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  • Alexia Vogel

    Alexia Vogel

    i love these oil paintings by local artist Alexia Vogel. Alexia Vogel is a recent Michaelis School of Fine Art graduate. She considers all of her paintings landscapes, even the most abstract ones. She…

  • Helen Frankenthaler photographed by William Grigsby

    Helen Frankenthaler

    today i’m inspired by the work of legendary abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler. her huge colourful paintings look like gigantic watercolours, but are in fact painted with oils & acrylics. Helen would work…

  • Artist: Pepa Prieto

    Pepa Prieto

    i am fascinated by the work of artist Pepa Prieto, who was born in southern Spain, went to boarding school in England and now lives and works in New York. she has…

  • Art

    Michelle Armas

    i really REALLY love the work of artist Michelle Armas. she started painting to cope with the stress of her career in the world of corporate branding, and eventually turned it into a…

  • Art

    august’s humid decline

    August’s Humid Decline (2009) – Caroline Wright something a bit different today (the colours!)…