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  • Art


    jim denevan makes temporary drawings on sand earth and ice that are eventually erased by waves and weather…

  • Art

    roman holiday

    art history time: lawrence alma-tadema became famous for his depictions of the luxury and decadence of the roman empire…

  • Art, Vintage

    albert bierstadt

    hey dorks, it’s art history time. if you’re not familiar with the classic frontier paintings by albert bierstadt – you will be now. you owe it to yourself to stare at these…

  • Art

    janet hill

    i enjoy janet hill's still lifes (...still lives? i still don't know what the plural is)…

  • Art


    MGU’s original drawings at etsy…

  • san fran

    Wayne Thiebaud

    Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920–) is a Californian painter who is best known for his iconic still lifes of all-American foods and products, such as cakes, pies, sandwiches, cosmetics,…

  • Art

    broken things

    livia marin, broken things – read more about the project at it’s nice that.…

  • Art

    steve frenkel

    there are just TOO many amazing paintings to post here. this guy’s stuff is so cool, go look at his flickr stream now! right now! steve frenkel – art saves lives.…

  • Art

    david hockney

    “david hockney has returned to bridlington, england, to paint the changing landscapes in the countryside” – via the ny times…

  • happynow-01

    be happy now

    jenny’s prints at her etsy shop…

  • cherry-rage

    reilly stroop

    really enjoying these illustrations by reilly stroop…

  • Jaco Haasbroek

    Z + Y

    ooooooh i’m hoping for the entire alphabet! go haasbroek go go go.…