i spent a fair amount of time clicking around the AYR website because (a) they have beautiful clothes and (b) the website is soooooo nice to look at & use. i particularly love the little wheel you can click on to select different colours of the same product (see this rad dress as an example). i actually hadn’t heard of AYR before, but they focus on a few products done well (think Everlane) – great denim (loads of choices!), chambray, cashmere, tees, simple dresses and the like.


lauren from glossary wrote a post about the wonders of H&M (miss you) , and in the comments i waxed lyrical about my love for high street shops in london. one of my favourites was uniqlo – a japanese company that makes the best basics (cardigans, jerseys, t-shirts, jeans etc etc). i used to go in there and stroke their cashmere jerseys as if they were kittens.