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  • Fashion

    Verrier by Reed & Rader

    okay, i’m not sure how any other lookbooks this year will top this animated gif lookbook for Verrier by Reed & Rader (and it’s only 11 days in…) i had to choose…

  • Design

    part & parcel

    i am mesmerized by the header on the part & parcel website…

  • Art

    chris sickels

    i absolutely loved this interview with chris sickels, an illustrator / sculptor / 3d artist. highlights: influences/inspiration: being raised on a small family farm in rural indiana, old photos favorite things in life:…

  • Art

    adam simpson

    his work encompasses design, animation and illustration - always with a strong emphasis on drawing.…

  • Art, Film

    le fox fantastique

    chris appelhans' concept drawings for wes anderson's fantastic mr fox…

  • partly-cloudy

    partly cloudy

    have you seen UP yet? you should go see it, preferably with some kids.…

  • Film

    the lost tribes of new york city

    and you know like somebody walk on the street, when they listen mus- when they heard some music, because some black people…. they drove a car and then they turn the music…