janet hill

i enjoy janet hill‘s still lifes (… still lives? i still don’t know what the plural is)

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MGU’s original drawings at etsy

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Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920–) is a Californian painter who is best known for his iconic still lifes of all-American foods and products, such as cakes, pies, sandwiches, cosmetics, and toys. He is also celebrated for his vertiginous San Francisco cityscapes and his richly hued views of Northern California. Known for his plain-spoken style and self-deprecating sense of humor, Thiebaud links himself to the long tradition of painting from observation and speaks in defense of painting to audiences regularly.

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small paintings on paper

Landscape Painting / Harry Stooshinoff

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broken things

livia marin, broken things – read more about the project at it’s nice that.

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steve frenkel

there are just TOO many amazing paintings to post here. this guy’s stuff is so cool, go look at his flickr stream now! right now! steve frenkel – art saves lives.

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david hockney

david hockney has returned to bridlington, england, to paint the changing landscapes in the countryside” – via the ny times

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be happy now

jenny’s prints at her etsy shop

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