The cutest woven baby baskets by Design Dua

if i had known about these awesome handwoven moses baskets from Ghana before Axel was born i would have ordered one in a nano second! he is now of course far too big to fit into any normal sized basket, but i would even consider getting one just to keep…


i had a rare few hours to myself this morning and so decided to go browse around the shops. and everywhere i went – h&m, Zara, Cotton On… i went straight to the kid’s section. i’ve lost almost all interest in clothes for myself (maybe cause i can only fit…

Things I REALLY use as a new mom

i’ve had a few messages and requests from moms-to-be for me to share the things i really use (and never used) as a first time mom. i think pregnant women easily get suckered into buying many unnecessary things before the baby arrives, even though you are pretty clueless as to what you might…


Welcome Axel

we welcomed our son Axel Anton Visser on Tuesday 10 May. he wasn’t breathing on his own when he arrived and had to be transferred to a specialised NICU at a hospital across town where he stayed for a week. needless to say it was a harrowing time for us. staying…

Baby Blanket

Baby Things

above: kaleidoscope cloud blanket. forgive me, for i am not in my right mind. i am a broody, anxiously waiting mom-to-be. i can’t stop thinking about babies. our baby. we are only a month away from welcoming the little dude, so i’m awake at 2am googling “do i REALLY need a changing table?”…

Mama Bird

Mama Bird

gonna have to get myself one of these tees by The Bee and the Fox when the little guy is born. and he will have to wear this one, sorry son – i’m already embarrassing you with matching tees. shop the entire range here.

OneDuo diaper backpack

Diaper Backpacks (that aren’t ugly)

Above: diaper backpack by One Duo. fun fact, we don’t call them diapers – we call them nappies. so really, it’s a nappy bag. but for the sake of the internet i’m going to switch to the American version here. soooooooo, diaper bags! yeeeesh. that’s basically my reaction whenever i even…

Miss Moss: Kids Things

Kids Things

i was conflicted about doing this post because the one thing i feel weird about is “designing” your kid’s life, or creating a remotely instagrammeable lifestyle for your kid. on the other hand i think some kids things are pretty sweet, and i find myself straying into kidswear departments pretty often…

Baby Alba

i really enjoyed looking through the touching photographs documenting the pregnancy and birth of photographers matt & nirrimi’s baby girl alba. you can see all the photos at matt’s flickr and also read the birth story at nirrimi’s blog. all photographs courtesy of matt & nirrimi

dog baby

my heart is melting

i have looked at these pics a dozen times, but everytime i come upon them my brain explodes with cheerful cuteness.



my family has a tradition that when one of the kids has their first birthday, they get their own cake & have carte blanche with it.