today is a sad day for us. Anton’s beloved grandmother passed away in the early hours of the morning. she was a true matriarch, who lived to 91 and left behind a legacy of 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and countless more loved ones. she handmade our wedding rings, even though her hands were crooked with arthritis. she had the best, loudest, naughtiest laugh; a dry sense of humour and a straight forward matter-of-fact manner that made everybody grin. she was the first person in Anton’s family that he introduced me to, a loving and creative woman who made a lasting impression on his life and so many others.

Paradise is Here

Skinny laMinx (aka Heather Moore) was probably the first south african whose work i saw on international design blogs back in the day. which makes me immensely proud, especially because she is such a lovely and hardworking person. if you follow her on Instagram you will see how she notices design in every day life, and this kind of constant exploration is what makes a creative person’s work great. her new collection Paradise is Here launched last night, and it was this exact exploration of the world around her that influenced the designs.

Jewels Quatre

another edition of Jewels! it’s been a while. please click on the images to be taken to the relevant shop / designer.

Magnolia Antic

i imagine the woman who wears clothing from Barcelona based Magnolia Antic to be very, very refined. an Audrey Hepburn type who smells like, well, magnolias possibly. shop the collection here and if you’re in Barcelona visit their shop here.


i spent a fair amount of time clicking around the AYR website because (a) they have beautiful clothes and (b) the website is soooooo nice to look at & use. i particularly love the little wheel you can click on to select different colours of the same product (see this rad dress as an example). i actually hadn’t heard of AYR before, but they focus on a few products done well (think Everlane) – great denim (loads of choices!), chambray, cashmere, tees, simple dresses and the like.

Casa No Tempo

Casa No Tempo is an old family farm situated on 400 hectares just outside Lisbon, Portugal, that was renovated by João and Andreia Rodrigues (along with design firm Aires Mateus) and turned into sparse yet luxe bed and breakfast accommodation. it reminds me of some of the old farms you see in South Africa, the ideal place to getaway to in my opinion. also, that pool!

Nail Art History

Nail Art + Art History = Nail Art History. the woman behind the nails – and attached to the nails – is Susi Kenna, an art lover (who actually works for an Art PR firm) who interprets the work of contemporary artists into 10 nail designs and then painstakingly creates these tiny masterpieces with the help of masterful nail artists like Mei Kawajiri and Vanity Projects. all the details of the artists are on her blog.

Objects Without Meaning

if i saw a girl out and about wearing this collection from Objects Without Meaning i’d think, “damn she’s cool. i could never dress like that. well, maybe i could. nah… wouldn’t be able to pull it off. she looks cool, though.” – in about one second. that’s how women think, i think.

Another Feather: Pearl

Hannah Ferrara is one of my favourite people to follow online, not only because of her beautiful jewellery line Another Feather, she’s also a fine, fine Instagrammer. she has just launched the new collection for her line, Pearl. she styled the beautiful lookbook herself and it features another stylish woman modelling the pieces – Madelynn Hackwith Furlong (who has a great blog and rad apartment that i posted about before). the photos were taken by Caylon Hackwith who is Madelynn’s husband. so there you go – one seriously cool team.

David Vu

David Vu is a designer and craftsman based in New York whose furniture i really love.

After studying photography and sculpture, making props for photographs and sculptures inflected with ideas from photography, I found that my fascination was with the objects themselves. Since then I have been making a wide range of objects, replacing the poorly made and designed things in my life with items that I’ve made myself.

June Things

i got a bit sidetracked today while looking at wedding dresses for a friend online, and ended up creating a very wanty June things list. funny thing is it’s pretty cold here right now (i’m actually sitting on a hot water bottle as we speak! my buns are so cold, you guys) – but this is of course a very happy, peach, summery wishlist. sigh, the grass is always greener hey?

Kim McCarty

i love the watercolours of artist Kim McCarty.

Working rapidly, at times using only a single color and at others a haunting, bruise-inspired palette of acid yellows, greens, and browns, McCarty’s portraits evoke the sense of uncertainty, ambivalence, anxiety, and loss with which we view today’s generation.