TONY GUM, Milked in Africa - Half full, half empty, 2016

Imaginary Curator: The Nude

TONY GUM, Milked in Africa – Half full, half empty, 2016. thanks so much for your enthusiastic response to my first Imaginary Curator post! today’s “show” is all about THE NUDE. i want to save these bums as my desktop background in case someone is ever spying on me working at…

DEAN WEST, Train, 2012

Imaginary Curator: The American West

i thought i’d try out a new series on the blog called Imaginary Curator. i look at a lot of art online as i’m always on the look out for something interesting to share with you, and often i see themes jumping out at me. basically, if i were to walk into a gallery or museum right now, what would i want to see? my first “show” (haha) is all kinds of art related to The American West, and i am blaming this totally on my recent watching of Lonesome Dove…

Daniel Heidkamp

Daniel Heidkamp

i have had a folder of work by Brooklyn based artist Daniel Heidkamp on my computer for the longest time, biding my time to post about him till he had a new show on. luckily for me, and anyone in the NY area, he has a new exhibition at Pace Prints running right now…

Richard Hickam, Blueberry  Royal

Food in Art

please enjoy my highly important research findings of Food in Art.  one thing i realised while putting this together is that many artists are completely OBSESSED with donuts. maybe the oozing of the paint reminds them of the oozing of the inside of jam filled donut, but there it is. all images courtesy of Artsy.

Liz Markus

Liz Markus

when i first saw the work of Liz Markus i immediately thought of the portraiture of Slim Aarons, known for photographing the lifestyles of the rich and famous. and i wasn’t wrong, many of the paintings reference Aaron’s own photographs. they form part of her collection Town & Country. Markus applies acrylic wash…



i should start this post by saying that artistic depictions of cats go back as far as the Egyptians who- bla bla bla, but the point is cats are cool so of course why wouldn’t they appear in art since forever? what i realised after looking around for rad art that featured felines is…



Artsy is fast becoming one of my favourite daily internet check-ins. i’ve discovered so many artists that i probably would never have known about otherwise thanks to it. besides the clean & beautiful design, i’m also quite taken by the fact that you can log in and favourite pieces as…