Botanical Resort

Miss Moss: Botanical Resort. Colour Mash Ups of Resort 2016 x Vintage Botanical Illustrations

this post all started with a dress. well, actually... it all started when i was ploughing through hundreds of photos of the Resort 2016 collections. but that’s not such a great intro, is it? truth be told i’m kind of lost when it comes to “the shows”. i might see one frequently popping up on my feeds (this year it’s been Gucci and Dior – but purely because of the venue) and then i cautiously dip my toes into a veritable ocean of fashion, which can be an overwhelming ordeal for even the seasoned blogger. and my main aim is how to show you what i think is cool, without it being, well, boring. so how do i do that? the best way i know how:  a colour comparison.

William James Broadhurst

William James Broadhurst

when looking through the photography of William James Broadhurst all i could think was the light! THE LIGHT! they really are extraordinarily beautiful photos, even though the subject matter is seemingly pretty mundane (actually my favourite kind of photography, and the mark of a great photographer). William is Australian, and very talented at only 23 years old. looking forward to seeing more from this guy. you can follow him on Flickr, Instagram & Tumblr.



Nadinoo is one of those sweet indie brands that has been online since i can remember. British designer Nadia Izruna’s love of clothing and the desire to sew up cheerful, well-designed womenswear spurred her on to start her own label in 2009. her new collection The Good Life was influenced by Nadia’s move to the English countryside.

Richard Baker

Richard Baker

these paintings by American artist Richard Baker remind me of scenes from South African holiday homes all over the country – well used paperback novels and vintage versions of Monopoly (that you still play with your family, every summer). the old copy of Pit made me laugh, a game that Anton introduced me to that his family have played for decades. have you ever played it? it has to be the loudest, most chaotic, funnest card game ever.

Black & White Etsy Finds

Miss Moss: Black & White Etsy Finds

Etsy is probably one of my favourite places to shop online, and has been forever! i just love that you can talk directly to the seller, it makes such a big difference especially when you’re shipping things overseas. i’ve had my most pain-free shopping experiences through Etsy. and i find amazing stuff on there all. the. time.

Ellen Surrey: Film Stills

Ellen Surrey: Film Stills

Ellen Surrey is an illustrator from Los Angeles with a love of old Hollywood, California Modernism and classic Disney. she has amassed a vast collection of screenshots from classic movies, which she watches in her downtime, and has turned to them for creative inspiration…


June Music Mix by Miss Moss

i’ve made an effort to fill this month’s music mix with mostly, well, new music. these are all albums that have recently been released (at least this year) or are about to be released. so if you want to discover some new tunes then you’d best delve into these here tracks. i know people are hating on the new Mumford & Sons album, and personally i am not a fan, but Tompkins Square Park is a pretty great track. i am also loving the new Lord Huron album.