from MATTER September is a month of the wind changing, and we feel the weather’s momentum intimately, given rain and shine affects when we print what. It’s a departure from previous editions with darker prints on lighter backgrounds, with a sense of transience and weightlessness. In monsoon season the rains mean we can […]


Rest Areas

Nicolo Sertorio is an Italian-born photographer, based in California, who has been beautifully documenting rest areas on the US interstate road system. Largely replaced by commercial gas stations and food chains, in combination with the decrease of private interstate vehicle traffic and state budgets, they mostly sit abandoned and unused in varying states of decay. […]


The Modern Loafer

The Modern Loafer from Everlane. it does not get better than this.