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    happy friday

    just a few things to start your weekend off on the good foot flickr credits: Elly Jelly / gatitodelsol / Ben Pearce / featherbed / janwillemsen and the best for last: alan!!!…

  • Art

    steve frenkel

    there are just TOO many amazing paintings to post here. this guy’s stuff is so cool, go look at his flickr stream now! right now! steve frenkel – art saves lives.…

  • Film

    groundhog day

    one of my favourite parts of groundhog day…

  • Art

    dead fly art

    howdy pardners, there’s some stuff going on in my real life that’s preventing any amusing and regular updates. so i’ll leave you with this, for now: dead fly art (via everywhere) ps:…

  • Michael Scott

    michael scott

    I’ve said many times before that 30 Rock is my favourite show. The Office comes in at a very close second (if not a tie). The US Office, that is. I can…

  • puppy wish
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    the perry bible fellowship

    i was scratching around in my ‘amusing’ bookmarks folder (yes, i categorise) and stumbled upon one of my favourite comic strips: the perry bible fellowship. buy the book, get the t-shirt, read them all…