Sara Berks is a designer based in Brooklyn whose textile brand MINNA began as an exploration in tapestry weaving, and has grown into a fully-fledged range of gorgeous textile goods. she works with artisan collectives in Mexico and Guatemala, combining their master skills with her own contemporary design aesthetic.

Heather Evans Smith

Heather Evans Smith: Seen Not Heard

Heather Evans Smith is a photographer whose conceptual series Seen Not Heard explores her multi-faceted relationship with her young daughter. the first image i featured above is just SO amazing! i think it’s so interesting to explore & interpret various stages of your life through such a creative medium. this is going to be pretty amazing for her daughter to look back on one day.



hey guys! it’s been quiet here for a couple of days because i actually took the seemingly monumental task of moving the blog to a new host. i’ve been putting this off for years because i thought it would be the biggest drag in the world to do (moving 6 years worth of content is quite a thing) – but my new hosts made the process so easy. i’m thrilled. and, hopefully, everything is working fine around here! let me know if you pick up any bugs. *ladybird emoji*

Affordable Art

Affordable Art

above: monstera by seventytree

this year i made my first real art purchase. my friend Amy is the curator of Smith, a gallery in central Cape Town – so i am lucky to have a small glimpse into what’s happening in the contemporary South Africa art world. i would love to expand our art collection, but it’s something that has to come slowly and surely when you are starting out.


Venamour - Botanical Collection

you’ll remember Lisa Hedge, the talented graphic designer & art director whose botanical wedding stationery that she designed for friends in 2012 went kind of viral on Pinterest (and inspired a few copy-cats). she has expanded her interest in creating beautiful sophisticated wedding stationery into Venamour, a creative studio focused on the design, craft, and production of artful ephemera and printed matter. their website has just launched and it is beautiful.

Mid Week Distraction No. 26

Brigitte Bardot (Bed with Dog) by Terry O'Neill

Brigitte Bardot (Bed with Dog) by Terry O’Neill

there are exciting things happening at home these days. we are getting new parquet floors installed in our study, had a bed delivered (hello firm mattress, goodbye back ache!), measuring up to have our bedroom cupboards redone (goodbye cherry laminate veneer – i never liked you much anyway!) and i’m generally just scheming about how to make our apartment more homey. damn, it’s a process. even just painting a room is expensive, isn’t it?

Cécile Figuette’s home in Paris

Cécile Figuette's home in Paris

Cécile Figuette is a french designer whose company Bien Fait (“Well Done”) makes rad wallpaper. so it’s no surprise that her home in Paris, an old workshop turned loft, is superbly creative and pretty damn inspiring. i still love those Berber shag rugs, even though they are everywhere these days. anyone seen affordable ones in Cape Town? send me leads please! i also like the idea of painting a vintage credenza white, might have to steal that idea.