Marsi van de Heuvel: Ceremony

you’ll undoubtedly remember south african artist Marsi van de Heuvel from her outer space themed exhibition Dark Matter from a couple of years back (if not, be sure to check that post out). Marsi has moved on to something far more earthly, botanical even, with her new exhibition Ceremony. now before…

ELEANOR HUBBARD, Without You, 2011

Imaginary Curator: Cats & Dogs

i’ve been contemplating some kind of pets related post, and why not use Imaginary Curator as a fun platform to do so? there were way more pet related artworks out there than i imagined! for some reason i could just picture all these pieces hanging in some gallery space somewhere, people perusing…


Portraits by Claire Tabouret

i love these portraits by French artist Claire Tabouret, which are actually pretty spooky – perhaps fitting for Halloween… most of these portraits are from a series called ‘Makeup’. “The artist works based on photographs, drawing upon her personal archives as much as anonymous clichés harvested during her research, capturing figures frozen…

Bunny Vanitas

Alice Toich: The Icing Pink Ether

i’ve been following local artist Alice Toich for a long time, in fact i think i may have discovered her on Instagram – where i noticed she has a serious love for baking. i wanted to feature her work on the blog but our wires kept getting crossed, then she appeared up in…


Valentino Ready-To-Paint

Spring 2017, i told you i’d be baaaaaaaack! well, i haven’t tackled every single designer of London, Paris and Milan cause that would be insanity… but instead decided to dedicate a post to my favourite of all: Valentinoooooooo (said in Oprah voice). according to Vogue, designer Pierpaolo Piccioli is an avid…

Open House

Matisse Eyes

it’s been 2 years since the The Cut-Outs exhibition debuted at the Tate in London, and Matisse has been on everyone’s lips ever since. i see his influence pop up all the time, from wallpaper to kids clothes. the latest: some cool jewellery and apparel items that i felt i needed to share.…

Laurie Melia Ceramics

yes those are what you think they are. Australian Laurie Melia’s ceramics are so popular that in the two minutes it took me to open her Etsy shop and browse through some of her latest wares – they sold out. Laurie is very active on Instagram, and she announces when she’ll be…

Melissa Loop

Melissa Loop is an artist from Minneapolis whose paintings are based on her travels to faraway places that play on the idea of nostalgia, fantasy and memory… I was in Tikal sitting on top of the highest temple after sunset with about a dozen other tourists. We were listening to our…

Tactile Matter

Tactile Matter is collection of stoneware ceramics by LA based illustrator Kenesha Sneed. you should watch this video about her work, it will make you want to make something with your hands asap. she’s influenced by “her desert and coastal roots of Southern California”. i love her colourful collaboration with…

Novis / JOSEPH FERRISO, Interior Courtyard

A Painterly Spring

guys, following the fashion shows is exhausting. Spring 2017 is only in London now, which means Paris and Milan still have to come! i looked at (what felt like) hundreds of shows and realised I’d only scratched the surface of New York fashion week. so, instead of doing an exhaustive rundown…

Michael Meadors

i just love that first image, above, so much – i had to find our more about the artist Michael Meadors. he creates highly rendered graphite paintings (no, that’s not an old black & white photo – as i first thought!). these are all from his series called Maiden America.

fun fair print

Cute prints & things for kids

at the moment’s Axel’s nursery is a work in progress – which is why i haven’t shared any photos! he’s been sleeping in our room since he was born, which means his room is mainly for storage and the occasional nappy change (we mainly use a changing pad in our bedroom).…

View from my Studio, Cape Town, 2016

Mia Chaplin

i was so sure that i had already posted about Mia Chaplin, because she is one of my favourite local artists – but somehow i have not. which means today is your lucky day. Mia lives in Cape Town and works in oil. thick, thick oil. she’s represented by WHATIFTHEWORLD where…


Beech Hall: Cabana

remember that sweet collection last year from Beech Hall? well they’re at it again, and this time the theme is Cabana – filled with all sorts of fun, colourful, tropical, fruity designs & prints. my favourite has to be this snake cushion, the siesta print and this cool memory game.

Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke is a freelance illustrator from London who does these magnificent travel and architectural inspired prints (you can also buy them in his shop). love his style and use of colour, any of these would look wonderful on a wall in my house!