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  • carrie-and-lowell

    Carrie & Lowell

    i just had to let you know that Carrie & Lowell, the new album by Sufjan Stevens, is streaming right now over at NPR, The Guardian and Pitchfork. it is a wonderful,…

  • The Parlour Suite

    The Parlour Suite

    The Parlour Suite¬†sent me an email to tell me about their new album Everyone’s Looking which is dropping this coming weekend. i can’t tell you how flattered i am to be approached…

  • Music

    got something for you

    it's almost a month till christmas. and if your supermarkets are anything like ours, you've been bombarded with christmas music since october. if only they'd play this holiday album from…

  • Music

    head first

    it took me a while to warm up to goldfrapp. i think i had my fall in love moment when listening to happiness at full blast…

  • Music

    kings of convenience

    i am really loving the new kings of convenience album - declaration of dependence…