art deco

black swan ltd/ed

if you haven’t seen the black swan limited edition movie posters by now, you’re about to! i’ve been excited to see this film ever since those teaser images were released of natalie portman in full ballerina mode.

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better by the sea side



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absence of water


in the thirties UK lidos and baths were at the peak of their popularity. gradually tastes have changed, resulting in a drop in attendances, leaving the pools uneconomical to run. many fell into decay and many were demolished. only a handful of pools remain today as a symbol of a bygone era.

from photographer gigi cifali

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travel ephemera

vintage travel brochures

don’t you love that word, ephemera?

from travel brochure graphics

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enoch bolles

enoch bolles, pin-up / glamour illustrator – pics via bolles biggest fan. ( i LOVE that polar bear pic )

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