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  • Vintage

    nineteen eighty

    i fell in love this weekend… with a tumblr. look, vintage tumblrs are a dime a dozen – and i don’t have the patience to follow any of the ones i’ve come…

  • Vintage

    vintage barbra

    i'm going to come right out and say it, there was a time when i listened to barbra streisand's rendition of memory so many times i think my…

  • Vintage


    ava gardner. beaut. besides being an oscar nominated actress, she was married to mickey rooney, artie shaw & frank sinatra (who she described as the love of her life) and was friends…

  • Vintage


    i know i know i know, marilyn monroe? i mean – could i be any more obvious? (imagine that said in a chandler voice) … but it’s hard to fathom how many…

  • Vintage

    natalie wood

    “you know what i want? i want yesterday” – natalie wood…

  • Film, Vintage


    i watched manhattan the other day and remembered just how beautiful meryl streep is.…

  • Vintage

    it girl

    i’m surprised hollywood hasn’t made a movie about clara bow yet, who had a classic rags to riches tale with a semi sad and tragic ending. i must admit i didn’t know…

  • Fashion, Film

    mélanie laurent

    mélanie laurent is a parisian born french actress - as i suspected, chic all the way…

  • birkin
    Fashion, Photography

    jane birkin

    she’s one of those swinging sixties, between london & paris, don’t really know what she did / does (acting? singing? modelling?), gets naked a lot (but in that sixties way) vintage babes…

  • romy-schneider-01

    romy schneider

    romy schneider was a german actress, born 23 september (my birthday!) 1938. died in paris at the age of 43. sort of daria werbowy-ish, but less alien.…