Novis / JOSEPH FERRISO, Interior Courtyard

A Painterly Spring

guys, following the fashion shows is exhausting. Spring 2017 is only in London now, which means Paris and Milan still have to come! i looked at (what felt like) hundreds of shows and realised I’d only scratched the surface of New York fashion week. so, instead of doing an exhaustive rundown…

Michael Meadors

i just love that first image, above, so much – i had to find our more about the artist Michael Meadors. he creates highly rendered graphite paintings (no, that’s not an old black & white photo – as i first thought!). these are all from his series called Maiden America.

fun fair print

Cute prints & things for kids

at the moment’s Axel’s nursery is a work in progress – which is why i haven’t shared any photos! he’s been sleeping in our room since he was born, which means his room is mainly for storage and the occasional nappy change (we mainly use a changing pad in our bedroom).…

View from my Studio, Cape Town, 2016

Mia Chaplin

i was so sure that i had already posted about Mia Chaplin, because she is one of my favourite local artists – but somehow i have not. which means today is your lucky day. Mia lives in Cape Town and works in oil. thick, thick oil. she’s represented by WHATIFTHEWORLD where…


Beech Hall: Cabana

remember that sweet collection last year from Beech Hall? well they’re at it again, and this time the theme is Cabana – filled with all sorts of fun, colourful, tropical, fruity designs & prints. my favourite has to be this snake cushion, the siesta print and this cool memory game.

Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke is a freelance illustrator from London who does these magnificent travel and architectural inspired prints (you can also buy them in his shop). love his style and use of colour, any of these would look wonderful on a wall in my house!

Eugenia Zoloto’s Papercuts

papercut art is nothing new, but i’m so impressed by the size & intricacy of these pieces by Ukrainian artist Eugenia Zoloto – and they’re all cut by hand. she says of her art… Many years ago, when I was a little girl, my parents took me to every possible hobby…

Mauve Still Life 1968 by Mary Fedden born 1915

Mary Fedden

Mary Fedden was a British artist who taught painting at the Royal College of Art – David Hockney was actually one of her pupils. i feel like you can see her influence on him in her painting style, which by the looks of it might be classified as “naive art”, though Fedden did…

Lenore Tawney

Old Crafts Find New Hands

i found this interesting article about the American Craft scene in a 1966 copy of LIFE magazine that i feel could have been written today… The whole movement runs startlingly counter to the drift of our times. Working with the simplest of tools (no electronics), using the oldest materials (no…

JOE WEBB, Antares and Love XI, 2015

Imaginary Curator: Juno

you probably know all about Juno, the NASA space probe that successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit today. if you don’t know about it then just google Juno. or, in fact, just look at today’s Google doodle. or follow the official twitter account. or read this article. basically Juno has been in…

Pieter Hugo 1994

Pieter Hugo: 1994

if you think you aren’t familiar with the work of South African photographic artist Pieter Hugo, you will most certainly recognise his iconic series The Hyena Men. and if not, then his latest exhibition 1994 is a great introduction to his work. 1994 comprises portraits of children born after 1994…

Clara Adolphs

there’s something about Australian artist Clara Adolphs’ work that reminds me of Mad Men – her paintings are almost like very melancholy versions of the famous Carousel scene. she’s represented by MiCK and you can see a nice little studio visit with her here.

Ernesto Artillo

oooooooh, i only just discovered the work of Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo – art meets photography meets fashion – all the good stuff rolled into one! Ernesto’s original artworks, photography & collaborations (amongst which include fashion house Delpozo) are something to behold. some of it reminds me of my own art + fashion posts (maybe why…


Imaginary Curator: Mama

Above: Agnes Barton-Sabo, Freddie Mercury Mother’s Day Card. the other day i did a Buzzfeed quiz to see how well i remembered the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody (pretty well, i might add) and i have had the line “Mama! Oooooooooh” revolving in my head ever since. perhaps appropriate as i am…