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  • Art, Vintage


    okay i guess sometimes i would have put myself in danger for some chocolat.…

  • Film, Vintage


    i've watched this advert a multitude of times, but decided to share anyway for those of you who might have missed it.…

  • lichtenstein


    roy lichtenstein died yesterday 12 years ago. he ruled!…

  • Uncategorized

    awareness test

    :D  from mallix…

  • ewan-davidoff

    the smell of ad-venture

    i caught an old jonathon ross interview of ewan mcgregor this weekend (swoon), but was astounded to see that he had attached his name to a manly man fragrance – and actually…

  • bardot

    retro oh oh

    i have to apologise for my lack of postage, i have been without internet for a few days (what a feeling). i have collected tons of pretty awesome vintage pics lately though.…

  • steri-stumpie

    steri stumpie

    first steri stumpie billboard ever, how classic! for those non-afrikaans speakers, the headline reads “we flavour milk”. simple, to the point – i like that. i would have loved to drink my…

  • Edwin Georgi
    Art, Vintage

    edwin georgi

    “Well, Tom,” Nora demanded, “would you care to fill me in on That Wonderful night?” oh Nora! read more about Edwin Georgi (the artist) here – flickr collections here and here…