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  • Jenny Prinn

    Jenny Prinn

    i’m so into these abstract pieces by artist Jenny Prinn. you can buy them online here. i particularly love this one.…

  • rebekah-preview

    Rebekah Miles

    my husband just returned from an extended trip to LA and he brought back some lovely gifts, including a ceramic piece by artist Rebekah Miles. she is a new discovery to me…

  • will-cotton-01

    Will Cotton

    did you ever read the Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton? they were possibly my favourite books as a child (except maybe for anything by Roald Dahl) and i was instantly transported…

  • François Henri Galland

    François Henri Galland

    last week i hung some pictures in our apartment. Anton has lived there since 2010 and i moved in a few years ago – and till last week there were hardly any…

  • Isca Greenfield-Sanders

    Isca Greenfield-Sanders

    Isca Greenfield-Sanders encapsulates summer and nostalgia in her paintings. she finds, scans, edits, and prints vintage photographs, alters them with watercolour and pencil, then mounts details from the images onto tiles before, finally,…

  • Pichulik Brave Women: Lucie de Moyencourt

    Lucie de Moyencourt

    while i was enjoying the new Pichulik website yesterday i particularly loved their Brave Women series – intimate portraits of the women who wear Pichulik pieces. the first feature is on Lucie de Moyencourt who works as…

  • Alex Katz

    Alex Katz

    inspired by the print work of artist Alex Katz today, which spans from the late 40s to the present day. you can see his entire impressive archive here. Katz has admitted to destroying…

  • Winnie Truong

    Winnie Truong

    it’s always wonderful to see what can happen in a year, and it was almost exactly a year ago that i featured the work of artist Winnie Truong. her most recent body…

  • Emily Ferretti

    Emily Ferretti

    i love the cool hued work of Aussie artist Emily Ferretti. she is represented by the Sophie Gannon Gallery. these pieces also appear in her book! Ferretti’s oil-on-linen paintings of plants, rocks, domestic…

  • lorraine-paintings

    365 Postcards for Ants

    Lorraine Loots is an artist based in Cape Town who wrapped a highly successful project called 365 Paintings for Ants at the end of 2013. as you can guess from the title,…

  • Helen Frankenthaler photographed by William Grigsby

    Helen Frankenthaler

    today i’m inspired by the work of legendary abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler. her huge colourful paintings look like gigantic watercolours, but are in fact painted with oils & acrylics. Helen would work…

  • Miso


    Stanislava Pinchuk aka Miso is a Ukrainian born artist based in Melbourne whose prolific body of work includes paper art, illustration and tattooing (amongst others). i’m one of those people who has…

  • small-paintings

    Ian Grose

    Ian Grose is an artist who lives in Cape Town whose focus is painting. he has a tumblr called Small Paintings that are, well, small paintings. and extraordinary ones at that. i…

  • 001

    Alicia Galer

    i was sitting at my computer today, at work, after the usual 40 minute commute – and my back was hurting. my arms were stiff. all this sitting… is not helping my…