Hats by Laura Apsit Livens

i can count the number of occasions i’ve worn a hat on maybe one hand. i just kind of feel like a fool when wearing one. do i look okay? is my hair sitting right? why does my forehead feel so sweaty? etc. but that doesn’t mean they don’t look…

Crescioni Fall 2016

aaaaaaah, Crescioni. can you feel that? yes, it’s the smell of fresh leather and brass. Crescioni’s Fall 2016 collection is filled with these things, including all new handbags. better yet they now have an online shop, when previously you could only view their collections online. score! Crescioni handbags are an extension…

Jewels Six

you won’t believe how many new jewellery collections were released in the past week, so i thought it was an incredibly appropriate moment to do another Jewels compilation. this is a mixed bag of treats – so i’m sure there is something you would like. also: great gift ideas. also,…

Here Are Some Bags I Like

above image and bags by Mansur Gavriel i won’t hesitate to say that my Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag is one of my most prized possessions. but, i have only used it twice… okay maybe three times. i am SO scared of ruining it that it’s actually a joke! right now it is…

Cold Picnic AW15

boobs are making a bit of a… comeback? not that they were ever out of fashion, cause boobs have always been great. but they have permeated a lot of visual things lately like tees and tops and totes and calendars and think pieces. they’re almost like that weird pineapple trend, except less spiky.

Fashion Frenzy!

i’ve had so many great new lookbooks & collections floating on my radar the past couple of days, and so decided to share them all in one amazing, mega, Fashion Frenzy post! featuring Brookes Boswell, Young Frankk, Yo Vintage and the collaboration of Adriaan Kuiters x Jody Paulsen x Pichulik.

Mignonne Handmade

i got unexpectedly caught up in a serious wedding frenzy when we got married, something i wasn’t anticipating. the excitement can turn even the most blasé and un-girly girl into a sudden pinterest addict. don’t get me wrong, it was fun. i look back fondly on my wedding induced madness.


Vuela has been one of my consistent sponsors for 3 years now (that’s like 27 years in internet time) so i’m excited to share their very first lookbook showcasing a wide array of homeware, apparel, jewellery & accessories by independent designers the world over. i’m really into that rope market basket and workaday…

MOMO 2015

Neira is one of my favourite fashionable people, just one look at her tumblr or her instagram puts a smile on my face. you may remember my first post about her bag line MOMO earlier this year. since then i have been spotting MOMOs all around town, and have been carrying my…


usually when i discover something that i love i want to write and blog about it immediately. i don’t have much patience for waiting – probably because i’m too excited to get the word out. but sometimes i come across a project that’s still in the making, and i watch…

Pichulik: Baraka

the new Pichulik SS15 range Baraka has just launched, and i’m really into the limited colour palette Kat has gone for. she drew her inspiration from the architecture of North Africa and the Middle East (the name barakah means “blessing” in Arabic)

Dear Rae: Let’s get Tropsi

one of the weird highlights of my blogging ‘career’ has been getting emails from guys who want to propose to their girlfriends and need advice on an engagement ring. it’s a tough thing to give advice on, and such a personal choice too! my first piece of advice is always that you don’t…

Fait La Force

NY based designer Emma Allen has been volunteering in Haiti since she was a teen. On a trip to seek out production capabilities, in the hopes of using her design skills to foster job creation, she met Chandler Hamilton and her husband and Josh – who have been working with artisans in Haiti…


california based designer Andria Crescioni just released her latest collection under the new name Crescioni – formerly Bandelier. the lookbook was shot in the desert of southern california by photographer Andrew Lee, and the pieces will be available in spring of 2015.

Coyote Negro

Coyote Negro is the label of Brooklyn based designer Melissa Hernández, who just released her first collection Spectra. the lookbook was shot by creative duo Nosotrus – i love the clever use of mirrors and reflections. that Reflejo ring is out of this world!