Kim McCarty

i love the watercolours of artist Kim McCarty.

Working rapidly, at times using only a single color and at others a haunting, bruise-inspired palette of acid yellows, greens, and browns, McCarty’s portraits evoke the sense of uncertainty, ambivalence, anxiety, and loss with which we view today’s generation.

Studio Arhoj

remember those insanely cute ceramic Ghosts i posted about? well i revisited Studio Arhoj to see what they’ve been up to, and luckily for us there is a new SS 2014 collection to peruse. founded by Anders Arhoj in Tokyo in 2006, the studio is now based in Copenhagen. they make all sorts of interesting pieces each with a story behind them.

Art Socks

you’ve probably spotted Kate Brien’s feet here and there – since she’s been featured on Vogue and, well, who else matters right? Kate is a stylist, and her fashionable feet appear regularly on her tumblr View from the Topp. Vogue recently asked her to style a killer sock collection in honour of the NY Frieze Art Fair last month. the socks in question are by The Sock Drawer – they have an entire range of Art Socks for your feet. i particularly love Frida and Gauguin.


sheepskin is like the rug version of the birkenstock. it’s everywhere , and i love it. it’s one of those boho Megan-Draper’s-house-in-LA kind of thing that’s been around f-o-r-e-v-er (like macrame, or hand-woven tapestries) but now it’s ever so casually draped on a leather butterfly chair like it’s no big deal. oh that old thing? everyone is super cool about it.

Gymnase Saulnier, School for Acrobats

when i was a kid i did ballet (which was short lived) and modern dancing. i was not good at either, but it was one of the few extra-mural exercise focused activities that i didn’t totally hate, and even though i have never been the most athletic person i at least had some rhythm (more so when i have had a few drinks – granted) so i just kept doing it cause it was fun. at some point it became no fun, mostly because the other girls were simply better than me, and my modern dancing teacher remarked that i was “the most inflexible person she’s ever taught”. which, as a kid, STUNG. i can barely touch my knees, let alone my toes, so yeah i am completely fucking inflexible – you don’t need to tell me that, lady!


Mandy Kordal is a designer from Brooklyn who started her eponymous knitwear label Kordal after working for ready-wear biggies like JCrew (amongst others). her spring 2014 collection is a combination of great basics and interesting pieces like a knitted jumpsuit (!) and delicate drop stitch vests and tanks. shop it online here.


Wintervacht is a Dutch company by young designers Yoni van Oorsouw and Manon van Hoeckel that is known for their repurposed woollen blankets that they make into beautiful coats (could do with one of those now, it was really COLD for the first time in Cape Town yesterday). for their spring collection they have taken to repurposing vintage cotton curtains into pieces that have made way for the Dutch sunshine. visit their online shop.

Milk & Paper

do you ever daydream about living an alternate life? the one i often have is that i reside on some beautiful island in Greece (100% influenced by this book) and i bake my own bread and drink wine at 11am and carry fruit in a straw basket and i’m perpetually tanned and i just wear natural cottons and linens. no? just me then. well – that’s how i felt my life could be like when i saw these beautiful bags and baskets by Milk & Paper.

Ciara Phelan

discovered the work of illustrator and designer Ciara Phelan on DWL this morning. i like the pic of Ciara on her website working with what looks like a glue gun. it’s always nice to be reminded that loads of creatives still make things with their hands.

Tomas Maier on paper

i really like the new resort 2015 collection by Tomas Maier, and so i began cutting and pasting the different looks – as i would with any inspiration board – and this is how they came out. runway images courtesy of please click on the artists’ names for the source. artwork: Carl Larsson – Rouge et…

Isca Greenfield-Sanders

Isca Greenfield-Sanders encapsulates summer and nostalgia in her paintings. she finds, scans, edits, and prints vintage photographs, alters them with watercolour and pencil, then mounts details from the images onto tiles before, finally, painting over them in oils.