A Better Backpack

since i asked you what you carry in your bag for the Of a Kind giveaway i thought i’d share the story of Mijlo, who are currently running a kickstarter to bring you A Better Backpack – a premium backpack that’s “built to last a lifetime”.

In recent years, fashion retailers have been moving designs from the runway to the rack faster than ever before – feeding a fashion cycle that appears to have no end in sight. At MIJLO, we believe that fashion doesn’t have to be fast, or disposable, or temporary. We believe it should begin and end with a classic collection of well-designed essentials. And we’re starting that collection with a backpack – A Better Backpack. Since we believe a product’s lifespan should be as timeless as its design – simplicity and sustainability were an integral part of our design process.

the video below describes the project better than i could in a few words, so watch it! one of the cool things i love about the backpack, besides the fact that it’s beautifully minimal in design and can be used by girls and guys, is that it has a built in padded compartment for your laptop. plus it’s waterproof. so for clumsy people like me that’s basically a lifesaver.

MIJLO asked 100 creatives what to take photos of their essentials, a collection of items they can’t live without. below are some of my favourites, but you can see all of the essentials here. these days the items i find in my bag, besides the usual emergency makeup kit, are things like handcream and baby wipes… i think i am turning into my mom.

Anja Verdugo

Jiani Lu

Hitomi Ishigaki

Fabrizio Querida

Nathalie Kapagiannidi

susana simonpietri

Leta Sobierajski

ellen van der laan

Maciej Tajber

markus uran


Tuokka by Katja Mustaniemi

Katja Mustaniemi is a creative designer from Finland who designed the Tuokka backpack as part of her final thesis at the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts. it is such a beautiful piece, and i absolutely loved seeing her entire design process on her website. now the question is, where can we buy one?

Inspiration for this work came from deep down – from my childhood in Finnish forests and growing up in scandinavian functionality. I studied the technique of birch bark (basket) weaving and designed and made a backpack with attachable pockets. The pockets also function as additional compartments or separate handbags, and are sized for modern everyday objects like a smartphone and a tablet. Easy and durable closure is created by using magnets and snap fasteners. Material used is recycled leather. My goal was to reproduce a functional and aesthetic product which brings the traditional and historically important craft into the present.

tuokka01 tuokka02 tuokka03 tuokka04 tuokka05 tuokka06 tuokka07 tuokka08 tuokka09