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  • Amapondo


    if you’ve been lucky enough to visit the Wild Coast in South Africa you might have come upon some super chill cows having a great day at the beach. it is always a…

  • Shape Field Chair

    Shape Field Chair

    in keeping with some of my recent outdoorsy posts, i wanted to share a really cool project by husband and wife team Karson and Mary Shadley. Karson is an industrial designer who…

  • Vintage


    i don’t know whether to high five or punch nic grobler (of bicycle portraits, who i posted about here) for introducing me to the gahetNA National Archives. high five because it’s AWESOME,…

  • Photography

    get in the water

    here's some visual inspiration to celebrate the fact that we're only about a month away from summer holidays. and for everyone reading this who are north of the equator... muwahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Vintage

    more beach fashions

    in case you need more vintage swimsuits inspiration, these are by nina leen – also for life mag, 1950.…

  • Living

    yes please

    i’d like to put an order in for one of these, thanks.…

  • Living

    seabank cottage

    charmingly rustic light filled little cottage by the sea, be mine?…

  • Photography

    freedom day

    it’s freedom day in south africa today, which also meant a very long and freeing weekend for whoever took off monday as i did. i filled my days & nights with a…

  • Vintage

    care free

    wouldn’t mind feeling like this right now.…